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Michelle Belanger Is Married To Partner Elyria Rose Little. Know Her Age, Net Worth, Career, Siblings

Michelle Belanger is an American writer, singer and a very prominent advocate for the whole vampire community. She is most extensively recognized for her work on television’s Paranormal State, where she analyzes abandoned prisons and haunted houses while blindfolded and in high heels.

A well-known authority on psychic and supernatural topics, her nonfiction research in books like”The Psychic Vampire Codex” and “The Dictionary of Demons” has been sourced in television shows, university courses, and numerous publications around the world.

She has worked as a media intermediary for fringe communities, teach on vampires at colleges around North America, act with gothic and metal bands, including Nox Arcana, and designed enveloping live-action-RPGs for companies such as Wizards of the Coast. Her research work on the Watcher Angels led to a creation of a Tarot Deck and an album Blood of Angels. She is ranked on the list of 11071 popular Singer.

Michelle Belanger is an exemplary personality to never backup from your ideas and beliefs. She is an author of over two dozen books on the occult and paranormal experiences.

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She is influenced by H. P. Lovecraft, Edgar Allan Poe, Carl Jung, Ray Bradbury, Joseph Campbell, Rainer Maria Rilke, Victor Turner.

Michelle Belanger’s zodiac sign is Capricorn. Goat is the astrological symbol and Saturday is the lucky day, Brown is lucky colour & 4, 16, 15, 22, 28, 47 is the lucky number for the Capricorn people.

Michelle Belanger Bio: Age, Siblings, Early Life

She was born on January 11, 1973, in Ravenna, Ohio, United States. She is a well-known figure among us. Michelle has kept almost all the information and details about her early life very private.

There is no information or hint about her parent’s name, her siblings (if there were any), where she grew up. There is no verified information about her married life, divorce and affairs. Her early life is a mystery to us just like her work.

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Is Michelle Belanger Married?

Michelle Belanger is married to partner Elyria Rose Little and her life has intrigued many of us. Her paranormal beliefs have made us point her as a weird person. No matter how different seems, she is human after all, who has feelings and emotions. Life is too long and tedious to live by yourself. Michelle has also found her perfect partner to share her joy and sorrow with.

Now if you are wondering who her husband is? Then there is no answer to it. She definitely is a married woman but not to a man, to another woman. Although Michelle hasn’t spoken anything about her sexuality, she obviously isn’t straight. So our guess narrows down to bisexual or lesbian, what do you think? She announced her married life with Elyria through Twitter. Also, Elyria is a granddaughter of Vera Cooper Rubin, who is an American astronomer who pioneered works in galaxy rotation.

Michelle Belanger Net Worth

Michelle has written and published over two dozen books and caused a lot of news. Therefore It is safe to assume that her books have sold over a million pieces around the world. And not to forget her television career, in which she appeared in a number of shows. Speaking of his music field, she is a vocalist, a songwriter and a performer too.
Although her exact net worth is undercover, altogether her wealth constitutes to thousands of dollars.

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Michelle Belanger Personal Life

Age is just a number for her, but In 2019 she is 46 years old. She currently represents her home in Cleveland, Ohio, United States. She is a great cat lover with three cats. As she mentioned there are some friendly spirits also live in her home. As prothe fessionautumnutan hot she had a giant library with more than five thousand books. She enjoyed it very well.

Quick Facts About Michelle Belanger

Full Name Michelle Belanger
Net Worth N/A
Date Of Birth January 11, 1973
Birthplace Ravenna, Ohio, United States.
Ethnicity White
Profession Author, singer and a prominent advocate
Nationality American
Marital Status Married
Age 46 years
Partner Elyria Rose Little