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Lizzie Velásquez is an anti-bullying activist and motivational speaker . She is known for her autobiography called Lizzie Beautiful: The Lizzie Velásquez Story (2010). She has Marfanoid-progeroid-lipodystrophy syndrome, a rare medical condition. In this book, she writes about this and the bullying she had to undergo because of it.

A documentary titled A Braveheart: The Lizzie Velasquez Story was released in 2015. This was based on Lizzie’s life. The documentary won the audience award at the SXSW Film Festival.

Is Lizzie Velasquez Married?

In the year 2015, there were some rumors that Lizzie got engaged to her fiancé. This was after she was spotted with a gold ring in her finger. However, all these rumors were put to rest by Lizzie herself, when she revealed that she had this ring since she was 15 and she kept it in the ring finger because it didn’t fit any other finger. So as of now, Lizzie seems to be happy with her single life. However, Lizzie has dated twice with a boyfriend named Blake during her college years.

Lizzie Velasquez Net Worth Bullying Career And Education

Lizzie had a rare medical condition. Her body doesn’t have any adipose tissue, which is a tissue needed for storing fat in the body. Because of this, she looked very unusual and therefore prematurely aged. This was the cause of all the bullying, the 5 feet 7 inch (1.75m) tall Lizzie had to face when she was in school.

When she was in kindergarten, other children were afraid to talk to her. When she was 17, a YouTube video called her “the ugliest woman”. The footage also received many bullying comments online. However, her family stood strongly behind her and supported her throughout this hard time.

However, Lizzie was determined to prove that she was beautiful in every possible aspect. She also decided to help other people who were facing bullying. When she was in college, she started a YouTube channel, named after herself, to promote anti-bullying messages.

Her 2014 TedTalks speech went viral and grabbed public attention. This was the breakthrough moment in her career and she became a motivational speaker.

Lizzie went on to write many books like Choosing Happiness (2014). She appeared in on many platforms like The View, The Today Show, and Huffington Post raising awareness on bullying. Through her motivational speeches, she gave hope to millions of people, who were victims of bullying.

You can see that Lizzie has converted her weakness into her strength. She has monetized her work including her popular YouTube channel. Her channel has more than 800 thousand subscribers. She has also amassed a huge amount of wealth. But her net worth is not made public, due to some legal issues.

Lizzie Velasquez Biography And Family

Lizzie was born on 13th March the year 1989 in Austin, Texas. Her real name is Elizabeth Ann Velásquez. Her father was Guadalupe and mother was Rita Velásquez. Her father is a retired principal and her mother has Mexican ancestry. Lizzie is the eldest of the three siblings in her family. She has a brother named Chris and a sister named Marina Velásquez.

Quick Facts About Lizzie Velasquez

Full Name:Lizzie Velásquez
Age:30 years 3 months
Birth Date:March 13, 1989
Birth Place:Austin, Texas, United States
Height:5 feet 2 inches (1.57m)
Net Worth:N/A
Hair Color:Brown

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