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Tove Lo Bio, Age, Career, Net Worth, Salary, Height, Weight

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Ebba Tove Elsa Nilsson, known to the world as Tove Lo, is one of the most famous Swedish artists of the 21 century. In just a decade of career, she can already boast a long list of accolades, including two Grammy nominations: “Love me like you do” for Best Song Written for Visual Media (2016) and “Glad he is gone” for Best Music Video Award (2020).

Tove Lo House

She just bought it recently in 2020 and currently still has a $4 million mansion in Hollywood Hillson (LA).

Tove Lo Career Details

The decision of choosing “Tove Lo” as the stage name was influenced by the Swedish singer’s grandmother. Her grandma was very fond of “Tove”, which stands for lynx in Swedish, so she kept it from her birth name and added “Lo”, which is an indication for singular. She jumped into the music world when she was a teenager, by forming and performing in a girl band with her closest friends. With this early experiment, she gained enough confidence and courage to enroll at Rytmus Musikergymnasiet, a Stockholm music school. The school that later on was the field of future collaborations, in particular Caroline Hjelt, member of the duo Icona Pop. Her first post-graduating gig was in the math rock band ‘Tremblebee’, the band lasted 3 years. After swimming in the rocking ocean for a while, she moved towards the pop one and never left it.
However, Tove Lo gained popularity in the music industry initially as a songwriter, especially in 2011, when Lo earned a publishing deal with Warner/Chappell Music. This leads her to become a component of her compatriot Max Martin’s songwriting team.

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In 2012, she officially entered the music industry as a soloist, crowding out from the very beginning by making hits, such as “Habits (Stay High)” and “Not on Drugs.” Even if she considers herself lucky for growing up in a wealthy family, she made clear multiple times that posh life is not synonymous with a happy life. in her early songs, the singer used drugs and alcohol as metaphors; when she was younger, she tended to self-destruction, manifested with bulimia, drinking, using narcotics. Tove Lo took these two most known and affecting images to describe the demons of Gen-Y people. The first albums “Truth Serum” (2014) and “Queen of Clouds” (2014) are so immersed in this world and approach to life that Rolling Stone called her “Darkest pop exporter”. She kept sticking to the most row emotions a human being feels until her last album “Sunshine Kitty” (2019), talking about female desire and dread of not being loved as much as she does.

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Tove Lo Dating History And Marriage Details

Tove Lo has always been very open and we couldn’t expect any less about her dating life. She never hid and at the same time never made a big deal of her sexuality, she simply said that she is bisexual and she did not come out to her parents because they always are free. However lately there was a change and the first ones to notice some of them were the fans. The album “Sunshine Kitty” has healthier love songs, happier, brighter too, which resemble the love of her life.

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Nevertheless, she declared that still has fearing thoughts of losing her love, as said above, her latest album has left behind the dark tone of the previous ones. This positive twist was possible thanks to Charlie Twaddle. New Zealander Charlie has the same age as the singer. They met while she was touring; the touring first dates made them stronger and realized that they could not live apart. They have tied the knot in July 2020, the couple announced the event to the world by sharing a newlywed selfie on social media.

Tove Lo is an artist that is not afraid to share expose her felling and experiences to the public, she gained worldwide success thanks to her honesty, her choice to avoid using filters to tell her story. This attracted millions of people to her, who knows how much more fans she will have with this lighter approach to songwriting and singing?