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Chad Stahelski Bio, Age, Ethnicity, Religion, Career, Net Worth, Married Or Dating?

Chad Stahelski, an American stuntman working for Hollywood, was born on September 20, 1968. Chad is well recognized as the co-director of the movie John Wick. The stuntman turned filmmaker was well known for his works with actor Keanu Reeves in The Matrix and body-doubling later Brandon Lee in the movie, The Crow. He keeps his personal life private and hence there is not much news about his family and parents. He has a kickboxing background and began to work as stuntman at the age of 24 years.

Chad Stahelski Net Worth

He has an estimated net worth of $14 million and this is likely to increase with his fame as filmmaker. Chad had more projects in 2018 like the film adaptation of the comic book Kill or Be Killed and Sandman Slim as well as John Wick’s third part. He managed to play the role of stunt coordinator and second unit director. After Lee’s death in an accidental shooting on the set of The Crow his fiancée Eliza and his mother agreed with the director’s decision to complete it. Most of the shoot was completed. The story was rewritten and Stahelski played the role of double using special effects to replace his face with that of Lee. The story was rewritten and Jeff Cadiente, a stunt double played Lee’s part. The Crow was a hit at the box office with a return of $50 million.

Is Chad Stahelski Dating Girlfriend Or Married To Wife?

Chad keeps his personal life private and is still single. However he was spotted in Los Angeles with Heidi Moneymaker at the premiere of John Wick 2 and is rumored to be dating her. Heidi is a stuntwoman who is well known for doubling the character of Scarlett Johansson as Mavel in Black Widow. His focus on his work perhaps does not allow him time for his love life.

Chad Stahelski Bio: Zodiac, Ethnicity, Religion

Chad Stahelski belongs to white ethnic background and is Christian by religion. His zodiac sign is Capricorn and he maintains a private personal life with very little or no information regarding his parents and education. He is not very revealing about his personal details in the social sites.

Chad Stahelski Body Measurements

Chad has attractive looks with a height of 1.85 m, brown, brown eye and black hair color.

Chad Stahelski Career Details

His career growth spurted when he doubled Lee and most of the movies he worked on are action-centric. Overall he has an interesting career story because of the transformation from stuntman to a filmmaker, a rare one in the film industry. His focus on his work should bring on more success in time to come. In most movies the protagonist’s character gets more prominence. But in case of Chad one can note the significant role of a stuntman to support the star in a movie.

Despite being popular, Chad enjoys around two thousand followers on Instagram. Before this, Chad had a series of works in martial art films like Mission of Justice and Bloodsport III. After long time of experience he made his debut in the movie, John Wick in 2014 where he starred with his work partner Keanu. The movie earned above $88 million and its sequel was also popular.