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Ice Road Truckers Cast Bio, Net Worth, Income, Salary

Ice Road Truckers is a TV reality show which has its origin in an episode of suicide Mission named Ice Road Truckers released in 2000 on History channel. In that episode there were truck drivers who drove in frozen areas and at frozen land. As the show gained extra ordinary rating so an idea glow in the directors of History channel and they decided to make a series of show with the title Ice Road Truckers and the responsibility was held to Thom Beers. In this series the truckers move to frozen and iced rivers and lakes in Canada and Alaska territories. Starting since 17 June 2007 to 24th August 2017 there premiered 11 seasons of series.

Lisa Kelley

Lisa a beautiful and attractive lady was born at Grand Rapids on 8th December 1980. Later she was raised there in Alaska. After her schooling she joined Cornerstone University but dropped in the middle and returned to Alaska. She got married in 2008 with Traves Kelley. She joined Ice Road Truckers in 2009. It was different experince to see a lady as truck driver. She is mostly called Hot Chick among Truckers at show as her nick name because of her apperance.

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Lisa Kelly Net Worth

Lisa Kelly has net worth of $500,000. She got worth and fame on the basis of her hard work. As she has a lot of courage so she was able to come on the screen as trucker and earned alot on the basis of that.

Darrell Ward

Darrell Ward was contemporary of Lisa. He left the world when he was 52 years old. He was born in Montana in USA. He got married with Gwen Ward officially in 2012. The couple was blessed with two beautiful children named Terra Ward and Reno Ward. He got fame through TV series, and his energetic and attractive personality played a role to have a place at the heart of his followers of TV series. He joined TV series in 2012 when it was on its sixth season and remained its part till its tenth season. The clouds of his misfortune overshadowed him on 28th August 2016 when he died in a plane crash.

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Darrell Ward Net Worth

When he was alive he used to get $20,000 from TV reality show on monthly basis and has a total net worth of $50,000.

Hugh Rowland

Hugh Rowland was born in 1957 and stared his personal life with Diana Rowland. He is a professional driver who like to drive in ice lands. He has not only a passion to drive on ice but capacity as well. His passoion and capacity allows him to drive for a night and day as well.

Hugh Rowland Net Worth

Despite of the fact that he is a truck driver and strenthened his profession by participating in TV show. He got the fruit in the form of $2 million. Which seem a handsome amount for a truck driver.

Rick Yemm

He was born at Kelowana. He come on the screen as a person in TV reality show as truck driver. In Ice Road Truckers he is portrayed as an ill witted man but he confessed that he is not like that. He has a daughter without a marriage.

Rick Yemm Net Worth

His profession and effort helped him to earn $600,000.

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Alex Debogorski

Alex Debogorski was born on 4th August in 1954 in a backward village of Canada named Berwyn. He was the son of Stenley and Irene who migrated to Canada from Britian. He chose Louise as his life partner. He gained popularity on the basis on his distinctive attributes of his personality.

Alex Debogorski Net Worth

Alex has a weekly income of $1,600 and annual as $80,000. Not only this he had some other sources of his income which contribute together to form a handsome amount for him as $400,000.

Art Burke

Light was on the Art when he appear in Ice Road Truckers in 2013. He was born in Yellow Knife at Canada. Since his childhood, he started driving his motorbike and bicycle on icy roads of Alaska. when he reached in Ice Road Truckers he has enough ability to work as truck driver. Little is known about his personal life and education.

Art Burke Net Worth

His appearance and his skill at driving helped him to earn $30,000. When he started his career as trucker he left it for some time due to certain reasons and joined the show again in its later seasons.