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Gabriel Macht Wife Jacinda Barrett, Kids, Net Worth, Height, Father, Family

Gabriel Macht Full Name Gabriel Stephen Macht
 Date of Birth 1972 /01 /22
Nickname Gabriel
Marital Status Married
Gabriel Macht Birthplace The Bronx, New York, United States
Gabriel Macht Ethnicity White
Religion N/A
Profession Actor
Nationality American
Active Year 1980-Present
Eye colour Dark Brown
Hair colour Light Brown
Build Average
Gabriel Macht wife Jacinda Barett
Gabriel Macht Height 6 ft or 183 cm
Weight 84 kg or 185 lbs
Body Measurement N/A
Education Beverly Hills High School, Carnegie Mellon College of Fine Arts
Online Presence Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram
Children Satine Anais Geraldine Macht, Luca
Horoscope Aquarius
Net Worth $2 Million

If you have seen the famous drama series Suits (2011), you must have noticed the character, Harvey Specter. Gabriel Macht is the American actor who played the role of Harvey Specter. He has acted in various films from many famous studios and his list of co-actors include names like Al Pacino, Collin Farrel and Anne Hathway. Macht is known to be a close friend of Meghan Markle as she was part of the cast of Suits. He was also invited to be part of the royal wedding of Megan Markle and Prince Harry at Windsor Castle in 2018. This guy even knew about the relationship between Meghan and Harry very early. We want to know about Gabriel Macht net worth, Gabriel Macht wife as well as Gabriel Macht sex and the city.

Gabriel Macht Acting Career And Education

Macht started his acting career very early. He moved to California at the age of five. He then joined the Beverly Hills High School. Gabriel acted in the movie Why Would I Die (1980) when he was only 8! For this, he also got the nomination for the Best Young Motion Picture Actor Award.

Then he decided to concentrate on education and took a break from his acting career. He joined the Carnegie Mellon School of Drama at Pittsburgh after High School. Here he got the opportunity to be associated with numerous plays.

Not many famous child actors manage to hold on to their success in their adult life. You do not find a lot of child actors who have turned into superstars later. Gabriel Macht is an exception. He got his first break as an actor very early in life. He acted in the film when he was merely 7 years old. The film released when he was 8. He portrayed the character of Jeorge in the 1980 film Why Would I Lie? Gabriel, even as a young one, is brilliant in his portrayal of the little boy, Jeorge. This brought his first award as an actor. By the way, did you know that his screen name was Gabriel Swann as a child actor?

Gabriel Macht has trained himself through drama courses before e ventured into the world of acting. He was accepted in a summer program for theatre education in Carnegie Mellon College of Fine Arts. Thereafter, he joined the college and pursued his graduation degree from there, sharpening his skill of acting. He has a BFA degree in drama. While in college, he was a member of the Delta Upsilon fraternity, one of the oldest men’s collegiate fraternities to exist. He was one of the initiated brothers of this non-secret, non-hazing fraternity. Passing out of this reputed college, it was not difficult for him to find acting jobs in New York theatres, where he spent six years

In 2011, Love & Other Drugs, a romantic film gave him the break he needed in his acting career. The film also cast the Academy Award-nominated actor Jake Gyllenhaal. Soon after this, he got the role in the series Suits as the leading character. The show was a big hit and ran successfully for more than seven seasons.

When you think of all the hot men who have appeared in the popular comedy show Sex and the City, you often miss out on some famous actors who appeared in short cameos. One of them is Gabriel Macht of Suits fame while the other one is Suzanne Victoria Pulier, a museum curator, in the Bronx, New York City. Did you know that he appeared in a brief guest appearance in the show? Try to recall the very first season of the show. Do you remember the character of Barkley? It was played by Gabriel Macht. As Barkley, he played a role entirely different from that of Harvey Specter in Suits. While Harvey is a fashionably dressed quick witted lawyer, Barkley is an artist with a soft corner for his models and Samantha. Recently, Gabriel commemorated the completion of two decades of Sex and the City through a post on Instagram, reminding the world of his short cameo appearance as Barkley. He also conveyed his gratitude to Sarah Jessica Parker in particular for welcoming him with open arms in the show.

Gabriel has made the character of Harvey Specter of Suits attain epochal status. But this is not his first success in the field of acting. In fact, he began his acting career as a child actor in the 1980 film Why Would I Lie? This brought him the nomination of Best Young Motion Picture Actor Award. But his parents decided not to expose him to further publicity at a young age.

