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Jesse Duplantis Daughter Jodi Duplantis Walker, His Age, House, Net Worth, House, Church

Jesse Duplantis The founder of Jesse Duplantis Ministries was born on 9th July, 1949. His age is 70 years. His wife name is Cathy Duplantis. He is a preacher and writer. He started his preaching career in 1976 by performing his first sermon.

He has many sisters and brothers. Their names are Iris Toups Bascle, Helen Duplantis Stevenson, Debra Duplantis, Liless P. Toups Jr., Patricia Toups Bellanger, Mark Duplantis, Wayne Duplantis,and Bennie P. Toups. It must be fun to have as many siblings as he had.

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Jesse Duplantis Christianity

His religion is christianity and he is protestnt among them and belong to Evangelical Charismatic tradition in US. John Hagee became the reason of his introduction with a slogan “The Apostle of Joy” which till then it had become his PR slogan. He uses his intellectual wit and sense of humor to present his ideas. He has joined the evangelistic ministry since 1978. Jesse Duplantis Ministries(JDM) has an international recognition and has its headquarters in America with its branches in UK and Australia.

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He along with his wife founded a Covenant church. He has also made a film named Covenant Rider in 1994. He has written many books. The gist of his books includes Man’s relationship with God, God love for mankind, his believe on God and his compassion for forgiveness, the life after death and eternity. His main agenda is to make man realize God blessings upon human beings. He says God love them and has planned to bless human kind. The effect of his preaching can be realized by the fact that his books transcriptions are available in more than 13 languages. He accepted the offer to become the director of CUFI (christians united for Israel) in 2006.

Jesse Duplantis Achievements

His efforts for the sake of peace and comfort in God preaching were appreciated by giving him a degree of Doctorate of Divinity. He has been awarded with many certificates and awards for his efforts he put to spread God’s message. He has also put his ideas and his belief in books for enlighting humans through his ideas. He delivers his ideas directly to human being. His books include Ministry of Cheerfulness, Heaven: Close Encounters of the God Kind, Jambalaya for the Soul, God Is Not Enough, He’s Too Much!, One More Night with the Frogs, The Battle of Life, Why Isn’t My Giving Working?, Wanting a God You Can Talk to and The Everyday Visionary.

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Jesse Duplantis House

His luxurious house is comprised of 35,000 square feet total area. Of which 22,039 square feet has utilized for living and 12,947 square feet is available for garden, garages, pools and remaining amenities. The worth of his house is $3 million.
His Church:

He and his wife Cathy Duplantis founded Covenant church in 1997. He has built it on the name of God thus providing christians a place for their preaching.

Jesse Duplantis Net Worth

His net worth is approxiamtely $40 million. $500 mililion of it has come from his book and DVD sales. He has been criticized many times for the luxurious life style he and his family had. It also include $3 million worth of his house. He has been under investigation for not paying taxes. Despite being under it he was not in favour of paying tax and stood against it. And after ten year of trial he was saved and is still not involved in any kind of taxation . He was successful in winning the trial because of the fact that his house comes under Ministries and taxation is not applicable on ministries.

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His Daughter Jodi Duplantis Walker

Jesse and Cathy were blessed with a beautiful daughter named Jodi Duplantis Walker. She is a motivational speaker. She got married in 1990 with Edwin J Walker. She has a pretty daughter born to her on 14th March, 2008. She was divorced by Edwin and got married again with ghost writer and assisstant named Jay Roberts in 2012 according to some sources but other disagree with it and does not confirm her second marriage and daughter. She is delivering her ideas and views to influence others and has great impact on others life. Not much is known about her personal life and education.