Hunter Henry Bio, Age, Career, Net Worth, Salary, Height, Weight

Hunter Mark Henry is known for playing on the position of tight end for the Los Angeles Chargers of the most famous American football league, NFL. He was born on 7 December 1994 in Arkansas. His days of football began in his freshman years at Pulaski Academy where he played at the position of an offensive tackle, defensive end, and wide receiver. He was popular during his college years, which he spent at the University of Arkansas, from where he graduated with a degree in General Business. His love of sports contributed to him down the road of being an All-American consensus and winning The John Mackey Award for being the nation’s best tight end. He was the one, the San Diego Chargers have picked in the second round of the NFL 2016.

Hunter Henry Career Details

Hunter Henry was always the star in the world of football whether it was his college days or freshman days. During his freshman year, he played in the position of an offensive tackle, defensive end, and wide receiver but not the tight end because Pulaski Academy didn’t offer this position. He won the state championship in the year 2011 during his junior, senior year and was given the title in his 2012-13 school year “Parade All-American team”. His first job was at the country club that required him to help people with their bags and collect them in the carts. He didn’t shy away from hard work and even cleaned the golf carts. His luck changed in 2015 when Henry was involved in one of the most memorable plays in the history of Arkansas football. During a 4th and 25th play in overtime against Ole Miss in 2015, Henry caught a pass from quarterback Brandon Allen and upon realizing that he was going to be tackled before he could get to the first down marker, Henry blindly threw the ball back to his teammate Alex Collins who successfully got the first down. This was the set up for an eventual touchdown and this won them the game. His unique technique was the main source of media frenzy and was the talk of the town for weeks. In the year 2016, Henry made an announcement that he would be entering the 2016 NFL Draft. Henry developed himself so much by dedicated work that his hard job stood for itself on his pro day. A 4,67 40 yard dash and 21 reps finished on the bench press to earn himself a spot in the 2016 NFL Draft as one of the best tight ends. In the second round, Henry was selected by the San Diego Chargers, ranking 35th overall in the NFL Draft.

Hunter Henry Body Measurements

Hunter has an impressive figure with his height being 6 ft 5inches tall. He
weighs around 250 lbs or 113 kgs, more suitable for his football career. He has short black hair, brown eye color, and a muscled physique.

Hunter Henry Net Worth

Henry and the Chargers entered into a four-year agreement on 2nd June 2016, signing a $6.38 million contract with a guaranteed amount of $3.98 million while a signing bonus of about $2.84 million. In the year 2020, He becomes the highest-paid tight end player when The Chargers offered Hunter Henry to be a franchise tag, ensuring the veteran player a base
salary around $11 million.

Hunter Henry Dating History And Marriage Details

Hunter tied the knot with Parker Elizabeth Schmidly, on 30 June 2018 at Grandeur House, Arkansas. She completed her bachelorette in the field of nursing from the University of Arkansas, which is located in Fayetteville. She is specialized in Labor and Delivery. The couple now resides in Newport Beach Calif.

Hunter Henry Parents

Hunter’s parent’s names are Mark Henry and Jenny Henry. He grew up in Little Rock with his three siblings: Hayden, Hudson, and Hope. His father played for the Arkansas Razorbacks from 1987 through 1991. He played the position of an offensive lineman and was quite famous for it. Hunter’s brother Hope is also a tight end like Henry.

While Hayden is a senior linebacker and Hudson is a redshirt freshman tight end. Both brothers play for Arkansas Razorbacks just like their father.

Hunter Henry Hobbies

Maui and Destin, Florida, are Hunter’s favorite destinations. He loves spending time on the beach. When asked about his favorite hobby, he remarked that particularly he likes hunting and fishing. He is also an avid fan of music and he listens to The Chainsmokers and a relatively new Christian rapper named

Fun Facts About Hunter Henry

Hunter does not have a uvula, the body part that hangs down the back of your
throat. He got it removed because of getting his tonsils taken out.

In the year 2019, Hunter Henry couldn’t play due to his injury. He suffered a “tibia plateau fracture in his left knee” that prevented him from playing that season for around four to six weeks. This caused him to miss four games, but that didn’t stop him from having an impressive year and he finished the season with new career highs.

