Gay Singer Mitch Grassi Is Still Fighting With Cancer. Who Is His Boyfriend?

They were certainly not wrong; our forefathers of course, when they said that one would be remembered not for what they utter but for what they did. Well, meet Mitch Grassi professionally known as a musical singer and songwriter who is a living example of our forefather saying. He is a singer by profession, and his group is extremely popular on YouTube. Let’s quickly get into his personal info as well as his marriage life including his boyfriend, Husband and also about cancer.

Mitch Grassi Ex-Boyfriend Travis Bush

Mitch Grassi is a gay and he is engaged to Travis Bush but afterwards, they broke up recently and in past, some rumours were there that they were married but it’s not true. Other rumours also flow that he is dating with Scot Hoying and Grassi. To clarify Mitch uploaded the video about being a good friend with Hoying on YouTube.

Mitch Grassi Career Details

Given his career as a singer, Songwriter and You tuber, you can bet that his fan following is quite big. His band YouTube channel Pantatonix in which he is the youngest member of the band has 2 million subscriber and 2 billion views. Including him, the other members are Scott Hoying, Kristin Maldonado, Kevin Olusala and Avi Kaplan of Pantatonix band group. These bands create a song without any musical instruments and Mitch is the leading singer of these band.

Grassi participated in many events from teenage, he eagerly involved in the stage shows from hometown. Therefore in August 2013, he gets the chance to host ‘Superfruit’ with Scott Hoying as he gets much fame with this show. He got the first price in ‘Teen Talent Follies’.

The Singer is the blessed son of his parents Mike Grassi and Nel Grassi. He was born on 24th July 1992 in Arlington Texas. He belongs to Welsh, Scottish, Italian and Iris ethnicity race group. He received his education from Martin High School. Though he did not attend any college, his best friend is Scott Hoying and Kristin Maldonado.

He formed a group “A Capella Trio” with his best friend Scott Hoying and Kristin Maldonado. They jointly owned a cat “Wyatt Blue Grassi Hoying’. Furthermore, Mitch and his team made their first cover “The Telephone” (Lady Gaga) in a YouTube Contest.

On 13th April and 26th October 2018, Pentatonix released their fifth and sixth studio albums – “PXT Presents: Top Pop, Vol. I” and “Christmas Is Here”. In addition to albums and tours across the US and Canada, the group is extremely popular on YouTube. When they were left without a contract, they turned to YouTube, and after just a few videos posted, Mitch and the rest of the group were on their way back to glory. Now they have over 15 million subscribers, and their videos have been viewed over 3.5 billion times. Now his wealth is about 8 Million US Dollars.

He got many awards winning work like “Daft Pank” medley, “Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy” and Jolene. His popular songs are “First thing First”, “If I ever fell in Love”, “Na Na Na” and “Can’t Sleep, Love”.

He collaborated with the celebrities Todrick Hall, Mamrie Hart, Masie Willams, Grace Hellbig, Tori Kelly and Mirinda Sings.
The popular cover designed by him “Frozen Madley feat”, “Evolution of Miley Cyrus” and “Beyonce” reached 14 million views. He also won three awards with his “Pentatonix”.

Mitch Grassi Is Still Fighting Cancer Disease

Mitch is suffering from cancer, but more information hasn’t been given, except that the doctors have discovered this terrible illness at a rather early stage, and with chemotherapy, the prognosis is that Mitch will be just fine. His weight loss is associated with the cancer diagnosis.

Quick Facts About Mitch Grassi

Full Birth Name: Mitchell Coby Michael
Nickname: Mitch Grassi
Profession: Singer, Song Writer and You tuber.
Age (As of 2019): 26 years old
Date of Birth: 24th July 1992
Birthplace/Hometown: Arlington (Texas, United States).
Nationality: American
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Gay
Famous For: His songs composted with “Pentatonix”
Religion: Christianity
Composed songs:-
1. Frozen Madley Feat.
2. Evolution of Miley Cyrus.
3. Beyonce.
4. If I ever fell in love.
5. First thing first.
Ethnicity:- Welse, Scottish, Italian and Irish.

1. Winner of “Teen Talent Follies”
2. Winner of “The Sing-Off”
Band Name:-
1. Charlie and Chocolate Factory
2. Pentatonix
3. A Cappella Trio
Wealth:-10 Million USD Dollars
Monthly earnings :- 20-25k Dollars


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