David Laid Net Worth (2019), Age, Career, Income, Dating, Girlfriend, Parents, Nationality

There’s no doubt that most teenagers out there spend most of their crucial years on drugs, alcohol, and women. And that’s what made David Laid different from others because he had chosen to be more productive than most teenagers out there. He spent his time taking care of this body and then started seeking a career out of it as well.

David Laid has been very popularly known for his large-sized body. There was a time when the fitness Youtuber was ridiculed for his skinny body structure. But nowadays, even the most well-known bodybuilders bow down to David Laid and are afraid to get on the wrong side of him.

David Laid Dating, Girlfriend

David Laid career has not only brought him fortune and fame to his life, but also a beautiful love life as well, which is steady. He has been dating Julia Jackson, who is also a fellow fitness freak as well, for a few years now. The relationship of the couple came to light in the year 2016, when David had mentioned his girlfriend’s name in the year 2016, the month is February. Their relationship bondage has been growing stronger slowly and they also share similar interests between them as well, which is very useful for doing a workout.

Both of them take part in training sessions, which leads to helping each other in the process, during different moves. Since they have a mutual love between them, i.e. fitness, they are also known as the ‘Fitness Couple’ as well.

The dating relationship between David and Julia has been a huge relief for his family because since he was a fitness expert, people thought David as a homosexual person – mainly due to his obsession with his own body. Rumors had popped up that David was using Julia as a way to hide his homosexuality, but soon later it was proved to be wrong.

David Laid Net Worth And Salary

Currently, David Laid uploads numerous videos on his YouTube channel, which is named after him. He has over 850,000 subscribers on his YouTube channel and has revenue which ranges between $7,800 and $124,000, on a per-year basis. Apart from that, he also earns an average of almost $53,000 per year, from his main career being a fitness model.

As of the current date, his net worth hasn’t been revealed yet to the public, but most people think it to be around the $100,000 mark.

David Laid Family Details

The family members of David Laid consist of his dad (who had died), his mother and two siblings.

David Laid Career Details

David Laid had spent a lot of time researching on his YouTube videos about diet and weight training, after which he had started his journey. During earlier times, he only wanted to build self-confidence and become more comfortable with his own body. But over time, he started working for muscular development and thus fell in love with training to make his body strong. It was an integral part of his body to get the physique that he had always dreamt about.

In the year 2013, David had become a YouTube and internet sensation with his vide title named ‘18-Month Transformation 14-15 Year Old’. Soon after he also had posted ‘3-Year Natural Transformation 14-17′ in the year 2015 – which was one of his popular videos with almost 26 million views as well. His subscriber count on YouTube is slowly growing to reach the one million number.

David Laid Bio: Age, Early Life, Nationality

David Laid was born in the year 1998, on 29th January, in Estonia. He had lost his father when he was just two years old. His father had died due to a fatal fall at the harbor, from a cruise ship. This allowed his mother along with his two siblings move to the USA and thus start their journey.

His mother had bought a cafe when they had arrived in the USA and thus as a single mother raised three kids. Mainly during his early teenage years, he was bullied for his thin and skinny body. He was also diagnosed with scoliosis during the age of 14 as well.

Quick Facts About David Laid

Name – David Laid
Birth Date – 29th January 1998
Birthplace – Estonia
Age – 21 years
Parents – Father, Mother
Siblings – 2 siblings
Career – Fitness
Net Worth – Around $100,000
Salary – $7,800 – $124,000 from YouTube; $53,000 from career
Girlfriend – Julia Jackson
Children – None

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