Alisa Mote Bio, Age, Career, Net Worth, Salary, Height, Weight, Ex-Husband Kye Kelley

Alisa Mote is the former wife of Kye Kelley, the great car racer and famous face of the reality show “Street Outlaws”.The people who follow and admire Kye Kelley have heard about his ex-wife Alisa Mote also. She is one of those renowned people who like to keep their personal life under the wrap. She has a daughter with Kye Kelley whose name is Kenadeight Alexa Kelley.

Alisa Mote Bio: Age, Early Life, Parents

Alisa Mote is a native white American and is 28 years old, she was born in Mississippi on the 18th of February in the year 1992. According to sources, we know that her mother’s name is Brenda Martin though her profession is unknown. She has one brother and one sister named Daniel Mote and Crystal Simmons.

Alisa Mote Education Details

The former wife of the spectacular racer studied in her homeland and got early education from a school named Parklane Academy, she completed high school in the year 2017 then she followed her passion and graduated as a nurse from Walden University.

After graduation, she secured a job as a professional nurse in the healthcare system of North Oaks located in Hammond and continues to excel in her job there. According to her social media posts, it is indicated that she likes to work as a volunteer in schools also as she has been seen posting pictures of her students from Mount Pleasant Elementary School.

Alisa Mote Dating History And Marriage Details

Alisa climbs the ladder of fame from her engagement to Kye Kelley in 2014, after one year of dating and engagement, the couple tied the knot in 2015. In 2016, when Kye Kelley appears in the Street Outlaws they were enjoying their blissful married life and seemed quite happy together. Later they had a daughter together named Kenadeigh Kelley, but only after seven months of her birth, the couple appeared to file a divorce and decided to spill.

They ended their marriage just after two years and got divorced in 2017. However, the exact reason for divorce and differences was not shared with the media publically. Currently, Kye Kelley is in a relationship with Lizzy Mussi who is the daughter of an iconic engine producer. There are negative rumors that Lizzi Mussi could be a possible reason for the split of Alisa Mote and Kye Kelley, however, nothing can confirm the rumor.

Alisa Mote Net Worth

The net worth of Alisa Mote is unknown to the public, though the net worth of her former husband Kye Kelley is $500,000 which he has earned through his praiseworthy racing skills and his appearance in the television reality show which is admired by a lot of people.

Is Alisa Mote Married Now After Divorce?

After the divorce of Kye Kelley and Alisa Mote, the personal life of Alisa has not emerged to the surface, especially her love life, she has never seen flaunting her relationship with any other man and is most probably single.

However she is quite active on social media through her Instagram account and keeps posting pictures of her with daughter Kenadeigh, Kenadeigh is about to be two years old and appears happy and contended with her mother. Alisa Mote also seems to enjoy the blessings of motherhood and seems satisfied.

Jarvis Landry Bio, Age, Career, Net Worth, Salary, Height, Weight

Jarvis Landry or in other words ‘juice’ a nickname as his team mates call him took the National Football League (NFL) by storm by his quick, skillful qualities. Jarvis plays as a wide receiver or the Cleveland Brown team who drafted him for the NFL, not to mention he has had impressive stats during his time with Miami Dolphins from 2014-2017 and helped his team score over 45 goals, while playing as a wide receiver.

Jarvis Landry Net Worth

The No.80 Cleveland Brown wide receiver with a net worth of over $20 million like most celebrities has kept his love life private, but when you’re famous it’s hard to hide from the cameras.

Jarvis Landry Dating History And Marriage Details

Jarvis dated the absolutely beautiful and stunning Estrella Cerqueira, we don’t blame him for dating someone so attractive and with a smile like that, it’s hard to say no to her. He believes she is the right one for him and even has two beautiful children with her. They welcomed their daughter Joy on 14th December 2017 and then their son Jai on March 2019. You must be wondering, is he happy with his wife? Well, we hoped Jarvis and Estrella would tie the knot over their long term relationship but things seem to heat up when a neighbor called 911 over hearing fighting and abuses coming from Jarvis house late in the night, when police arrived to check the situation the matter was hushed up. Later over questioning Jarvis denied ever physically abusing his girlfriend and denied all allegations, to support the matter his girlfriend tweeted, calling the whole situation ‘a vocal disagreement’. There is no lie about the fact that the family is fighting a civil family court case and emotional tensions are high which could lead to a few quarrels, something that isn’t new in every family. Landry is currently under investigation by the Fort Lauderdale Police Department and Broward County State Attorney Office.

