Who Is Montia Sabbag? Know Her Bio, Age, Career, Net Worth, Salary, Height, Weight

She is the native of America. She is a multiracial descent. According to American media, she is a famous Model, Actress and a stripper too from U.S.A., but Montia say that she is a make-up artist as well as a voice over recorder. She was also a part of a female group named as New View. In 2017, She spent a week with Kevin Hart at a hotel in Les Vegas. Montia and Kevin were sexually active in the hotel. A tape was leaked and was released on Internet about her sex life those days. Someone tried to blackmail her sex partner Kevin Hart and asked for the settlement amount. But Montia was unhappy due to the blames that she is the mugger and therefore she planed a press conference and explained to everyone that she never asked Hart for the extortion amount. She also decide to give the lie detector test to prove herself. She was so depressed about this leaked sex tape that she also filed a case against Kevin Hart in the Federal Court of Los Angeles. During this sex scandal she came to know that Kelvin was married and have kids too, this clarified Montia that Kevin cheated her wife along with Montia. Montia also claimed that she suspect if Kevin Hart and one of his friends Jonathan Todd Jackson, had planned this sex scandal for the popularity of Kevin.

Montia Sabbag Bio: Wiki, Age, Early Life

Montia Sabbag was born in 1992 in California, America. She studied in a local high school of California city of America and afterwards completed her Bachelor’s Degree in English. Detailed information like her school name or college name is not available right now. It has been a large factor of most of the celebrities of America to hide their detailed information about their family and same about Montia. It is said that she was born to American parents, but no other information regarding the details of her parents and siblings is available. She was in the headlines for several weeks because if the sex scandal. Wikipedia convey that Kevin Hart was also sad about Eniko Parrish Hart her spouce and also appologized her publicaly on the social media. Montia was so depressed after the sex scandal that she also deleted her instagram account. No information is available regarding her private social media accounts, but it is known that no official or verified account is present.

Montia Sabbag Salary Details

Being a model by profession Montia Sabbag must earn an amount of $45,284 , as this is the average salary of any average model of America. But officially no exact information is available regarding her earnings.

Montia Sabbag Net Worth

This depend upon the result of her sex scandal case in the Federal Court of Los Angeles.

Montia Sabbag Official Lawyer

The official Lowyer of Montia Sabbag is very high profile and famed lawyer Lisa Bloom.

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