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Meet The Kilcher Family Tree, Family Members

Many of you agree that ‘Alaska: The Last Frontier’ was a fantastic TV series and might always look forward to watching the show. The cast of the show was superb, and you will love to know more about this family. It is a famous American Television series aired on Discovery Channel which has a huge fan following. Each of you might eagerly watch each episode of the show which depicted the adventure life of the Kilcher’s family. Take a look at each member of the Kilcher family tree.

Kilcher family is living in their homestead in Alaska far away from modern life. Many of us would not be able to follow a lifestyle that the members of this family chose to live. They live happily in the harsh winters of Alaska without even heating in long and surviving by harvesting and hunting.

Kilcher family Tree

The head of the family is Yule Kilcher with whom the history of this family started. Born in Switzerland in 1913, he was married to Ruth and had eight children. The shows’ cast ATZ and Otto Kilcher are two of his children and only sons. These two boys grew up along with their six sisters named, Fay, Wurtilla,Mossy, Stellavera, Catkin and Sunrise.

Otto played an important role in the show who is married to Charlotte. They have four children Levi and Eivin, Otto’s sons from his first marriage, August and Torrey, son of Charlotte from her previous marriage.

Jewel Kilcher

Jewel is a member of the Kilcher family, but she was already famous before ‘Alaska: The Last Frontier’ series as a singer and songwriter. She is the daughter of Atz Kilcher from his first marriage and her father trained her to sing.

Jewel joined an art school in Michigan at the age of 15 and learned to play guitar and started live performances in coffee houses. Her music career has started in 1993 and performed her first solo in Homer, which was a huge success.

Jewel has several good albums in her credit, such as Pieces of You, Spirit, This way, Perfectly Clear, Goodbye Alice in Wonderland, Lullaby and the latest Picking up the Pieces.

She is also an actress who started with the movie, Ride with the Devil released in 1999 in which she played the role of Sue Lee Shelley. Also loves writing poetry, she published her first book named A Night without Armor in 1998.

August Kilcher

August Kilcher is another important member of the Kilcher family. He is the only son of Otto and Charlotte Kilcher together. A student of Oregon State University, he living in Oregon but regularly visits his homestead in Alaska. So, he appeared in many episodes of the TV series, Alaska the Last Frontier show. No solid information is available about him being in a relationship or not, but he has regularly seen in pictures with his high school friend Megan. They seem to be close enough to lead their relationship to the next level.

Torrey Kilcher

Torrey Kilcher is a part of Alaska the Last Frontier show, who is the son of Charlotte Kilcher from her previous marriage. No details are available about his biological father, but Otto shares a warm relationship with his step-son.
Based on a post made his mother Charlotte on her Instagram account @ charlottekilcher, he has married a lovely woman named Dana in 2015. More than that, his personal information is not available at the moment.

Atz Kilcher and wife Bonnie Dupree, Lenedra Carroll

Atz Kilcher, the oldest son of Yule and Ruth, was born on September 2, 1947, in Homer, Alaska. He lives in the homestead throughout his life and now married to Bonnie Dupree. She was born on 5th February 1954 in New York and left there and reached Tepee with his first husband. At present, no information is available about Bonnie’s first marriage, and how it did end up. They do not have any children together. She met Atz in Alaska after she moved to homestead and they live a happy life since after their marriage.

Atz was previously married to Lenedra Carroll, and he has three children from this relation named Shane Kilcher, Jewel Kilcher and Atz Lee Kilcher. He has another son, Nikos, who was believed to be the son of Atz and Bonnie, but he is born out of Atz’s relation with another woman named, Linda. Jewel Kilcher is a famous singer and Atz was known as the father of her before the telecast of the popular reality show, ‘Alaska the Last Frontier’.

Atz Lee Kilcher and wife Jane Kilcher

Atz Lee Kilcher, a star in the show, is the son of Atz Kitcher and his first wife, Lenedra Carroll. In the show, he details the daily activities of the Kilcher family.

He was married Jane Kilcher, a girl stayed near his homestead, in Homer Alaska in 2005. She was a business fisherwoman with deep knowledge of the ocean, and people love to watch the way she does fishing in the show.

