What Caused Joshua Brown’s Shocking Death, And What Was His Net Worth?

Joshua Brown was an American Football Player, Athlete, Entrepreneur and a controversial figure from Pensacola, Florida. He has Afro-America ethnicity and came from a family of ten which include his parents, four sisters and three brothers. When Joshua was young, his family moved home quite a lot, so he grew up in Jacksonville and Daytona Beach in Florida and Lancaster in Texas. As at the time of his death, he was living in Dallas, Texas which was where he was living after graduating from college. He was famous for being the key witness of Botham Jean’s murder case.

Joshua Brown Education And Involvement In Sports

Brown attended Lancaster High School where he graduated from in 2009. While in high school, he was a sports person and majored in football, baseball, basketball and track and field. After graduation, he moved to college, specifically Arizona Western Community College, before transferring to the University of South Florida where he studied interdisciplinary science and where he focused on playing football. Brown joined the University’s football team, USF Bulls, and played in eight games as a member. He only played for USF Bulls up till 2012 before he ended up injured, suffering from a torn Achilles, before the commencement of the 2013 season. As a result of this injury, he did not play again.

Joshua Brown Career Details

He worked as a roofing contractor for few years after leaving college. He then became an entrepreneur by running a business managing Airbnb’s, which include two in Los Angeles and one in Atlanta. He was also working on getting another Airbnb in Dallas. All this information about his work was according to his witness testimony at Guyger’s trial.

Was Joshua Brown Married?

Before Joshua Brown’s mysterious death, he was single and unmarried—he has no wife or child—and the name of his girlfriend was not yet ascertained. Also, the dating history he has had was not disclosed by him.

Joshua Brown Net Worth And Salary

As at the time of his demise, his salary, income and earning and approximate net worth was not yet ascertained.

Joshua Brown Hobbies And Favorite Things

The thing he loves to do are reading, travelling and music. His favorite food is Mexican Cuisine and his favorite color is blue. Also, his favorite celebrities are Will Smith (American Actor) and Jennifer Lawrence (American Actress). His dream holiday destination is Switzerland.

Botham Jean Murder Case

Brown lived across the hall from Botham Jean’s room on the fourth floor of the apartment building where Amber Guyger, Dallas police officer, also lived on the third floor. On that fateful day, September 6, 2018, an off-duty Guyger entered Jean’s apartment wrongly assuming it to be her own apartment, saw and mistook Jean to be an intruder and mistakenly shot him dead with her service weapon. Amber realized her mistake and left the apartment crying.

Meanwhile, Brown who lived across the hall from Jean’s room heard the gunshots. He said he just met Botham Jean for the first time in the hallway of the Southside flats on September 6th, 2018; the fateful day Jean was killed. On 23rd September 2018, the officer (Amber Guyger) was taken into custody for her crime and later released on bond.

In September 29, Guyger’s trial began in court and Brown offered to serve as a prosecution witness to help the prosecutors piece together the events that led to Jean’s murder. He gave a visibly emotional testimony in court and in one of his testimonies, he confessed he initially ran away on hearing the gunshots before returning to his apartment a few minutes later. Furthermore, he confessed that he returned to his room and saw Amber, from the peephole of his apartment door, leaving the location crying and pacing the hallway while speaking into a phone.

Jean finally earned justice on October 1, 2019 with Brown’s testimony. Amber Guyger was found guilty and sentenced to 10 years imprisonment.

Joshua Brown Shocking Death

Just days after he testified in the murder trial of Jean’s killer, former Dallas police officer Amber Guyger, 28-year-old Joshua Brown was shot dead on Friday, 4th October, 2019 at an apartment complex in Dallas. Jean’s family attorney, Lee Merritt confirmed with Brown’s mother. According to reports, witness directed Dallas police officers around 10:30 pm on Friday to the parking lot of Atera Apartment where they found the victim lying with multiple gunshot wounds. The building was approximately five miles from Southside Flats he formerly lived in. Brown had moved to the new place after Jean’s shooting.

Joshua Brown was taken to Parkland Memorial Hospital where he later died due to his multiple gunshot wounds. A tweet by Lee Merritt read “Joshua Brown was shot in his mouth and chest. He was exiting his car at his apartment when he was ambushed and shot at close range…”

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