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Gold Rush Jim Thurber Net Worth 2020, His Bio, Age, Wife, Kids, Height, Weight

Jim Thurber is one of the most quintessential members of the TV Series, “Gold Rush”, which aired on The Discovery Channel all the way back in 2010. Acting as the Camp Security Officer for his crew, “The Hoffman Crew”, his rise in popularity has led to him becoming an iconic and recurring cast member in the long-running TV Series. Thurber’s first appearance on the show was not one that gathered many favors – he was in a rickety position in life back then, with his house almost lost on mortgage. However, his financial stand stabled quite quickly after being cast on Gold Rush.

Gold Rush Jim Thurber Bio: Age, Early Life, Religion

Thurber was born on June 13th, 1963. This year would mark his 57th birthday. Ironically, he was born in a place called ‘Boring, Oregon’, based in Clackamas County in the US, the name being a stark contrast to his mining career – according to miners, grizzly bears sometimes accompanied their mining sites! That would be all but boring, of course. He often made sure that his co-workers were safe from such bear visits, and always evacuated everyone from dangerous areas. He is a practicing Christian as a religion.

Gold Rush Jim Thurber Body Measurements; Height, Weight

His height measures 5.10 feet, or 1.80 metres.

Gold Rush Jim Thurber Career Details

Thurber is often referred to by his fans as ‘Mr. Moustache’, deriving from his archetypal moustache. The nickname stuck for so long that some Gold Rush watchers refer to him only as Mr. Moustache.

He used to be a sheet metal worker, which helped considerably with his Net Worth, but he left in favor of looking for a stable job. He moonlights as a porn actor, a career which he took in his time away from Gold Rush. So far, he has appeared in the porno films “Dick Damage” and “Rockwell”.

On top of that, he acted as a volunteer for a veteran organization called ‘Homes with Heroes’, which gives opportunities to veterans for fishing and hunting. This was a career path on which he had spent almost 30 years of his life. He had quit to look for greener pastures, which was when he thought of joining the Hoffman Crew. At first, he was a complete newbie in gold mining, although his aptitude in learning fast led to him being a great mineworker not too long after he began.

Even though the latest Gold Rush season did not feature Thurber, he appeared for eight years on the show, and made a huge impact on his time there. During his eight years, he has garnered a sizable fanbase who would love to see guest reappearances, though there is a low chance of him returning as Camp Security Officer.

Gold Rush Jim Thurber Net Worth

Through his frequent presence in Gold Rush, Thurber has accumulated a whopping $350,000 in Net Worth, a shocking change from his previous state of nearly being homeless! Although his salary per episode is unknown to date, his yearly earnings are rumored to amount to $120,000.

Gold Rush Jim Thurber Education Details

His high school years were also filled with wild fun; when he graduated from Centennial High School in 1978, his high school yearbook contained a photo of him that stated “Most likely to die on a motorcycle”. Speaking of motorcycles, Thurber was a well-known person in motocross racing during the 70’s and 60’s. Even though he doesn’t compete actively any more, he is currently teaching his daughter Breanna the sport.

Is Gold Rush Jim Thurber Married To Wife?

Thurber got married to his high school sweetheart, Cynthia Slauson, the April 19th, 1991. In a few weeks, he’ll be celebrating his 29th year in a happy, loving marriage with the woman of his dreams. Cynthia dated him for a long while before he proposed to her.

Gold Rush Jim Thurber Family, Kids

Currently, they have two beloved children, Nathan and Breanna. Nathan graduated Oregon State University with a degree in Business Information Systems, while Breanna graduated Pioneer State with an associate in Medical assisting. The happy family now lives in Portland, Oregon. Thurber is extremely passionate about his family life, and prioritizes their happiness over everything, an admirable characteristic.