Jane and Atz Lee have two children together, a 15-year old son named, Etienne, and a daughter called Piper, but their parents keep them away from the limelight. They feel their kids are too young to handle the negative comments made about the cast.

Yule and Ruth Kilcher

Yule Kilcher, the senior of the Kilcher Family tree, left Switzerland during World War II in 1936 with his family for searching a suitable place to live. He reached America and then move to Alaska as he found that he could acquire nearly 600 acres of land for free. Even if he announced this to his family, the only person who was ready to follow him was his friend, Ruth, who became his wife later.

Both Yule and Kilcher blessed with eight children, two sons, and six daughters, and the couple raised their children until they reach their early teens in their homestead. Since the elementary schools were too far, they had homeschooling first and later attended the public school courses through correspondence.

Shane Kilcher and wife Kelli Kilcher

With a warm personality and a good sense of humor, Shane Kilcher is another star in the show, “Alaska the Last Frontier, with a lot of followers. He is the oldest son of Atz who born on May 5, 1971. He attended the Steller Secondary School where he met his wife, Kelli Kilcher, who was also a part of the show.

Kelli was born and brought up in Alaska and married to Shane in 1992. The couple is blessed with four children, Keenan TarikKilcher, JarethKilcher, Reid Kilcher and Jenna Kilcher. Shane works for people with disability while his wife, Kelli, a graduate from the Maric College, California, works at South Peninsula Hospital in Homer.

Otto Kilcher And Wife Charlotte Kilcher, Ex-Wife Sharon McKemie

Otto Kilcher is Atz’s brother and second son of Yule Kilcher. He and his wife, Charlotte Kilcher, were starred in the TV series Alaska the Last Frontier. She was engaged in helping the environmental disaster caused by the Exxon Valdez oil spill in South Central Alaska where Otto met her. She was already married during the time she came to Alaska, where she worked as a biologist. Her previous marriage didn’t last but has a son named Torrey. Later, she married Otto and has a son in this relation, named August. Before marrying Charlotte, Otto was married twice. Otto has two sons with his first wife, Sharon McKemie, Eivin and Levi. As per the reports, Sharon is still close to her son’s family, and lives near their homestead.

Eivin Kilcher and wife Eve Kilcher

A lovely couple, Eivin Kilcher and his wife Eve Kilcher were important members of the Kilcher clan. Fully dedicated to her family and a hard worker, Eve, never disclosed any information about her family or age. She loved growing vegetables and spent most of her time in the garden.

The whole Kilcher family appreciated her hard work and her skill to cultivate huge amounts of vegetables and herbs within a short period. She assured supplying sufficient food for the family during the winter season. She brought up in a family near to Kilcher homestead and used to meet Eivin regularly. Later, they fell in love and got married.

Eivin and Eve are proud parents of two children. Their son is Findlay and daughter is Sparrow Rose, and all the four live happily in their homestead in Alaska. You will love to watch the family and how they spend their time in the kitchen garden for growing vegetables.

Nikos Kilcher

Another famous member of the Kilcher family is the 32-year old Nikos Kilcher who is the son of Atz Kilcher. Everybody thought he was the son of Atz and his wife, Bonnie, but Atz has a secret relationship with a woman named Linda, and Nikos is seemed to be her son.

Nikos has not appeared in the TV reality show frequently, but he has been active on the Social Media platforms. He loves posting pictures of him with his wife, Kate Kilcher, regularly on different social media. He met her in 2008 and dated for nearly six years and finally married in September 2014.

Like his half-sister, Jewel, Nikos also has a passion for music. He used to posts his singing videos on his YouTube Channel. Highly talented, he is at the beginning of his singing career, and hope, he can be a successful singer like his sister.

Levin Kilcher

Levi Kilcher is the brother of Eivin Kilcher who is a scientist and explorer. Working at NREL, (National Renewable Energy laboratory), he is leading the resources of the water power team. Presently living in Boulder, Colorado, Levi is an expert in surface waves, ocean turbulence, and tidal processes. His fans may interest to know about his marital status, but currently, no information is available about his personal life.