Did Janna Levin Husband Warren Malone Really Die? Find Out Her Age,Education, Career

With so many amazing Celebrities and their rumors associated we never actually think about how they must be coming up with these things. We should be thanking God for giving us a life that acknowledges the interconnected knowledge. Today we shall be talking about Janna who is an award-winning writer and an astrophysicist. She has also earned the title of Theoretical Astrophysicist.’ And so far has been a talk of the town also for some rumors associated.

Janna Levin Bio: Age, Education

Born in the year 1967, Janna is a resident of Theoretical Astrophysicist.’ Currently, at her 52 years of age, she has been MYSTERIOUS like always. She has also been working as a professional for Physics and astronomy at Barnard College. Even if the details of her siblings and family are still unclear, but Jana’s journey to reach the place where she is now was never so easy. With hard work and dedication, she certainly had earned a lot in her career ladder. She got her graduation in Bachelor of Science in the sector of physics and astronomy and since then there was no looking back for her
Other than getting a bachelors degree, she has also been a Ph.D. in theoretical physics in the year 1993 at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Janna Levin Career Details

Moving further about her professional career, needless to say, that she has been an incredible person and no doubt her career to date is blossoming completely. As said earlier, she has been a professor at Columbia University’s Barnard College for subjects like physics and astronomy. Other than this, her work contribution has been to many other places. She has got a great understanding of the black holes and even the extra dimensions cosmology and space-time gravitational waves

Before that, she was holding the position of directorship in science at Pioneer work. She also later joined the Barnard college in the year 2004 where is he has been continuing to work. Other than her professional career, she is also an amazing writer. She is known to have published ample books out of which three books gained a lot of interest. The books Named A mad man’s Dreams of Turing and How the Universe Got Its Spots were quite popular and seem are still trending.

For her second book, she also won many awards. Talking of which for Outstanding Fictional Work she earned the MEA Mary Shelley Award and Bingham Fellowship Prize for Writers. Talking further about her books, one of the most mysterious and interesting books called Black Hole Blues had gained a lot of attention amongst her fans. The book was all about the aspiration, obsessions, and trail of the scientist to capture those waves of knowledge.

Other than this she has also been a part of many radio programs and TV shows. She has also appeared to don the talk show called Stephen Colbert’s comedy central: The Colbert Report in 2006

Who Did Janna Levin Marry?

She got married to a musician called Warren Malone. They first met at a coffee bar and their love was at first sight itself. She never mentioned her marriage date as she always believed in keeping her professional and personal life separately. Both of them are blessed with two kids a song and a daughter.

Talking about Warren Malone death most of the people assume he is dead but the fact is it is merely gossip and he has been living a healthy and happy family life.

Janna Levin Husband Warren Malone

Warren Malone, a New York songwriter and singer, is married to an American cosmetologist and author of various science fiction books, Janna Levin. They have 2 kids, a 9-year-old daughter and, a 12-year-old son.

Warren Malone was born on January 7th, 1968. He is natively from Manchester, England. Warren is skilled to play guitar and is fervent about pop music and traditional folk music. He has written some songs which became very famous such as ‘lost without your love’ in 2012 or ‘chicken man’ in 2016. This singer is part of the band bluegrass.

Quick Facts About Janna Levin

Birth Name: Janna J. Levin
Profession: Novelist and Astrophysicist
Date of Birth: 1967
Place of Birth: USA
Age: 52 years
Net Worth: N/A
Height: 5 feet 8 inches (1.73m)
Husband: Warren Malone
Children: Two

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