Journalist Peter Mansbridge Bio, Net Worth, Career, Salary, Wife, Married To Cynthia Dale, Age

For three decades, Peter Mansbridge was well known as CBC news anchor among hosting other shows. The retired news anchor has been in the limelight due to various controversies some of which include his love life or other events happening in his life.

Peter Mansbridge Net Worth

Before his retirement our sources speculate that Peter Mansbridge annual salary at CBC was $830,000. After the termination of his contract and his retirement from the media industry, Peter Mansbridge is subject to $500,000 annually. Despite knowing his previous salary and his current pension, the value of his house, cars and even his overall net worth remain unknown to the public.

His net worth and overall wealth is mainly attributed to his career as a journalist and the public speeches that he has often participated in.

Peter Mansbridge Career

While at Mount Allison University, Peter Mansbridge won 12 Gemini award, 11 Honorary degrees and an honorary doctorate. At the age of 18, Peter worked as a ticket agent at Transair, Churchill Airport. It was at the airport that his voice talent was discovered when he made a flight announcement. It was then that the manager to a local radio station offered him an opportunity at CHFC in 1968. Later in 1972, he joined CBW radio before its transition to CBW-TV. He retired as a reporter, a respondent and a co-anchor of The National at CBS evening news program. He capitalized on his programs by hosting prominent names such as USA’S President Barrack Obama, he also covered events such as; The Meech lake Accord and the federal election. Even after his resignation in 2017, Peter Mansbridge was the one who covered the royal wedding in 2018.

Peter Mansbridge Wife Cynthia Dale.

Peter is currently married to Cynthia Dale, however this is not her first marriage, Peter has been married twice before his current marriage to Cynthia. He met his first wife Parm Dillon in Winnipeg while on duty, the two fell in love got married and had two daughters together; Pamela and Jennifer. Unfortunately, their union didn’t last and they ended up getting a divorce in 1975.

After the divorce Peter Mansbridge stayed single for more than a decade prior to meeting Wendy Mesley who was his workmate. Wendy Mesley was 9 years younger than Peter Mansbridge, the two got married on January 6th 1989, their marriage however only lasted 4 years before coming to an end in 1992.

After separating from Wendy, Peter met Cynthia Dale, a Canadian actress, Cynthia was 13 years younger than Peter thus making him much younger whenever they were together. Their romance led to their marriage on 14th November 1998, a year later the couple welcomed their firstborn son William.

Who is Cynthia Dale? Know more about her career, net worth, age and wiki-bio

Peter Mansbridge’s wife, Cynthia Dale is a Canadian model born on August 11th 1960 in Toronto Ontario. After graduating from St Michael Power/St Joseph High School she auditioned for an acting role alongside her sister Jennifer dale.

She is commonly known for her roles in movies such as; ‘The Boy in Blue’, A broken life, Moonstruck, Heavenly bodies and My Blood Valentine. Cynthia has also been a cast member of series such as Taking the Fall, Baxter, Street Legal among others.

Cynthia Dale net worth is estimated to be nothing short of 10million. The couple, Cynthia Dale and Peter Mansbridge have been married for more than 2 decades’ now.

Peter Mansbridge Bio: Age, Parents, Family, Siblings

Born on July 6th 1948, Peter Mansbridge is the son to former RAF Wing Commander Stanley Harry and Brenda Louise. He was born in London England, their family later relocated to Ottawa, Canada after his dad was deployed to Canada during the World War II.

Peter and his siblings Paul and Wendy went to the Glebe Collegiate Institute. Peter however, didn’t graduate from high school as he dropped out tom join the Navy in 1966 anticipating to follow the footsteps of his father. He was however dispatched a year later, it was then that he decided to pursue journalism.

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