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Sam Hurley Bio, Wiki, Birthday, Height, Age, Weight, Dating, Girlfriend

Full Name Sam Hurley
Occupation Social media star
Date of Birth 1 September, 2003
Age 15 years old
Birth Place Texas, United States
Raised In Arkansas, United States
Current Address Arkansas, United States
Nationality American
Ethnicity White
Birth Sign Virgo
Height in Feet and inches
5 feet 6 inches
Height in Meter 1.68 m
Height in Centimeter 168 cm
Weight in Kg 55 Kg
Weight in Pound 121 lbs
Body Status Fit
Chest Size in Inches 35 inches
Waist Size in Inches 29 inches
Hips/Arms Size in Inches 11 inches
Eye Color Blue
Hair Color Brown
Fan Following on his Instagram account 135K Fans
Fan Following on his YouTube Channel 20K subscribers
Net Worth US$ 100-120 Thousand
Instagram instagram.com/imsamhurley/?hl=en
Twitter twitter.com/imsamhurley?lang=en
Snapchat samhurls

Sam Hurley is a teenage social media phenomenon who has taken the internet by storm. He has already tasted success and popularity at a very young age. He is a living example of the fact that age and experience may not always determine success. Hurley’s social media popularity is attributed to the funny contents he shares. Today, know all about Sam, including his age, net worth, girlfriend, and dating life!

Sam Hurley Bio, Wiki: Age, Early Life, Nationality

Sam Hurley was born on September 1, 2003 in the state of Texas in USA. This means that he is 16 years old as of 2020 and his zodiac sign is Virgo. Later he moved with his family to Arkansas, which is current place of residence but his dream is to someday own a house in Los Angeles. . By birth, he is of an American nationality.

Sam Hurley, the American internet sensation of Tik Tok and YouTube fame, has become renowned all across the world for his lip-syncing videos. His music and comedy videos, along with his exceptional sports records, have rocketed him to internet celebrity status.

Sam Hurley’s short videos are all the rage on Snapchat. This is one of the platforms through which this wunderkind has risen to superstardom way ahead of his peers. His music, comedy and lip-syncing videos are in vogue among the young netizens.

Sam Hurley’s middle name is unknown as of now.

Sam Hurley Education Details

Based in Leicester, UK, he is a graduate from Business and Enterprise College, England.

Tik Tok Star Sam Hurley Career And Family

Sam was born in Texas on 1st September 2003. Soon after his birth he and his family moved to Arkansas. His family consists of his mother and two brothers. His mother’s name is Kristy Hurley and brothers are Hootie and Turner. Sam is very close to all his family members and particularly his two brothers. They are like his best friends. Sports and athletics have been a major part of their growing up.

Hootie and Sam both have a keen interest in sports. Hootie is an accomplished athlete in the Oklahoma State University. Sam was also a regular participant in baseball, basketball and other sports. Sam hopes that his dream of living in Los Angeles with his family someday will become possible through his success as a social media star. His mother often features in his TikTok videos.

Sam is still a school student and he first became active on Musical.ly. He had not become very famous then. But, when the app merged with Tik Tok, his popularity increased drastically. He has a Tik-Tok account named after him. The 5 feet 8 inches (1.73m) star is famous for the funny videos he posts there. He has more than 21 million followers to date.

Sam’s activity is not restricted to Tik Tok. He is quite active on Facebook and Youtube as well. He has also proved his entrepreneurship qualities. He has already opened an online store which sells clothes and accessories.

Currently, he is carrying out a national tour with his colleagues and friends like Jeremy Hutchins, Marc Gomez, and Desiree Montoya. There is no public information available about Sam’s net worth. However, his annual income from Youtube alone is around $847 to $13.6K. This gives an idea of his ever-increasing wealth.

Sam Hurley Girlfriend And Relationship

As Sam is very active on social media you may need to go through all his social media profiles to get any information about his dating life or relationship. On 20th April 2019, Sam uploaded a video in which he said that he was single then, but was willing to date a fan worthy of him.

The current relationship status of Sam Hurley is single. There is no inkling about his love life. His colossal fame among teenagers certainly makes him a teen heartthrob, but as of now, Sam has not revealed any information about his personal romantic relationships. Well, Sam’s age is not appropriate for long term, committed relationships anyway. But the world and especially many besotted young ladies are waiting with bated breath for information about the affairs of his heart.

However, the 15-year old had a girlfriend earlier. But he has not revealed any information about this girl or her whereabouts. One of the reasons for Sam remaining single may be his unrealistic expectations. On 11th May 2019, he posted a video. In this, he lists down the qualities he is looking for in a girlfriend. He said he prefers a socially active and independent girl. He also wants his girlfriend to be loving, caring and accepting.

Sam Hurley Body measurements: Height And Weight

Sam Hurley stands tall with the height 5 feet 8 inches, which measures up to 172 centimeters. He is a lean young man with the weight of 64 kilograms, which is equivalent to 141 lbs. His biceps measure up to 13. 5 inches. Speaking about his vital statistics, that is, his bust-waist-hip size, it is estimated that his measurements are 40-30-32. He wears a US shoe size 8. His build is pretty athletic, one must admit. He has dark brown hair and hazel colored eyes, which adds to his charm.

Sam Hurley’s TikTok Account

On today’s date, Sam Hurley’s TikTok account boasts of a colossal fan following of 3.1 million people. In addition, his videos possess 93.9 million likes. His activities on social media date back to 2015. He was an active video blogger on musical.ly even before its merger with TikTok. With about 2000 followers, he was not quite the sensation that he is today on musical.ly. After a short break from TikTok, Sam returned to the platform on October 12, 2018, and since then, there has been no looking back. He has uploaded more than 400 hilarious videos. Sam admits that his return to the platform results from Jay Alvarez’ appeal to his followers to revive their accounts on TikTok. He is active on other platforms like YouTube and cameo.com. The number of his followers on Instagram is not to be sneezed at either. But TikTok continues to be his favorite medium even now. With a certain amount of money, he offers to make exclusive personalized videos for his followers through direct messages.

Sam Hurley Social Media Presence: Twitter, Digital Marketing

Sam Hurley’s Twitter profile prides itself with more than 121k followers. This social media sensation has taken all social media platforms by a storm. Along with TikTok, Instagram and YouTube, he has tasted success even on Twitter.

He is a 37 year old British star who has shot to fame within just a few months. His innovative business strategies have made him the number 1 social media influencer.

His digital marketing consultancy company Optim-Eyez has featured on magazines such as Forbes and Entrepreneur. Known as the King of Twitter, he has transformed the field of digital marketing. His channel is the world’s most active one on Twitter and millions of people tune it to it everyday for updates.

His Twitter account ‘Sam_Hurley’ does not have a verified mark, that is, a blue check, yet. But that does not take away anything from the cult following that this entrepreneur enjoys. He has shown the world that a high flyer can reach his target audience anywhere, even on Twitter. He is considered to be master of digital marketing on the platform of Twitter.

Sam Hurley Net Worth

You may be guessing that Sam Hurley makes a lot of money, but knowing exactly how much money may surprise you. The current net worth of this wunderkind is a whopping 1 million USD. As his follower count keeps increasing by the clock, so does his net worth. His massive success has made him a millionaire at the tender young age of 16.