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Deborah Jennifer Stern Is Married To Husband Colin Christy. What Is Her Career And Net Worth?

Deborah Jennifer Stern is one of the daughters of Howard Stern. His father is one of the radio and television personality. Besides, he is a successful author too. In 1978, Howard and Alison Berns decided to tie the knot and start a new life. They had three children, Deborah being the middle one in them. So, Deborah was born on May 9, 1986 in New York, USA. Emily, the eldest sibling , was born in 1983 and the youngest Ashley was born is 1993. After that, the things went wrong and both crashed into divorce in 2001. The custody of the children was given to her mother, Alison. Both of now are remarried. Alison married to David Scott and Howard married Beth Ostrovsky. Surely, after separation of parents, it is an indefinite struggle for life. But somehow she’s managed to bread herself with her talent and skills.

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Deborah Jennifer Stern Career Details

Deborah is like the most beautiful child to her parents. She has a seductive body and luscious lips. She is like goddess of beauty. With dark hair and fair skin complexion, she too possess a perfect curve of the body. Deborah touched millions of hearts with her beauty.

After the school, she attended Pennsylvania Graduate School of Education. She completed her degree in Humanities. She completed her Ph.D. as an Independent education consultant, an MAT from University of Chicago and literacy from University of Pennsylvania in reading, writing and literacy. She was excellent in studies and was involved in teaching and was once also a school originator


Being an American actress, she has worked in shows. She did not worked much on her actress career as she she realised that acting is not for her. Well, today there are no signs of her starring in any shows or movies. Back then, she played the roles in shows like “Parker Lewis can’t lose”, “For the Boys Nudist Colony Of Dead” and “Wide Awake”. She was appreciated for her work. But surely, it is not a simple task to get famous like her father by working in 2-3 series. It need years of hard work and dedication and skill. Realising she was not made for acting, she pursued to something else. She is the co-founder of “The Muse” at Debra Stern Associates. She has not been starring in any shows currently. But hope in not a bad thing! We hope that she makes a come back to the industry and make her life more glorious compared to her father.

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Is Deborah Jennifer Stern Married To Husband?

She is a married woman. The lucky man’s name is Colin Christy who is a founder of “Hapa Inaba designs and Geophraphical expeditions”. They were in relationship way back before the marriage. They walked down the aisle on October 8th 2016.

They have been living their life peacefully. They both see each other as inspiration and motivation for each other work. They don’t have a child yet but we hope little Christy to shine into their eyes soon.

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Deborah Jennifer Stern Net Worth

Deborah father’s net worth is around $650 million but there’s not much clue about Deborah herself. She does not remain into the limelight and keeps her thing private. Net worth doesn’t matter when you have a loving husband. The life becomes easier when there’s a permanent helping hand with you. We cannot compare her with her father, because everybody is not the same. We will update soon, as we get a clue about her.