American Actress Lisa Ann Russell Bio, Age, Career, Net Worth Married Husband Jeff Probst

Lisa Ann Russel is a popular model and actress who has been working for quite a long time in the industry and needless to say she has gained her fame because of hard work and dedication. She is also known for her role in the Kounterfeit and Twisted Love. She was married to a famous television personality Jeff Probst who was hosting Survivor: Heroes vs. Healers vs. Hustlers in the year 2011. They are still growing strong. It seems that her brand endorsements and property pool is quite a lot and is certainly all because of what she deserved.

Lisa Ann Russell Bio: Age, Early Life

Lisa Ann was born in the year 1972 at Chicago Sterling. Currently, this 45-year-old lady is a model with her roots of French and Italian. She lived most of her life in cities like Michigan, Chicago, and California. In her early life in California, the glamour world attracted her and for her then the career was all deiced. She decided to go for a modeling career soon after her schooling. Her first modeling assignment was for the Revlon and post that she never stopped herself at all.

Lisa Ann Russel Career Details

Talking about her acting career, she began with the TV show called Saved by the Bell: The College Years. In this show, her first husband Mark-Paul Gosselaar was also present. Throughout her acting career, she almost bagged some of the best-featured films such as Kounterfeit ad Twisted Love which is the main reason why she got into the limelight.

Talking about her kick start career as modeling for Revlon surely for her it was the first step for her success ladder. She has already walked on many fashion shows and even if she has been at quite the age, she has maintained herself pretty well.

The actress and model have also acted in ample of prime brands and is said to have made a remarkable entry for herself. With her incredible networking and acting skills, she also bagged some great TV shows. Her appearance in A.P.E.X and her role as Princess Shalazar in Sinbad were quite appreciated. She also was a co-host with her now-husband in The Jeff Probst Show for quite a long time.

Lisa Ann Russel Net Worth

Surely talking about her network, the amount which has been mentioned is just from one section. Because of her brand endorsements and even fashion event, there is no denial of the fact that she must be earning a huge amount of money in her prime. As per the sources, it is belied that her net worth is around $2.0 million and surely this is just the rough amount. Chances are high that it could be higher than what is mentioned here.

Lisa Ann Russel Social Media Presence

She is very much active on Instagram and has been actively posting her pictures with her two children Michael and Ava, from her first marriage. For now, she is dealing with her teen kids and seems to have great family bonding that includes the biological father and stepfather.

With the joint custody of the kids, Gosselaar and the Probsts have managed to come up with a lovely and friendly relation even after their marital breakdown.

The name and fame that she has earned today were never easy for her. From scratch, she had struggled hard and today, where she is standing, is certainly quite recommendable. If you are looking forward to being her followers then be a part of her Instagram account where she actively posts her family and relationship lifestyle. This actress and model surely have gained a lot of fame because of the amazing success ladder she has crossed.

Quick Facts About Lisa Ann Russel

Name: Lisa Ann Russel
Born: March 21, 1972
Place of birth: Sterling, Illinois, USA
Spouse: Jeff Probst
Children: 2

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