Allysa Rose Worman Bio, Age, Married, Divorce, Career, Net Worth, Salary, Height, Weight

Allysa Rose Worman was born in the year of 1991 in an unknown month in the United States of America (USA). Rose’s approximate age is 29 years old. She carries the Taurus sign in the Zodiac sphere. Rose is mostly known as existence TV star that occurs in Graveyard Carz.

Allysa Rose Worman Net Worth

Allysa’s income has built her a rich portfolio which earns her a yearly income of at least $100,000.This is after earning $2,000 per episode from Graveyard Cars.Allysa is an actor and an engineer which means she might be sitting on an agreeable heap of dollars.

It has also been reported that her net worth is more than $1 million. Allysa hasn’t disclosed information about her assets, such as houses and vehicles. But according to how she is a hardworking woman, Rose is capable of taking care of herself financially.

Allysa Rose Worman Dating History And Marriage Details

Alyssa was married to Josh Jose who was an Australian footballer, and one of the Graveyard Carz star. So that’s where the two met and got married, and after a short period of their marriage, the two welcomed their first kid by the name Emma. However, they later divorced in the year 2014, and that’s when Josh stopped appearing on the Graveyard Carz show.

Later Allysa Rose decided to move on where she started dating Anthony Johnson, the light heavyweight who is a contender in Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC). However, their relationship didnot last. The star met the love of her lifeChris Wanke who guarded her on her lowest moments, and she loved him most.

In 2015 the couple had a daughter by the name Brooklyn Monroe Wanke which means she has two kids. Allysa has been posting her pictures with Chris confirming that they’re dating. This means that Chris is making efforts to be a good husband to Rose and a good father to the kids.

Allysa Rose Worman On Social Media

Being a TV star, Allysa is also active in social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram. Allysa has around 28.6k followers on Instagram and 91.6k followers on Facebook. Rose uses her social media accounts to communicate with her fans and also to boost her work. Allysa also posts her photos together with her family, which her fans seem to enjoy.

Allysa Rose Worman Parents

Allysa’s dad goes by the name Mark Worman, and he was born in 1962 in Oregon, USA. He is well known as the creator,director, the main star, producer and the writer of the main writer of reality show Graveyard Carz.

Allysa’s dad owns a production company and also the division which produces the show. He has been working with LA business, and his net worth is more than $500,000.

Mark Wormanhas been quite active on social media platforms Twitter, where he has around 13.3kfollowers and on Facebook, where he has 9.7k followers.The most posts his family photos, his vehicles and the show. Mark keeps his wife (Allysa’s mom) out of the public glare.

Allysa Rose Worman Career Details

Allysa appears on Graveyard Carz TV show followed by other groups of people. They show is about restoring late 60S and 70S muscle cars. Rose works in a workshop as an engineer, where her hands get greasy and dirty, although that does not bother her so long as she completes her work. Allysa is the only womanin the show, so her gender makes her since it’s hard to find ladies interested in vehicle mechanism. She is also an actor in a reality show.

While Rose was growing up, she used to learn about cars from her dad, but she still had other hobbies, and one of them was dancing. Her dad taught her how to fix cars, but he still sent her for dancing classes.

Allysa trained to be a dancer at the age of seven to seventeen. She trained in ballet dancing, tap dancing, jazz, ballroom, and hip hop. She also involved herself in krumping, hula and contemporary.

Allysa Rose Worman Body Measurements

Allysa is a Caucasian who has blonde hair and blue eyes. Her height is around 5ft 7 inches. Judging her from her internet photos, the mother of two has a fit figure, and she always looks well organized in all the events she attends.

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