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Thom Brennaman Bio, Age, Parents, Career, Net Worth, Married, Wife Polly, Family

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Thomas Wade Brennaman, also known as Thom Brennaman is the American sportscaster who has impacted greatly in the communication industry. He has done broadcasting for CBS Radio and Fox Sports. He has been working for more than 25 years with Fox Sports.

Thom was born on 12th Sep 1963, in Chapel Hill, North California. Even when at a young age– schooling at Anderson High School and higher education at Ohio University – he was not sure what he should look as his career. After much pondering he decided to find a career in broadcasting profession. Looks like, he has taken the right decision. He turned out to be very good at it and also found fame in it.

He started his work at a radio station – WAHT – during which he was fully convinced that he was in the right direction. After college he started as a reporter and anchor at WLWT-TV. Soon he was found doing a play-by-play announcer reporting for the Major League Baseball team, the Cincinnati Reds.

He also did voice over for various games like All-Star Baseball 2002 for XBOX , Microsoft Baseball 2001 for PlayStation 2. During his forthcoming days in his career he also has served as the sportscaster on Cotton Bowl, NFC Divisional Playoff and Pro Bowl.

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Thom Brennaman Married To Wife Polly

Many celebrities try and keep their personal life as much away from the public and Thom also has similar thoughts. He would want to disclose information about his personal life as less as possible. He got married to his girlfriend Polly and they are happily married couple. Thom is a very loyal husband to his wife and he considers himself lucky to have her as his wife. Polly also has been very supportive to Thom and has always travelled with him across the states when his career demanded for.

Thom Brennaman Mother

Thom was born to his mother Brenda in the year 1963. Brenda was the first wife to her husband. They both had two children together – one the legendary sports caster and his sister. They got divorced after many years of their marriage.

Thom Brennaman Family, Personal Details

Thom was born to Marty and Brenda Brennaman in the year 1963. Marty was himself was a sportscaster for Cincinnati Reds Radio. Tom and Marty also did sports casting together. Marty and Breda got divorced after many years of their marriage and Marty also got married again in the year 2012.
Thom unlike his father is holding strong onto his marriage and considers his wife is the best any man can get. She has been very supporting to him in various phases of life. There were situation when Thom had to move placed for his career purposes and Polly always was by his side.

These couples have very beautiful children, Ella Mae (daughter) and Luke (son). They are quite grown-up now and are the way to reach out to the world.

Thom along with his family stays in Cincinnati. His father Marty has now retired of his profession. Thom continues to be the sportscaster for the Cincinnati Reds. His father Marty has retired in the year 2019. Thom was ill for some time, his vocals were damaged and he had to undergo a surgery to get it rectified. He is now well and back to a announcing.