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Mountain Men Cast Margaret Stern Married To Morgan Beasley? Find Out His Net Worth, Salary, Bio, Career

Everybody loves to watch the television series on History Channel, “Mountain Men” as it was a story of a few men who lived in the middle of nowhere surrounded by animals. Even men find it difficult to live off the grid in remote areas, then what if a woman joins the group and only rely on nature to survive. Margaret Stern is one such star who joined the cast of this reality show and started to live in the wilderness to check her endurance level. Yes, the show made her one of the favorite cast members. Know more about Margaret Stern, her marital status, bio, and net worth.

Margaret Stern Career As A Reality TV Star

Knowing the real personality of this reality TV star can be interesting and inspiring. She is an experienced person in different fields, and her passion led her to join an adventurous and risky reality show like Mountain Men.

Talking about her education, she completed her formal education from a high school in Maine, and after that joined at the College of the Atlantic for higher education in Natural History and Botany. She knows the art of mounting and stuffing to preserve the body of animal for display.

Margaret Stern had deep knowledge about Botany, which influenced her to write a book on the subject. Apart from an established author, she is an efficient farmer, camp cook, and a gardener. Above all, she is still a student trying hard for a certificate in Ethnobotany. With her knowledge and experience, it seems that she does not require any modern medicine to treat ailments.

How Much Is Margaret Stern Net worth

Margaret Stern has yet to disclose her details, including her net worth. She never talked about her real wages or assets to the media. Most of her scenes are with Morgan, and she rarely did any stand-alone scene. The beautiful reality star had a leak-free, tight contract deal with the History channel. So, no information is available about her salary for participating in this reality show. Since her partner, Morgan, earns a salary of around $200,000 she is also believed to be received hundreds of thousands.

A reality TV personality, most of her fortune is believed to be accumulated through her acting career. She also gets dividends from a small tourist attraction site, named, Apricity Alaska. Margaret and Morgan worked on this self-sustaining eco-system, and get an income from that.

Margaret Stern From Mountain Men Married To Morgan Beasley?

Margaret Stern has earned many fans after her appearance in the reality show, Mountain Men. In that case, her fans are curious to know about her personal life, including her marital status. However, no records are available about her marriage or husband.

It was rumored that she was in love with her co-star Morgan Beasley and married him. If two people want to spend their special time without any human interaction, then anybody can guess they are in a relationship. Many of their fans speculated that the duo got married. She lived with Morgan in the same homestead that belongs him. Both claimed that they stay together to make a self-sufficient homestead in the dangerous Alaska forests. Margaret is a horse specialist, and she first met Morgan when she arrived to help him to look after his horse breed.

Quick Facts About Margaret Stern

Camping and doing unusual activities in extreme weather conditions have been considered to be men’s tasks. But Margaret Stern from the History Channel reality show proved it to be wrong. A multi-talented outdoor person, she makes a living by living off the grid. Hope, we will get more information about this reality star shortly and update this site.

Name Margaret Stern
Age Unknown
Date of Birth Undisclosed
Place of Birth Houston, Texas
Profession Television personality, botanist
Net worth Under review
Marital status Single
Hair description Brunette
Height undisclosed

Margaret Stern was born and raised in Houston, Texas. She is an American with white ethnicity. Since she prefers to keep her personal information private, including her date of birth, it is difficult to say her age as in 2019. We also do not know much information about her family or childhood.

She has revealed something about her hobbies. Margaret likes horse riding and loves to feel the wind that touches her face while riding them. Even she owns a few horses include Frilla, Feila, and Neisty. A dog lover, Margaret owns two dogs also, named Maggie and Rufous.

Her other interests include exploring places, bird watching, and baking bread. As a botanist, she also loves identifying plants. She might truly enjoy being in the wild surrounding so many plants. With so many hobbies, we bet, the star of the Mountain Men does not get bored so easily.