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Jeremy Buendia is a very well-known name in the world of bodybuilding and sports. The passion for bodybuilding and sports was inherited in Jeremy from his father. His father was a non-competitive bodybuilder. This sparked Jeremy with all the competitive nature. Jeremy is really good in his field of work. He is been competing since the age of 18 and has won Mr. Olympia Physique title four-times. Most of his wins came in the year 2014-2017.
Jeremy is a very self-motivated person and he keeps improving himself for good. He is very much active on social media as well. His fans on social media love and admire him for motivating the aspiring bodybuilders.

Who is the girlfriend of Jeremy Buendia?

Jeremy’s passion for bodybuilding made him meet the love of his life, Anastasia Stich. Like him, even Anastasia is a bodybuilder and a fitness model.
The couple introduced their dating life to the public on March 2019. After the big announcement, they went on a romantic trip to Japan.

Jeremy and Anastasia met the first time at a muscle content in the early 2000s. After knowing each other for a long time they decided to start dating and give their relationship a chance. Jeremy before meeting Anastasia was committed in a serious relationship with the fitness guru Hilda Laura.

Jeremy Buendia Family And Body Measurements

In building Jeremy’s career as a bodybuilder he had full support from his family. His father and brother were a great fan of sports. They were great sports enthusiasts. They played a great role in making Jeremy reach his goals in bodybuilding.

Jeremy is a 28-year-old born in Roseville, California on October 1990. He was into football as a teenager but an injury made him leave playing football. Jeremy is a successful bodybuilder with a height of five feet and he weighs 81.5kgs. He is a very famous Filipino-American bodybuilder.

Jeremy Buendia Net Worth And Career

In 2018, Jeremy suffered from a chest injury which gave him a hard time. The bodybuilder even has to go undergo surgery. Being a socialite Jeremy shared his injury with his fans through Instagram. After the surgery, he revealed that he won’t be able to follow the same routine sessions and he won’t be the same. But he is in his “best place possible” which is reflected in his $1 million net worth.

Social media has been one of the biggest support in his life. He has 2.9 million followers on Instagram and 260+ thousand subscribers on his YouTube channel. He is a big sensation in the marketing world. Seeing his popularity on social media many fitness companies such as Evogen Evolution, Handy Rombod and live fit offered him with various endorsement deals. Jeremy has become the face of fitness and he appeared on many fitness magazines such as Muscle and Fitness Magazine and Inside Fitness Magazine.

Jeremy Buendia Diet, Fitness And Workout Routines

Keeping yourself fit all the time needs extensive workouts and dedication. This is the secret to Jeremy’s success. Just like any other bodybuilder, Jeremy also follows a very strict diet and he sticks to his diet plans. His diet plans include six meals which consist of complex carbs, lean proteins, and healthy fats. Jeremy is very conscious about the supplements he gives to his body. His relies on his diet plans and works extreme exercises to maintain his desired body goals.

A good bodybuilder not only requires a perfect diet but an extensive workout session as well. Jeremy is a dedicated bodybuilder so along with his regular diet plans he also works on his fitness by working out daily. He opts for high-intensity interval training. His three go-to fitness drills are Bench press, Db lateral raises, and DB standing alternate bicep curls.

Jeremy is a huge fan of workout and fitness. His time table has days reserved for the particular exercise or workout session. On Mondays he goes for push-related exercise, Tuesday are for core training, Wednesday are reserved for arms and Thursday and Sundays for the lower body workout. On Saturdays, he works on his upper body strength.

Quick Facts About Jeremy Buendia

Full Name Jeremy Buendia
Horoscope Scorpio
Place of birth California, USA
Education Whitney High
Occupation professional weightlifter and bodybuilder
Height 5 feet 8 inches (1.73m)
Networth $1 million
Ethnicity Filipino
Nationality French
Weight 75 Kg
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Black

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