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Is Jean Muggli Dating Boyfriend After Divorce With Ex-Husband Michael Strahan? Find Out Her Net Worth

Jean Muggli was born on November 30th 1965 in North Dakota, U.S.A. She was former cosmetic store manager. She is known as ex-wife of Michael Strahan who is a former American Football player. Jean has a sister, Denise Muggli. She attended elementary and high school in New York. After the divorce, the custody of her two daughters was given to her. There is not much to talk about her career. So, thus article is all about her divorce and settlements, relationships after divorce and her net worth.

Jean Muggli Life Before Divorce

Strahan played for “New York Giants” of National Football League for 15 years. They married in 1999. Strahan used to come in her store for buying some products. When she noticed the man visiting quite frequently to the store, she knew he was gonna ask her out. She didn’t wanted to date him but Michael not being a typical athlete guy, she gave it a try. After several hangouts and dates, they married and in 2004, the couple was blessed with twin girls. Their names’ are Sophia and Isabella.

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Why Did Jean Muggli Divorce

It was peace until mid of 2015. The couple started fighting. Jean, in her divorce file, said that Strahan used to abuse her physically and he ’s the reason for her damaged kidney. As of her file, Strahan used to have extra-marital affairs. She said that he placed a camera in her sister’s bedroom to watch her undressing.

To this, Strahan denied all the allegations. In his version, he said that he asked Jean the reason she withdrew $3.3 million USD. At the end after lots of fighting, the divorce was granted in July 2006. The husband was to pay $15 million plus alimony per month. This is one of the most expensive divorces in the world. This was almost of the money he make in a year. Jean had put on some weird things for extracting money from Strahan. She was granted alimony of $18000 per month. For justification of daughters, she asked for $22000 for photo shoots and around $17000 for sign language classes and around $27000 for clothes. She also got around $2 million which is half of the amount when the “MontClaire” Mansion was sold.

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Jean Muggli Marriage Details

The marriage with Jean was Strahan’s second marriage. He previously dealt with divorce with Wanda Hutchins. With Wanda, he had a son and a daughter. After the divorce with Jean, he is now dating Kayla Quick. Jean , on the other hand, has no signs of dating anybody. She keeps her life private.

Jean Muggli Net Worth

The net worth of Jean’s ex husband is around $ 65 million. But Jean’s net worth is under review. As said, she keeps her life private. She has grasped a hell lot of money from her ex-husband. Surely, her net worth will not reach as her husband’s but it would be better than many of the people in America. She has been a great mother and living her life peacefully with her two daughters.