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Yif Magician Bio, Early Life, Ethnicity, Net Worth, Career, Salary, Married, Family, Age

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Yif is a young magician whose family hailed from China. His full name is Wang Yi Peng. He was born in the year 1981 in Beijing but spent his early childhood in Paris. He became a You Tube sensation for his videos of tricks which he posted on You Tube.

There are other magicians playing their tricks too on You Tube but Yif is something special. His tricks go beyond all explanations and according to viewers he is just of a kind of magician who has mesmerizing power in the true sense.

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Yif Magician Career Details

Yif came to spotlight when one of his videos on tricks went viral. He performed a handful of magic on that particular video including a rubber band trick and the trick with dollar. Finally he performed the French bread trick. The video within a short span was viewed by millions of viewers and Yif became overnight a You Tube throb. His magic became so popular that Ellen DeGeneres invited him to her show for an interview.

Yif ‘s videos are in Chinese but they have English sub-titles for the better understanding of people speaking other languages. But it is true if his videos remained in Chinese there had been no difference. The language was no bar. It was his tricks that force the viewers sit before the videos for watching them again and again. With utmost passion he performs his tricks and makes the viewers spell bound. In this fashion Yif in course of time wins hearts of more than 150,000 viewers. His notable You Tube videos are Coin Penetration, Flying Noodle, The Eternal Imprint and Light Speed Teleportation. All these videos gained popularity and helped him to build his own fan base.

In the year 2014 Yif was invited to China to show his magic performances at the famous Spring Festival Gala. This occasion is strictly limited for the honed Chinese magicians.

While showing his tricks at this gala occasion Yif made some mistakes that led to tremendous tumult. Some magicians stamped his magic tricks as fake. Whatever he did seemed to them not right as per the regulations of magic. Yif was nothing but an original ‘trickster’. Some even churned the issue opining that Yif was never a magician rather he might be called an illusionist.

Some critics blew him hard saying that he had taken the help of plastic surgery to change his look. Then came the issue of ethnicity. Which country does he really belong to, Taiwan or China? The debate went on.

Yif remained firm to his points. He admitted that sometimes he took the help of camera tricks and Photoshop in his You Tube videos. He admitted his guilt and claimed that henceforth all his shows would be live. But his critics did not spare him. His followers too began to believe that he was a fake magician and used abusive words against him. The tower of Yif’s success as a magician had been demolished within years.

Yif Magician Net Worth

Yif Magician, a You Tuber since 2011 has so far accumulated net worth $ 10K to $ 129 K. He has more than 296,395 subscribers so far.

Yif Magician Bio: Age, Early Life

Yif magician is a Chinese magician brought up in Paris. He is regarded as the young sensation on You Tube though he had be bear the brunt of his critics in a vehement way. He was born in 1981. Now he is abot 38.

Yif Magician Married Life

Nothing is known about his wife. Perhaps Yif himself has never disclosed the fact.