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Michael Todd Bio, Age, Career, Net Worth, Salary, Height, Weight

Pastor Michael Todd is a young American pastor who is the current preacher at the Transformation Church in Oklahoma. He was born on November 16th, 1986 his current age as of 2021 is 33 years.

Michael Todd Bio: Age, Early Life

He was born in Tulsa Oklahoma. As he was growing up he went to the same Church that he is currently presiding over. His horoscope sign is that of Scorpion. Scorpios according to Wikipedia are a secretive bunch who like to stray away from the publics’ eye.

Scorpios are also known to have persistence and show passion in whatever work they are engaged in. When a Scorpio decides to achieve a goal, they give themselves fully and commit to the process wholeheartedly.

Michael Todd Body Measurements

His height is 5 feet 9 inches roughly 1.75meters. He is of African American ethnicity and has black hair coupled with brown eyes.

Michael Todd Parents

Information about his parents and early life is not available in the public domain.

Michael Todd Career Details

The Transformation Church is located on 10441 S Regal Blvd Tulsa Oklahoma. It was started by Bishop Gary McIntosh, it is a multi-cultural, multi-ethnic, and multi-generational modern church. It was formally a part of the baptist churches but it split from the group in 2006 due to unknown reasons. Bishop Gary is a white caucasian American. This did not sit well with the predominantly African American Christians and clergymen who attended the church’s services. They claimed that they did not need a white man to come and save them from their tribulations. They suggested another individual should take on the role of lead pastor. In Layman’s language, this phenomenon is referred to as the “white-saviors complex”. Because of this, he received opposition and mistrust from most of the church-goers. Nonetheless, he was able to successfully lead the congregation for 15 years until he decided to step down due to his old age. This is where Michael Todd and his wife Natalie got their calling.

In February 2015, Bishop Gary McIntosh officially stepped down as lead pastor and passed the torch to young Michael Todd. It was like he was bread for this moment as he used to spend most of his time in the church so he knew all the ins and outs and how to conduct himself. As Pastor Michael Todd took his place, there was an uptick of new worshippers within a couple of months. The church was filling to the brim.

Pastor Michael Todd injected a new breath of life into by incorporating new ways in which he spread the gospel, this was mainly through the use of technology. His sermons were filled with a lot of energy and related well to the current world affairs and hardships the community was facing. They acquired the name New Generation.

Pastor Michael taught the word of God with the help of his wife Natalie Todd, the duo became Oklahoma’s most cherished preachers. Their sermons can be found online on the Church’s website. They also produce them in video form which is posted on the Church’s YouTube channel. The uptick of new worshippers into the church was overwhelming for the couple therefore, they decided to incorporate another service.

Besides being a good pastor, Michael is also a good author and has written a book about relationships, sex, and marriage which can be bought on Amazon, rated as New York Times bestseller. The title of the book is Relationship Goals and according to the synopsis, it advises on how one should handle his or her relationship with the significant other and how to handle heartache as it is also a part of human relationships. The book has a rating of five stars on Amazon. The book can also be purchased directly from the Church website.

Michael Todd Dating History And Marriage Details

Pastor Michael and Natalie Todd have been married since 2010 and live together in Tulsa, Oklahoma. They are blessed with three children, two daughters; Isabella Todd and Ava Todd and a son called Michael Junior.

Michael Todd Net Worth

Pastor Michael Todd’s net worth is estimated to be in the excess of $1 Million. Suffice to say his wealth has come from his full-time work as a preacher and also from the sale of his book.