Ashly Burch Gay Rumours, Bio, Age, Career, Net Worth, David Fetzer, Parents, Ethnicity, Religion

In case you’ve been living under a rock, you should know by now that Ashly Burch is an American voice actress, actress, writer and also a singer as well. She is most recognized for her main role in the video-game known as Horizon Zero Dawn, which is a PlayStation 4 exclusive title, as the main character Aloy. She also voiced Tiny Tina in the video-game Borderlands 2, which came out in the year 2012.

Furthermore, she has also taken part in other video-games such as Life Is Strange, Steins: Gate and also Attack On Titan. She has also acted in various movies as well. Her work in the Cartoon Network series known as Adventure Time has made her popular as a storyline writer. So, without further ado, let’s jump right into her in-depth details.

Is Ashly Burch Dating?

When coming to the personal life of Ashly Burch, you should all know that she used to date her co-star named David Fetzer, which she met at the sets of Must Come Down. David Fetzer died of an accidental overdose in the year 2012.

She had already presented such issues along with her mental health problems at the Mental Illness Happy Hour podcast of Paul Gilmartin, in which she appeared as a result. She is currently single now.

Ashly Burch Net Worth

Ashly Burch not only makes her money through video-games and the acting industry but also through the tech-industry as well. As of the current date, it has been expected that her net worth is about $1.9 million.

Her main source of earning is from voice skills and movies. Her salary has not yet been revealed to the public domain.

Ashly Burch Ethnicity, Religion, Gay Rumours

Ashly Burch has a mixed ethnicity between Thai and Indian. Her current religion is Christianity.

When it comes to sexuality, even though Ashly Burch was rumored to be gay but she was not. She had been in a relationship with a man earlier and that proves that she is a straight woman.

Ashly Burch Family

Ashly Burch’s family consists of her father David Burch, mother, and her older brother named Anthony Burch.

Ashly Burch Career Details

In the year 2008, Ashly Burch started staring as well as writing in her web-series. She then started voice-acting in a video-game known as ‘Awesomenauts’ in the year 2010. She also got the opportunity to play as a voice actor in Borderlands 2, when her brother Anthony was hired mainly as a writer for Borderlands 2. Her brother had suggested her to try out the role of Tiny Tina in Borderlands 2. Finally, she was chosen for the role of Chloe, along with others such as Kate, Max, and Victoria.

Ashly Burch is currently ranked as one of the top-most trending celebrities and also popular YouTubers as well. Moreover, she has also starred in some movies. She worked as a storyline writer in Adventure Time, which was one of a series being aired on Cartoon Network. She was also starred in video-games like Life Is Strange and Horizon Zero Dawn, in the years 2015 and 2017 respectively. She was also responsible for hosting Sundry’s Unplugged and Greek series.

Ashly Burch Bio: Age, Parents, Early Life

Ashly Burch was born in the year 1990, on June 19th, in Arizona, located in the USA. She is therefore currently 30 years old. The name of her father is David Burch while the name of her mother is still unknown to the general public. Other than that, she has a mixed background. Her mother was an immigrant and had an ethnicity of Thai and East Indian. Anthony is the name of her older brother.

Ashly Burch has the nationality of an American and her horoscope falls under the sign of Gemini. Since she was born in Arizona, she spent most of her childhood, along with her friends there only. When talking about her educational background, she is a graduate of Occidental College, located in Los Angeles, California, being passed out in 2012.

Quick Facts About Ashly Burch

Name – Ashly Burch
Birth Date – 19th January 1990
Birthplace – Arizona
Age – 30 years
Parents – Father, Mother
Siblings – 1 sibling
Career – Actress, Singer, Writer, Voice-Actress
Net Worth – Around $1.9 million
Salary – Unknown
Boyfriend – Currently Single
Children – None

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