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Scott Mosier Career, Net Worth, Salary, Married, Wife Alex Hilebronner, Family, Age

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Scott Mosier is the kind of person who has got a lot of talent. He worked extremely hard to rise to the position that he is in now. He didn’t become a star celebrity overnight but has used his skills to use to a greater extent.

Mosier is a Canadian-American actor, film director, producer, podcaster, writer and film producer. He has worked extensively with Kevin Smith, his friend for a long time in the industry. You shall read through below to get amazing stuff and information about him such as his marriage details, his bio, and the net worth.

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Is Scott Mosier Married To Husband?

Mosier is a man who proved himself both in the career as well as his personal life. Yes, Mosier is married to Alex Hilebronner, the woman whom Mosier was dating for a long time. They were married in 2006 and yet, the relation is going very strong as one can conclude from the fact that there isn’t any news of disappointment or frustration between the pair.

One can hope this relation to lasts for another many year. Mosier’s past relationships are not known officially and hence anything about it can be regarded as just gossips and rumors.

Scott Mosier Net Worth

He has been a movie wizard with his enormous contributions to the film industry. He worked extensively and intensely that there are not many of the job gaps left in the movie industry that he hasn’t tried yet. According to the latest reports, his net worth speaks about $8 million and it could be much higher than that.

Scott Mosier Bio: Age, Early Life, Nationality

Scott Mosier was born on 5th March 1971. This implies that his current age as of 2019 would be 48 years. His birthplace is Vancouver in Washington, the United States. During his childhood, he moved between Washington and British Columbia. Did you know that he has dual citizenship? Yes, you heard it right! He has two citizenships: American and Canadian. This happened because his father was born in Saskatchewan which is present in Canada.

During his stay at Vancouver in British Columbia, he attended Vancouver Film School where Mosier met Kevin Smith. In one of the documentaries, Scott claims himself to be an atheist however it appears to be surprised when he went to church along with Kevin Smith.

Mosier has good bondage with Kevin Smith. In their first assignment Mae Day: The Crumbling of a Documentary at the film school, they had to salvage it and interview the crew for reasons about not being able to complete its production. Both of them made a deal that whoever finishes second in the job of writing their own script would help the first one in making his movie.

He has a huge following in Twitter as well as Instagram and these are the two social media sites where he can be seen regularly updating and uploading photos.

Scott Mosier Career Details

Mosier had an extraordinary and multifaceted career in the film industry. He worked in many departments such as original sound recorder, editor, producer, assistant director and has also worked as a co-host. In Kevin’s first feature film, Clerks, Mosier can be seen appearing as an angry hockey player apart from multiple other characters on the screen. Mosier later in 1995, went on to manage the budget for the film ‘Mallrats’ along with Laura Greenlee, the line producer. Mosier has played the role of Roddy who was the assistant of Svenning in the movie.

In 2001 for the movie Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back, Mosier had to face difficulties from MPAA as they were threatening for inappropriate editing. He was into the production line for the Clerks II that was released in 2006. Scott made cameo appearances in many films such as ‘Drawing Flies’, ‘A Better Place’ and ‘Vulgar’. Scott has also co-hosted the SModcast podcast with Smith as the host in 2017.

Mosier was into short films among which ‘Salim Baba’ produced by him in 2007 has won Oscar in the Best Documentary Short segment. He wrote scripts for few episodes of the ‘Ultimate Spider-Man’, a cartoon that was aired on Disney. Scott directed ‘The Grinch’ and thus, remarking this feature film as his direction debut. This was on the banner of Illumination Entertainment and was released on 9th November 2018. He worked as an editor for movies such as ‘The Ape’, ‘Who’s your Caddy’ and ‘Jersey Girl’.

Quick Facts About Scott Mosier

Full Name: Scott A. Mosier
Date of Birth: 5th March 1971
Birthplace: Vancouver, Washington State, United States
Famous as: Actor, Producer, Director, Writer, Podcaster
Notable Movies: Clerks, Dogma, Mallrats.
Weight: Not Available
Marital Status: Married
Spouse: Alex Hilobronner