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New Creation Church Pastor Joseph Prince Age, Net Worth, Income, Family, Nationality

When we think of a pastor or a priest, we automatically imagine a life of austerity A wealthy pastor isn’t something we are very familiar with. But these days,there are a few personalities who have managed to challenge this notion. Pastor Joseph Prince is one such person. One of the richest pastors in Singapore, Pastor Joseph is quite an intriguing personality. So, let’s unwrap his life and find out what it is like to be a rich pastor.

Pastor Joseph Prince Bio: Age, Religion, Birth Name

Perhaps the most interesting thing about Pastor Joseph Prince is that he wasn’t born a Christian. In fact he was born to an Indian Sikh priest and a Chinese woman. His birth name was Xenonamandar Jeghauissee Singhin. People had difficulty pronouncing his name, hence he changed his name to Joseph Prince when he started working in the IT industry.

Pastor Joseph Prince was born in Singapore on 15th May, 1963 and he was raised in Malaysia. Even as a child, Pastor Joseph was very calm. He used to stammer in his childhood but he overcame this problem with his dedication and efforts. Pastor Joseph grew up in a very religious environment. According to him, his religion guided his path of life. He went into depression in his early adulthood but was able to cure it with the help of his faith.

Pastor Joseph Prince Career Details

Pastor Joseph worked as an IT consultant before becoming a Pastor. He always had a deep interest in religion and eventually founded a new church called “New Creation Church” in 1983. He became the head pastor of the church in 1990. Apart from this, Pastor Joseph has preached in churches all around the world.

Pastor Joseph is also the founder of a non profit organization named Joseph Prince Ministries Inc. He also owns a website affiliated to his non profit organization. Moreover, Pastor Joseph is an author and broadcaster too. He has published a book ‘ Destined to Reign”and broadcasts a TV show by the same name. His show is broadcasted over 150 countries around the world.

Pastor Joseph Prince Net Worth And Income

Pastor Joseph is one of the most popular and influential pastors not just in his own country but in all of Asia. The admiration and respect he earns all around the world has translated into a handsome salary and an impressive net worth.

In fact, he was embroiled in a controversy when his annual salary from the church became public. He is reported to have a net worth of $5 million. His annual salary is reported to be 50,000 dollars. Apart from the church, Pastor Joseph also earns from his TV show, books and CDs.

Pastor Joseph Prince Married Life And Family

In 1994, Pastor Joseph married Wendy Prince. Together, the couple has two children, daughter and a son. Their daughter is named Jessica Shayna Prince and their son is named Justin David Prince.

Quick Facts About Pastor Joseph Prince

Name: Joseph Prince (originally Xenonamandar Jeghauissee Singhin)
Birthday: May 15, 1963
Birth place: Malaysia
Nationality: Singaporean
Profession: Evangelical pastor
Salary: $50.000
Net worth: $5 million
Relationship status: Married
Spouse: Wendy Prince
Children: 2