Thereafter, Gabriel completed his schooling from Beverly Hills High School and went on to study drama in Carnegie Mellon College of Fine Arts. This sharpened his skills as an actor and when he passed out of the reputed college in 1994, it was not hard for him to land acting jobs. The young college graduate dived headlong into the world of New York theatre, which spiraled him into fame. Soon after, he started starring in feature films and there was no looking back for him. He has acted beside Scarlett Johansson and Eva Mendes in The Spirit as the eponymous character. He has performed in Robert de Niro’s well received film The Good Shepherd with Angelina Jolie and Matt Damon. However, his most successful stint is that in small screen. He began his TV career with cameo roles in Sex and the City and Spin City. Steven Spielberg cast Gabriel in his mysterious drama The Others. Gabriel’s main claim to fame is his role in Suits. The role of this smart and dashing lawyer has made him a place in the shelf of legends. He has now expanded his field of work. Apart from acting as Harvey Specter, he also directs the show and is a co-producer of the same.

Is Gabriel Macht Gay?

Gabriel Macht is straight in his sexual orientation. There has never been a rumor linking him with any man.

Gabriel Macht Kids With Wife

Gabriel Macht’s wife, the Australian born American actress, Jacinda Barrett, is 47 years old. She was born on 2 August 1972. She was born as Giacinta Juanita Cordelia Arabella Luciana Rosalina Barrett in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia.

Gabriel is a devoted family man. He has been married to the Australian born American actress Jacinda Barrett since 2004. She has also appeared in guest performances in Suits and played the role of her husband’s character’s love interest. They have two adorbs children- a daughter named Satine and a so by the name of Luca. He splits his time between three countries, staying intermittently in Toronto, Miami and Australia.

The couple has two children. Their daughter’s name is Satine Anais Geraldine Macht and is 12 years old. Their son is 5 and is named Luca Macht.

Gabriel Macht Bio And Net Worth: Family, Religion And Ethnicity

Gabriel was born as Gabriel Stephen Macht in The Bronx, New York on 22nd January 1972 an so he is 48 years old at present. Yes, he is an Aquarius! He was born in the Bronx, USA in a Jewish family. His family included his parents and three siblings. When Gabriel was young, the family moved to California. This is where he grew up. He completed his graduation from Beverly Hills High School and went on to join Carnegie Mellon College of Fine Arts. He was a part of the university’s drama program, where he received professional training for acting. He passed out from his alma mater in 1994 and went on to pursue a career in acting. His father Stephen Macht was an actor and his mother Suzzane Victoria Pulier was a museum curator. The actor has an Ashkenazi Jewish descent and both his parents’ families were originally from Russia.

Born in the Bronx, New York City, Gabriel Macht is of American nationality. He grew up with three siblings in California, having moved out of New York early in their childhood. You may have noticed his musician brother Jesse in the TV show The Next Great American Band. His other two siblings are Ari Serbin Macht, a complete lookalike of Gabriel, and Julie, who is a district attorney in the Bronx.

Did you know that Gabriel Macht of Suits fame is Jewish by religion? His family adheres to the Ashkenazi sect of Judaism. However, Gabriel has never made any explicit comments about his religious leanings.

Gabriel Macht Royal wedding

Gabriel Macht royal wedding was also something that has been talked about especially among his fans.

Gabriel Macht House And Cars

Gabriel Macht and his wife, Jacinda, have purchased the mansion previously owned by the reputed comedian and host of The Talking Dead, Chris Hardwick. During the shooting of Suits, many of the American actors, including Macht, had to move across the border to Toronto, Canada. For a while, he lived with co-actor Patrick J. Adams and his family. Thereafter, he moved in with another co-star, Sarah Rafferty.

Gabriel and Sarah used to own a posh Spanish themed mansion in Los Feliz. They bought the property in 2002 for $ 849,000 and sold it off with a huge profit margin at $ 2.1 million. At present, the couple splits their time among three places- Toronto, Miami and Australia.

Gabriel Macht Children

Did you know that the drop dead gorgeous Gabriel Macht is in fact a family man, happily settled with his wife and kids? His 12 year old daughter Satine Anais Geraldine Macht is as pretty as a picture. He also has a son named Lucas Macht who is totally adorbs. Lucas recently turned 5 years old. Macht is as different as it can get from Harvey Specter. Macht acknowledges that there is nothing more rewarding than his role as a father.

Gabriel Macht Net Worth 2020

Have you ever wondered how much wealth the Suits superstar Gabriel Macht might be raking in? his net worth is a colossal 8 million $! Going by the trend in previous years, his net worth is expected to see arise in 2020. He was not always this successful. He has had his share of difficulties in landing jobs. He has acted in short roles here and there in the initial part of his career. But probably having an actor as his father made his way a little smoother. He does not just get paid as an actor in Suits. He is also the director and producer of this immensely successful show. That’s the secret of the wealth he has amassed! Another source of his net worth roots back to 2015. It was in this year that the actor-director sold his Spanish themed mansion located in California for an enormous financial gain. While he had purchased the mansion for a mere 849,000 $, he managed to strike a bargain of 2.1 million $ when he sold it, thus raking in almost thrice the value. Gabriel is rumored to be earning $ 60 thousand for every episode of Suits. He also got an exceptional profit margin from the sale of his 1931 Spanish themed house in California in 2015. The house was sold for $1.998 million, whereas the purchase price was only $849,000. Gabriel Macht sex and the city has really earned him good money.

