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Nia Renee Hill: Some 6 Facts about Bill Burr Wife.

It is of no doubt that everyone has already heard about Bill Burr, the 48 years old man. He is termed as one of the greatest comedians- stand up comedian to be specific. In this case, we will focus on his wife and get to know at least seven facts about her life. Not everyone knows that the funnyman has a wife, Nia Renee; who we now take a look at her life in this article.

Nia Renee Age Is 39 Years, and Birth Date?

Currently, She is 50 years of age. She was born in California on 2nd June 1969. It is in California where she was raised.
After her parents separated, she went ahead and stayed with her stepfather and mother. The divorce did not, however, end the relationship she had with her father; in fact, during the summer periods, she goes and visits him.

They both Have A Similar Career Background – Bill is An Actor And Nia is An Actress

Both Bill Burr and Nia Renee’s career is formed on acting background professionally. Nia, as recognized not long ago, was noticed in the Santa Clarita Diet while her husband Bill is a well-known stand-up comedian and also plays an acting role on Breaking Bad.

In addition, she has contributed to Long distance film as well as Divorce film and also on Did You Look For Work This Week? Film.

It can, therefore, be noted that they both have similar career background and it was during their professional duty that they did meet.

Nia Renee Dating History and Love Affairs

Taking a look into her love affairs before marriage, she did get involved with numerous people in the bid to get her lifetime partner. As famously said, Renee did kiss a lot of frogs before landing into her current place with Bill. Her dating life has led her to relate with lots of people from different origins. Some of which are black, Latino, Italians, Jewish, white among others.

While in Boston during her study time in college, she was involved in lots of relationships. Interestingly, her pursuit in the dating scene for the search of her life partner didn’t get her weak or bitter, but stronger. She eventually settled and is married to Bill Burr.

Nia Hill And Bill Burr Got Married In 2013 In A Wedding

Bill and Renee did get married in 2013. It is evident that the duo is living a happy life, which is the best thing in marriage. They share posts over the internet which showcase how strong and joyful the relationship has been.

The tied the knot after dating each other after quite some time. Since having their wedding, the happy couple was blessed to have a child, a daughter to be specific.

As a wife, she inspired Bill Burr and gave her full support in all that he did. He was once quoted,

I am what I am today not only because of what I do best, I couldn’t do all these without her

She made these sentiments while referring to one specific person; his wife Nia.

Nia Renee Hill was previously In Marriage before meeting Bill Burr

Her being with Bill Burr first as her husband isn’t the real case. She did get married before she met Bill to another man in her past dating life. Here, we are in the dark on information about his former husband and any other reasons that might have led to their divorce. It is also said that Nia’s father and mother divorced and as a result, her separation with her former husband did not concern her much.

The Couple Recently Gave Birth To A Daughter

The duo is blessed with a beautiful daughter. It is rumored that their newborn child was brought to earth early the previous year, 2017 as there are no exact details on her date of birth. That was she was seen having a crib and inside was the daughter.
As stated earlier, those are the 7 most fascinating facts about Bill’s wife, Nia Renee.

Quick Facts of Nia Renee Hill

Full Name Nia Renee Hill
Date of Birth 1969 /06 /02
Nickname Nia Hill
Marital Status Married
Birthplace Los Angeles, California, United States
Ethnicity Afro-American
Profession Actress, Writer and Filmmaker
Nationality American
Eye colour Dark Brown
Hair colour Black
Build Average
Spouse Bill Blur (2013)
Education Emerson College
Online Presence Twitter and Youtube
Children 1- daughter
Horoscope Gemini
Net Worth $1.2 Million