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David Ankin Bio, Age, Parents, Career, Net Worth, Married, Wife Jessica Ankin, Son Brayden

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Lucky are the ones who have their passion as their career. It is like living a life with full happiness without any worries about making money for life. David Ankin is one such fortunate person who with his full support of friends and family can turn around to make anything out of an idea he gets. He is a perfect man in any field he puts hands on. David Ankin also is known as “Doghouse” Dave was born in South Bend Indiana in the year 1964, 1st of April.

The 55-year man is not only passionate about his work but he is also a living legend for youngsters. With full of his most appealing physical appearance; he also impresses the world with his mind-blowing acts. David Ankin is not only an entrepreneur of the ToyMakerz Company but also a Stuntman, a motorbike racer, maker of customized motor vehicles by a custom motor vehicle fabricator that is providing the best custom builds and OEM enhancements for anything that can be made out of wheels.

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David Ankin Career Details

In the famous seasons of the batsman for Warner Bros in Texas, David Ankin started his first career journey as a stuntman. Completing the most energetic and enthusiastic three years in the life of a stunt man, David moved to South Carolina to start a new venture in building businesses. The nickname which what he is now famous with; the Doghouse Dave has come up from the said new ventures’ success. He had the best places where he could build up famous bars. The long coastline had hotspots like Myrtle Beach and Daytona where David had set up his new bars.

It is not always that where we earn is the best work we have, just like David Ankin. He was earning lots from his ventures, yet he could focus on his true passion later on. His dream and his passion were all his father dreamt of. The coming of ToyMakerz shop was his dream comes true. ToyMakerz is not only a manufacturer of great toys and cars but it is also named for a TV show, which is hosted by David himself; informing about the exotic love and extremely specular toys made of wheels.

David Ankin Net worth

David Ankin has been involved in numerous businesses; so to put on a figure of his net worth is probably hard for an outsider to guess. But for sure one can have a calculation of approximately more than $100 million with his successful work life.

David Ankin Parents

David Ankin in the person himself is a motivation for others. But as a successful person, he also has a big inspiration that gave him motivation and encouragement in every aspect and every field of his life. It is not once but many times David Ankin has mentioned his inspiration being his father. He has said in his interviews that as a child he has seen his father build and drive any vehicle he took in his hands. His father is a kind-hearted and very innovative person to date. Symbolizing his father as An Iron man, he said that his father could make anything out of metal.

David Ankin Married Life

David Ankin has been so busy in his career and work that the media has always focused on what his new ventures are. Perhaps David Ankin himself is also much reserved in the matter of his married life. The sensational part of this is that no one has come to know as of when David Ankin got married. His wife is Jessica Ankin, a very beautiful lady. So far he has been very personal in discussing personal relationships in media.

David Ankin Son Brayden

His main support is always at the back in today’s time is said to be his one and only son Brayden. Though having the full support of a huge group of people, David considers his son to have already take responsibilities over his toolbox and his garage. He probably sees the third generation of ToyMakerz in his son.

David Ankin Rise To Stardom

Currently, he is living in Jamestown living the same full of energetic life with daily adventure in sports, stunts and a new creation in the vehicle world. He is also planning in airing his 3rd season on the history channel. With the end, we can wish the great hero experiences immense success in his passionate field even more.