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The Death Report Of Chynna Deese And Reason For Her Murder

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The death of Chynna Deese is being treated as suspicious by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police. Chynna Deese was a 24-years young lady of Charlotte, North Carolina, and she had an Australian boyfriend named Lucas Fowler. They were both found dead in July 2019 along Highway 97(Alaska Highway) in the Canadian province, British Columbia. The bodies were found nearly 50 miles (80.47 kilometers) from Liard River Hot Springs on 15 July 2019 at 7:20 p.m (local time) and officers reported that they might have died between 14th July and 15th July. Read the rest of the article to know about the murder report.

Who Is Chynna Deese?

Chynna completed her graduate program specialized in Psychology as well as Business in Appalachian State University and school respectively. She was in love with Lucas Fowler whose father is Stephen Fowler, Chief Inspector of NSW Police. Lucas is from Hornsby, Sydney, and he studied at Kur-ing-gai high school. Based on Lucas’ Facebook page, it is said that the couple has traveled to Jordan and Turkey in early 2019. Deese posted a picture lying on a beach in Muledge, Mexico and captioned with ‘Happy Place’. It says that she was totally happy with her boyfriend. She loved adventurous traveling and so has Lucas fowler.

The Murder of Chynna Deese And Lucas Fowler

Sandra Broughton who has seen the couple has posted on facebook stating that the incident made her heart sad. She was on her journey on Sunday and accidentally found the blue van of Deese and Fowler broke down, and she stopped by to offer help. Later, she heard that the couple was dead which was quite shocking to her.

Fowler’s family was mourning stating that it is really devasting to lose Lucas who was young and vibrant, and he was enjoying his life the fullest by traveling around the world and the death of Chynna is also much cruel. Chynna’s sister Kennedy stated that her sister is a bright and beautiful soulful person. Her brother says that it could be an act of someone in drugs or else convicted on crimes before.

There were a few theories by the Australian Telegraph stating that the murderer might be a serial killer. There were a few women found dead previously in the same spot where the couple was murdered. The report says that since 1970, there were nearly 50 women found dead in that spot and it has been named as the “Highway of Tears”. The couple was lastly spotted at a surveillance camera at the gas station. Chynna and Fowler were really happy and found kissing each other in the gas station.

Quick Facts About Chynna Deese

Name Chynna Deese
Mother Name Sheila
Sister Name Kennedy
Age at death 24
Relationship status Committed
Hobbies Adventurous traveling
Place of living Charlotte, North Carolina
Boyfriend Name Lucas Fowler
Place of death Highway 97(Alaska Highway) in the Canadian province, British Columbia
Death Date 15 July 2019 at 7:20 p.m
Cause of Death Murder by a serial killer
The reason behind murder Unknown
Details about murderer Unknown