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Meet Amy Bruni Husband And Kids. What Is Her Net Worth?

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Amy Bruni, an American reality show star and producer, first made her appearance in Ghost Hunters from 2008 and 2014. The six years of performing experience has transformed her into a television star with ambitions to do better. Most importantly, she was even amazed by the supernatural forces that seem to exist in eyes of some. When she was very little as a little toddler, she was convinced that there is a spirit inside her childhood home: a man who has his clothes green. We are not sure whether it is little Amy’s wild imagination or the house has been really haunted, but that incident has planted a seed of curiosity towards the supernatural forces.

Later on, she decided to part of a show “Kindred Spirits” which has made a ripple in the television industry. Supernatural-themed shows are all-time favourite for American families. As early as the theatre show Dracula, audience’s love for thrillingly engaging horror series has been skyrocketing. Amy Bruni’s shows nclude visiting famous haunted places in the isolated areas and these places may just well be in the same neighbourhood as you. Due to the atavistic fear of human nature towards the unknown, Amy Bruni decides to walk into the unknown and explores these places for the audience. Through the lens of the cameras, scary scenes of the haunted locations never stop to send thrills down the audience’s spine.

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Is Amy Bruni Married With Kids?

Amy has a little daughter Charlotte with her lover named Jimmy. It may come as a surprise to some as they are still not married yet. Some press allegedly claimed that the duo has been engaged for a long time, but they are not prepared to have their marriage yet. One thing is for sure is that they are crazy in love as we can infer from the Instagram posts on Amy’s Instagram page. These posts show that Amy and Jimmy are extremely intimate and they are not hiding it from the public. Amy’s fans smile in joy to see this blooming relationship between this couple. Well, love is supernatural in the first place. Right?

Little Charlotte, who is adorable in the eyes of fans, was born in 2012, she is currently 7 years old and has made a lot of appearance together with her mother Amy Bruni and sometimes her father Jimmy. Paparazzi often catches sight of this family on street, enjoying a nice family bonding time. On their social media, pictures of them enjoying time together can also be seen. This has raised a lot of questions regarding their relationship. There seems to have no problem at all right? Maybe they are not ready for the marriage yet? Or maybe they are simply couples who uphold the ideology that being single means freedom? They have not officially announced anything regarding this complicated relationship, but fans are waiting to receive the big news they have all been waiting for. She is already 43 years old, which is a golden age for marriage and settling down. Who knows she may be secretly engaged and even married?

Amy Bruni Net Worth

Amy has made her wads of money mainly through the shows she has participated in. From her popular ghost hunting shows, it is easy for audience to gauge how much wealth she has. Her net worth is approximately US$ 700,000 and this has placed her in the fifth position on the list of ghost hunter wealthy artists. Not bad right? Ghost hunting shows are refer to as the big cake of the television industry, as capable as any reality show. Amy definitely claimed a good part of that cake for herself! Should Jimmy and Amy tie their knots, this couple would worth even more, like a lot more!

Quick Facts About Amy Bruni

Name: Amy Bruni

Age: 43

Date of birth: 1976/07/10

Place of birth: Sacramento, California

Profession: TV show star, producer, actress

Children: 1 daughter, Charlotte

Height: 5 feet 6 inches

Relationship status: in a romantic relationship with Jimmy

Nationality: American

Hair colour: blonde

Eye colour: blue

Net worth: US$700,000