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Brian Kilmeade Age, Career, Net Worth, Married, Wife Dawn Kilmeade, Kids

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Brian Kilmeade was born on 7 of May, 1964. He is a famous American television and radio presenter, working for Fox News. He is also an author who has written several books and co-author who participated in the writing of several books of different genres. His educated mind was utilized in Fox’s morning show, where he presents himself together with another news reporter. As a news reporter, a person must be smart looking and able to handle situations on an adhoc basis. Given his strength in being confident, he takes the job professionally and has hosted for Fox News Radio program too. The Fox News Radio program was named after him to pay him the respect, “ The Brian Kilmeade Show”.

Brian Kilmeade Education Details

His smooth sailing occupation was backed by his education. Born in an Irish and Italian family, he graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in 1986 and quickly started to work as a correspondent on Channel One News. It is a high school television for high school students and his young image suits the job. After working at KHSL-TV and XTRA-AM, he has a lot of experience in reporting and the years of reporting has enabled him to shine bright.

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Brian Kilmeade Career Details

Apart from his reporting experience, he is also a stand-up comedian according to his own biography. Not just a typical stand-up comedian, but a comedian who has over 10 years of experience! You would believe that he is not just a factual and procedural person, he is also a humorous soul with the spirit of comedy. That is extremely rare in the first place.


Now, in 2019, he is hosting for Fox and Friends and “The Brian Kilmeade Show” as have mentioned earlier. The show after his name has been through decades and it is a sign that the audience is digging the performance of Brian Kilmeade. More as a friend rather than a host, his fans know him better over the years and his witty personality is precious.

Brian Kilmeade Is Married To Wife Dawn Kilmeade With Children

Brian Kilmeade and Dawn Kilmeade were married on 3 of December, 1993. Their marriage lasted for a good 26 years and they are still loving each other dearly. With the advent of three children, Brain and Dawn became more family oriented and bothered to spend more time on their children. Bryan is 23 years old and Kristyn is 18 years old and lastly, Kaitlyn is 16 years old. They have all grown up into young adults who are almost ready to have a future of their own. Brian and Dawn, as parents of the three young energetic ones, have done a great job in raising them.

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The three children often times laughed at their father for “stealing things” in the house. Every time something is missing, they will always seek their father first as most of the time their father takes the things and forgets to return it to the original spots. Things like water bottles often go missing due to their father. However, the children cannot get angry at him for too long, because their father is so kind and good-natured that they forgive him shortly after.

Although he is a benevolent father and good hearted husband, the Kilmeade family always finds him to be busy. Family events and dinners become a luxury for Kilmeade as he is so busy with the news report and familiarizing himself with the scripts he has at hand. We are certain that despite his tiresome and long-duration involvement in the shows, his family members still love him the way he is. Brian Kilmeade always tries to make it up by having fun little family times together with his loved ones. According to his own children, if he is not preoccupied with all the work he has such as researching and writing scripts, he will be the first one to ask them if they want to have a soccer match.

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Bryan, their eldest son, picked the interest of soccer and shined in his University as a result.

Religion wise Brian Kilmeade is a Roman Catholic and he is entering his mid-life. For all the audience of Brian Kilmeade, it is the best of wish for him that he can continue to deliver quality news report and shows which are inspiring to watch. Living in the Information Age, news reporters like Brian play a crucial part in upholding the truthfulness of the news and it becomes a work ethnic after all.

Hope Brian Kilmeade he can stay gold and work hard for the years to come.