Is Chris Fleming Really Gay? Find Out His Age, Career, Net Worth, Dating, Ex-Girlfriend

On January 29, 1987 was born an American comedian who would be best known for his YouTube series, Gayle. This actor is Chris Fleming. Gayle is 40 episodes YouTube comedy series that has gained good popularity.

Born in the year 1987 he completed his degree in Theatre from Skidmore College. He soon became a stand-up comedian and started performing since 2005. 2016 and 2017 he toured the United States to perform as a stand-up comedian and tiled the show as Showpig.

He has a YouTube channel which is named as Chris Fleming. H spent his childhood, in Stow, Massachusetts, attended Nashoba Regional High School. It is in the school that he started doing stand-up comedy. He is also good with dance. He was just credit short of receiving the dancing minor.

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Chris Fleming Career Details

Gayle is the series that was launched in 2012. The series is a comedy one that revolves around the character Gayle who is a mother and is looking to align her life with that of a Urban state. Fleming wrote the story of Gayle and Melissa Strype who is playing the character of Gayle’s daughter was the director. Comedian Margaret Cho also starred in this video once she found out the channel to be interesting and funny. Fleming also has a YouTube channel under his name and has amassed 364K subscribers.

Chris Fleming Dating History, Girl Friend

Chris dated Melissa Strype until 2017. She is also a comedian and has a YouTube channel of her own. Melissa has been with Chris since his struggling days also helped him by directing the Gayle series. She is also very talented and also does stand-up comedy. She also has amassed a huge number of fans across the world. Since 2017 after they parted they have not been in any of the videos together like they were seen before. Wondering if they are still dating or will they again in future. That’s to wait and watch.

Chris Fleming Net Worth

Networth of Chris is not available currently. However, Chris source of income is from YouTube channels and the various tours that he had conducted. These shows were sold out. He would have amassed a good wealth until now but, believe he is not interested to share these details to the public.

Chris Fleming Gay Rumours

Chris is not a gay. He is straight. He did date his long friend Melissa who was also the director of the series Gayle.

Chris Fleming Family Details

Nothing much is known about his family. However Chris has got a lot of support when he wished to become a comedian. His father especially used to sign as “Chris, The Comedian” to encourage his dreams. Guess due to the support of the family got Chris to where he is today.

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