Gabriel Macht Wife

Gabriel Macht is married to the gorgeous Australian actress, Jacinda Barret. In fact, Jacinda appeared in a cameo role in season 2 of Suits. Do you remember the character of Zoe Lawford in Suits? Yes, it was played by Jacinda. It’s ok if you cannot recall her right away. She appeared in just 3 episodes in the entire series. Now that you know that Zoe was Gabriel Macht’s real life wife, it will make sense why they had so much onscreen spark between them! The couple tied the knot in 2004, and have two adorable children- Satine Anais Geraldine Macht and Lucas Macht. Jacinda is an actress and a former model, having appeared in many renowned films. Barrett and Macht have also acted together in the 2009 film Middle Men.

In 2018, Jacinda became involved in a controversy when she lent her moral support to her former fiancé, the reputed TV host and comedian Chris Hardwick, in the wake of accusations of sexual abuse against him. This was the heyday of the #metoo movement, and so her comments were bitterly railed against. Gabriel Macht, however, did not condemn her stand and remained silent on the issue.

Gabriel has always stood by his wife, even when she was involved in some controversies. Jacinda’s ex-fiancé Chris Hardwick was accused of sexual abuse by his ex-girlfriend Chole Dykstra. However, Gabriel Macht wife, Jacinda defended him.

Jacinda defended Chris saying he has the right to be heard and no one should rush towards any judgement. The context of the ‘me too’ movement made the comment more controversial. However, Gabriel didn’t intervene in the issue as he respected Jacinda’s opinion.

Gabriel Macht Family

The actor who brought to life the character of Harvey Specter, Gabriel Macht, prides himself in being a complete family man. He comes from a family of actors. His father, Stephen Macht, is also in the silver screen world. You have in fact seen the father and son duo together on Suits. The Harvard professor of ill repute, Henry Gerard, was actually played by Stephen. So it turns out that the onscreen father figure of Harvey Specter was indeed the biological father of the actor. Gabriel claims that the ups and downs in his father’s life taught him many lessons. It is because of his father’s inspiration that he chose to make a career in the field of acting. Gabriel’s first break in acting came at the age of 8 in the film Why Would I Lie? (1980). The fact that his father was from the industry definitely helped him.

Gabriel claims that he did not have to work too hard to get into the skin of Harvey because of his family origins. He was brought up in a family of lawyers. His own sister is a District Attorney in Bronx; his cousin and aunt are lawyers. His grandfather was a judge. As you can see, he was surrounded by advocates in his family, which aided him in his role in Suits.

Born in Bronx, he moved to California with his family and three siblings. His mother, Susanne Victoria Pulier, is a curator in a museum and also an archivist. His parents’ marriage is running strong even after 50 years, which sets a positive precedent for Gabriel. Gabriel and his wife, Jacinda, are following the footsteps of his parents in their marriage. In terms of religious allegiance, Gabriel is Ashkenazi Jewish. The families of both his parents originate in Russia.

Gabriel has two brothers and a sister. His brother Jesse Macht is a musician and songwriter who has appeared in the TV show The Next Great American Band. Ari Serbin Macht, another brother of Gabriel’s, looks so similar to Gabriel that you can mistake them as twins. Julie, his sister, is the district attorney in the Bronx. Speaking about Gabriel’s family will be incomplete without the mention of two more members- their beloved dog Lucky and a pet fish.

Gabriel Macht Height, Weight, All Body Measurements

The 48 year old hunk, Gabriel Macht, stands tall at the height of 6 feet. He has a muscular body and weighs 84 kgs. His body fat percentage is only 16%. His vegetarian diet probably helps him in maintaining his athletic body. With his light brown hair and his deep dark brown eyes, Gabriel continues to be the heartthrob of millions of fans. The mole above his left eyebrow is considered to be one of his most attractive features, loved by fans as unique and incredibly sexy. He has a scar on his mouth which, instead of taking away from his charm, adds to it.

Have you wondered how Gabriel Macht has managed to retain such a muscular body? The secret behind his fitness is his vegetarian diet. He has abstained from meat since 2008. He prefers tofu over steak anyday. He claims never to have felt better than he does now, after giving up animal products. It has been of help to him physically as well as emotionally. This is another proof that Gabriel is poles apart from his reel life counterpart, Harvey. He and his wife, Jacinda, both follow a strict vegetarian diet and inspire each other when the going gets tough.