Instagram Fitness Model And Sommer Ray Mother Shannon Ray Bio, Age, Net Worth, Family, Age, Children

An inspiration of over 650,000 followers, Shannon Ray is an Instagram fitness model and celebrity on social media. Her fame began as she started posting pictures of her toned, slim body on Instagram. People around the world adore her photos and videos as her lifestyle of a fitness freak on her Instagram account; ‘shannon_rayyy’.

Besides being a model, Shannon Ray is also an actress who appeared in the ‘Sweetheart’ (2002) and ‘Father of the Pride’ (2004) respectively showcasing her talent.

Moreover, Shannon is also known as a challenging fitness competitor, defying the odds and setting the bar high for middle-aged individuals. She trains hard along with a near perfectly balanced meal proving how hardworking and disciplined she truly is. Every old fan of Shannon Ray also knows her avid fascination over bikes through the videos she posts on her Instagram account.

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Shannon Ray Family, Husband And Kids

Interestingly, no one knows much about Shannon Ray’s husband other than the fact that he is a fitness instructor and a competitive body-builder.
Similarly, it is also unclear if she is still with her husband as divorce rumors have been thrown around.

Although, sources indicate that her husband is the inspiration behind the career of her daughter; Sommer Ray and her fascination with being a fitness model.

Beside Sommer, she also has three more kids; Savana, Skylyn and Bronson Ray. In this way, Shannon Ray belongs to an inspirational fitness family.

Shannon Ray Net Worth

Her net worth is approximately $9 million. Her primary career as a fitness model allowed her to gain the majority of her earnings.
It is, however, unclear how much she charges as a fitness model.
On the other side, Shannon has also earned quite a sum of money from her career as an actress, but the estimate is still unknown.
Overall, the net worth of Shannon Ray also proves her credibility as a fitness model, supporting her luxurious lifestyle.

Shannon Ray Bio, Age, Early Life

Shannon Ray was born on 21st August 1964 and is celebrating 55 years since her birth. She is a native of the United States, but her original ethnicity is unknown. Shannon is the inspiration behind those who want to have a toned body at the age of 50. Most of her videos on Instagram show her passion for bodybuilding in which she showcases her workout routines and exercises for her fans and followers. As she enters her sixties, she is living a healthy, fit life by getting enough nutrients and while avoiding the dangerous foe to any bodybuilder named ‘carbs’. Her posts show that she is mostly dependent on building her body as a former bodybuilder instead of doing more cardio.

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