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Is Martial Artist Dough Marcaida Married? Find Out His Wife, Net Worth, Career

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Kuya Dough Marcaida is an American stand-up martial artist who has mastered all types of martial arts. Karate, taekwondo and jiu-jitsu are among the martial arts skills that he has masters in his life. It is not clear whether dough Marcaida was born and raised in the USA through his nationality is America and a Filipino ethnic background. He has spent his life teaching people about Filipino martial arts which are one of the greatest martial art techniques in the world. Very little is known about dough Marcaida since he has never revealed his private life. Dough Marcaida has been secretive about his private life may be due to fear of controversies that celebrities always face in life. He has managed to keep his date of birth, his age and his early life as a grave secret. It is amazing how he has managed to keep his personal life as secret despite being famous. He rose to fame being part of the history channel series titled forged in fire premiered on June 22¸2015. In this series he acted as an expert judge, the series was hosted by an American military veteran called Wil Willis. He is a great TV personality who levels up a superhero. Despite all this, he has failed to share with people about his family or childhood experiences. His education background is not known to anyone.

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Dough Marcaida Career Details

Dough Marcaida is famous and known due to his great skills in martial art and television personality. He is also known because of the martial art schools that he has established. And the expertise he has shown in martial arts in the field of martial arts. Dough and other martial arts expertise have taken an initiative of recreating the ultimate Filipino martial arts. He has been in the limelight since he featured as a judge in the forged fire as a judge. He has also served in the United States military and has studied many fighting skills. Dough Marcaida has mastered both hands to hand techniques and the combat techniques as well.

He has equally fond three martial arts schools some in Romania and two in New York City. He has many students who have been teaching customized styles of the popular Filipino martial arts known as the Marcaida kali. Filipino martial art has proven to be a great means of defence since it covers all techniques of protection. He also trains the students on the use of a weapon in defence, which has enabled him to produce the first class of the next generation martial artist. He also has plans offshore his services to other countries. Since martial art is known worldwide and many people are interested in knowing the technique, dough Marcaida has taken a personal initiative of teaching them. He has dreamed of owning the biggest world martial artist school in the world. The dough is dedicated and determined to achieve hiteteammm through hard work and maintaining focus. The dough is famous for his combat skills especially in wielding a double edge sword. He trains his students mostly the Filipino martial artist and their culture. He has been involved in the production of some nice martial art knives. He is a designer of the martial art tools and a great master in combat techniques.

Dough Marcaida Net Worth

Reports revealed that in 2018 Dough Marcaida’s net worth was $300. His salary has been attributed to many companies that are seeking services. The martial art skills have made him be demanded by many security organizations and other law enforcers units. Currently, he is a USA military contractor. Dough earns an annual salary of $80 thousand and also receive a lot of money from his show forged fire where he appears as a judge.

Is Dough Marcaida Married?

Much is not known about the private life of Kuya dough Marcaida since he is a secretive person. Despite being on the limelight of media and having many fans all over the world, he has never revealed his love life to anyone. He has successfully managed to balance his private life and profession. He prefers when his love life is a secret and is kept away from rumours from bloggers. But it is possible that he has been in a few relationships or even married but has never shared publicly. The dough is an active user of social media but he does. Therefore this means that he might have kids but not known to the people. Currently, he is only focusing on reaching the pick of a martial art career and to make world history.

Quick Facts About Dough Marcaida

Name dough Marcaida
Age not disclosed
Date of birth unknown
Place of birth unknown
The profession TV personality, weapon designer, combat master
Net worth $300,000
Kids none
Nationality American
Ethnicity Filipino
Height 5’ 8”