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What Happened To Hard Merchandise Jay On Wicked Tuna And Where Did He Go?

Jason Muenzner aka Jay, second in command to Captain David Marciano, is a key cast member of Wicked Tuna show. The program features fishing crews battling show, where fishermen endeavor to surpass each other by achieving the highest quantities of fish caught.

Find out what happened to Jay on ‘Hard Merchandise,’ and why he is not in the new series show of Wicked Tuna.

The two guys aboard the Hard Merchandise in the North Atlantic Ocean in search of the Bluefin Tuna. Now six seasons are done and the series is still ongoing, Wicked Tuna is a great success already! The show began as North vs. South before an offshoot series Wicked Tuna took over the designation. At the 7th season where Jason features resplendently, the celebrated Wicked Tuna gained most viewers in the United States with numerous assuring reviews. Jay is conspicuously missing in the latest season of Wicked Tuna. What happened and where is he, did he quit the show? Jay’s followers have been left speculative whether he has quit the show for a new career on the spin-off. What happened to Jay… and, where is he on Wicked Tuna… is the most common question on online podia. There’s no reason to worry at all. Information from trusted sources indicate that Jay, currently in Alaska might appear once again; either in new episodes of Wicked Tuna or Outer Banks altogether for the remaining season aired in the late 2018.

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Jason Muenzner Bio: Age, Early Life, Education

Jay was born on July 18th, 1988 in Salem, Massachusetts and grew up from the same town. From a very tender age, Jay has committed most of his life on fishing. After attaining his high school diploma from Salem High School in 2016, Jay did not further his education because of undisclosed reasons. Instead, he ventured into fishing, his lifelong passion.

Jason Muenzner Dating History, Marriage Details With Family

Hard Merchandise’s Jay’s life is a very private one with little information about his acquaintances. So far, there exists no documentation about Jay’s parents or family in the public domain. No one knows whether Jay is dating or married! His love-life is a complete mystery with nothing on his dating profile. As well, it is unknown whether Wicked Tuna’s Jay has children or not. The only kin Jay has preferred to disclose is his uncle Dave, the man who trained him together with his cousin Joe on everything he had to know about catching fish.

Jason Muenzner Career Details

Jay rarely spends his time on anything else outside the sea. Fishing is his number one passion and as he grew up, he definitely began to make living from it. When he’s not fishing, he is either skating or snowboarding. The 30-year-old is ever thankful to his uncle Dave for accepting to take him out for a fishing spree back when he was very young. The experience of catching fish is a thriller and exciting to his life.

His success story from the waters began when he made his first debut on the Wicked Tuna show 6 years ago. He has exhibited his talent with dexterity on board their fishing vessel Captained by David Marciano.

Jason Muenzner Net Worth And Salary Details

From his skills on the screens, Jay Muenzner receives a lumpsum of $4,000 as paycheck per episode he features. With a total of 6 seasons and several special episodes, he has reaped big! Information from reliable sources reveal that Jay is worth approximately $100,000 as of 2018. This honest success can brazenly be attributed to his fishing excursions.

Now you know all about Hard Merchandise Jay of Wicked Tuna and where he is now. Keep following for the latest updates on Jay and Wicked Tuna.