The Next Chip And Joanna? HGTV’s Desert Flippers Lindsey Bennett And Eric Bennett Put Family Over Fame And Stay Grounded Nn Faith

If you are a common viewer of the HGTV reality show “Dessert Flippers”, then the name Lindsey Bennett and Eric Bennett are not new to you. The reality show, premiered in 2016 on HGTV show. Being in the same industry, the couple has been able to generate wealth together as a family; they have three sons thus making them a family of five.

Lindsey Bennett and Eric Bennett Net worth, Career

The couple sum net worth is estimated to be $1.6 Million, this is attributed to their expertise in the real estate business and their reality show, Dessert Flippers which has also managed to market their business for them thus earning them a large clientele in the region. Their well understanding of their area of practice and their expertise has been their major strength in gaining the projects in the lucrative real estate industry. Currently the couple has four long term properties in Dane county and one in Whitefish Bay.

Lindsey Bennett And Eric Bennett Are The Power Couple Behind HGTV’s “Desert Flippers”

The marriage journey between Lindsey Bennett and Eric Bennett began in 2011 after their wedding. The two love have one major thing in common; they were both born in 1979 thus making them age mates and they are both very passionate about the rea, estate market. Before they were officially a couple, Eric was fully engaged to his work which included remodeling homes. Soon after being officially a couple, they dated for 2 months before their wedding day in 2011.  As a couple passionate in housing industry they engaged in various projects after their marriage which earned them enough fortune to move to California where they settled and opened their own shop.

Eric Bennett, husband to Lindsey Bennet was a loan officer before venturing into the real estate industry. Currently Eric Bennet and his wife Lindsey Bennett are co-host in the popular reality show ‘Desert Flippers’. Eric brought his expertise in the real estate financing, earlier in Wisconsin Eric worked as a real estate expert dealing in real estate development, commercialization and brokerage. Before meeting Eric Bennett, Lindsey was married to Alexander Wikstrom who is also in the real estate industry as a real estate broker.

Lindsey Bennett and her husband Eric Bennett have three adorable sons; Dean Bennett who is currently 6 years, Roman Bennett who is 3 years and Graham the youngest who is 2 years.

The Bennett family is known to make family trips together, going for various vacations and attending soccer games which seems to be a family sport in the Bennett family. They enjoy documenting their fun moments through their Instagram posts.

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