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According to a number of sociologists, man is basically polygamous in nature but compelled to be monogamous by society. These social norms were proved wrong by Kody Brown, who was born on 17th January 1969. This 55-year-old was born to William Winn Brown and Genelle Brown. His siblings include William Michael Brown, Curtis Taylor Brown, Cindy Hansen, Christine King, and Leah Nicole Lundquist.

Also, he has four wives including Meri, Janelle, Christine, and Robyn. At present, he has eighteen children in total, from all his wives.

Of late, a television show named “Star Wives” has shown Kody Brown court and marry hid fourth wife, Robyn Sullivan in 2010.

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Kody Brown Career Details

The career of Kody Brown started with the show named “Sister Wives”, that premiered on 26th September 2010, in the channel “TLC”. In this context, it means that the reality television series documents the life of a polygamist family. When the show started, the entire family was living in Lehl. Later, in the year 2011, they moved to Las Vegas, Nevada. In 2018, they moved to the unincorporated township of Baderville, Arizona (to the northwest of Flagstaff in Arizona).

The purpose of the show produced by Deanie Wilcher was to make the masses aware of polygamy. As we know, there is a profound social mistrust regarding polygamy. As a result of this show, the Brown family was investigated for possible prosecution charges. However, Kody did not consider himself guilty because he is legally married to only one person and the rest are spiritual unions. In this context, we are aware that Kody is legally married to Robyn Brown, but is spiritually married to Janelle, Christine, and Meri.

Initially, Kody had been an advertising salesman. Also, he has a daughter through Meri, whom the couple named Mariah. Hank Suever, who is into staff reporter of “Washington Post”, found the show “Sister Wives” to be refreshingly frank. Also, he found the nitty-gritty details like the food supply, the minor arguments which provide the spice of life and the division of labor to be pretty interesting.

On the other hand, a television critic named Mary McNamara of Los Angeles Times commented that she had known polygamous families to be patriarchal. In contrast, the matriarchal nature of the Brown family, as shown in “Sister Wives” intrigued her. Furthermore, she commented on the bond which all Kody’s wives seemed to share between themselves and the casual fondness with which all of them treated Kody. Oprah Winfrey also shared the same observation in October 2010, after the family appeared in “The Oprah Winfrey Talk Show.”

On the other hand, a television columnist with “Ashbury Park Press”, named Shari Puterman compared Cody with a cult leader and felt that the sister wives had issues with self-worth. In this context, a former prosecutor and television personality named Nancy Grace expressed her belief that Kody should be imprisoned, but considering the history of Utah, if overlooking polygamous marriage, most probably he would be spared.

An associate professor of communication at Westminster College of Salt Lake City named Christine Steiphert pointed out that the show could give out the message to those who were not aware of the doctrines of the church that polygamy was sanctified by the church.

Kody Brown Net Worth

Currently, the net worth of Kody Brown is $800,000.


If the story of Hindu Shastras is followed, we get to know about sage Uddalak and his son Swetkatu, against polygamy. It reveals that polygamy had initially been accepted by society, but had been declined by the son of a sage, who couldn’t accept the presence of anybody else in the life of his mother, apart from his father. However, in contemporary American society, we can see that he had legally married his fourth wife Robyn in 2014, so that he could legally adopt her three children named Dayton, Breanna, and Aurora.

He also has six children with Janelle. Ultimately, Meriz Christine and Robyn have been raised in polygamous families, while Janelle was raided in a monogamous family.

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