Jarvis Landry Parents And Family Details

Jarvis didn’t have such a memorable past and he rarely ever talks about topics related to them. His mother Dietra Landry had a very difficult life especially after their father abandoned them when Jarvis was born. Their financial situation was so bad they used to live in a single wide trailer with leaking pipes, to take a shower they had to boil the water. Dietra to support her sons worked day different odd job and night, she accepted every job offer she could get, a night watch guard, working in a gas station, construction, school janitor etc. Dietra commented on a telephone call with the press that she did everything in her power to support her family and not let her children get affected. Jarvis also has an elder brother Gerard Landry who used to play for his university football team and included his little brother everywhere he went, not to mention roughed and polished him up to withstand even the harshest of problems. There came a point in Dietra Landry’s life where she felt that she could not give the mental peace and happiness as a family to her kids and so decided to give custody of Jarvis who was only 11 years old at that time, to his coach Elmo Lebeouf who lived with his wife and two kids. Jarvis opened up about his experience when he was young, sayig that, ‘It was a huge sacrifice for her to make, it hurt me at first and took me a bit to understand, but after a while I was able to appreciate what a selfless act that was.’ Jarvis was coached and nurtured by his coach and grew up to be what he is now.

Jarvis Landry Tattoos

The Cleveland Brown wide receiver has a deep love for getting under the needle and has his whole body from waist to the neck inked. What really made his tattoos unique was a Malcom X on his back, it’s quite rare to see someone love such an artist. Most of his tattoos carries themes of family and religion, there even is a statue of Liberty figure there, his whole right side is covered and we could just catch a glimpse of ‘YOLO’ written on his right arm. Jarvis carries over 50 different symbols and he owes us a detailed explanation of each and every one of them.

Jarvis Landry Net Worth

The 5’11 footballer has a net worth of $20 million, no wonder he can buy all those luxurious cars, his favorite among them being Rolls Royce and Range Rover. He lives in a mansion over in Cleveland, Ohio.


Jarvis has always only dated his current girlfriend Estrella but the tensions between seem to direct us that it won’t be lasting long. The 28 year old has a promising future up ahead and we hope to see him achieve it all and not let his past cloud his future.

Jimmy Alapag Bio, Age, Career, Net Worth, Salary, Height, Weight

Jimmy Alapag was born on December 30, 1977. His full name is Jim Olpedo Alapag with Jim Olpedo being his first name and Alapag being the last. He is a 43 year old decorated Basketball player best known for having a great impact in the Philipine Basketball Association. During his illustrious career he got the nicknames of “The Mighty Mouse” and “The Captain”.

Jimmy Alapag Nationality

Jimmy Alapag has a dual nationality and is a Filipino-American. He was born in San Bernardino, California in the USA. He got his nationality in the Philippines as both of his parents were from Filipino who had immigrated to the USA.

Jimmy Alapag Career Details

Even though the Filipino Basketball player started playing the game from the age of 3 his professional career started much later in 2003 when he was selected by the TNT Tropang Giga. He stayed with the team for the entirety of his career from 2013-2015. He won the Rookie of the Year award in the same season.

In the 2004-05 season he won the honour of the MVP in the mythical first team selection. He led his team into two consecutive finals but failed to win either.

Jimmy won six Philipine Basketball Association championships in his entire career as a player. In 2011 he was awarded as the PBA Best Player of the Conference.

He retired from his career as a player after playing 13 years for TNT Troping Giga in the jersey no. 3.

Jimmy Played a vital role in the 17th edition of FIBA Basketball World Cup in 2014. That year the Philippines won the World Cup after 40 years. Jimmy Alapog’s played in the Point Guard Position of the team when they beat Senegal in the finals.

Jimmy Alapag Coaching Career

Jimmy’s coaching career started with Meralco Bolts where he acted as the team consultant and assistant coach for two terms. In 2017 he moved to act as the head coach of San Miguel Alap Philippines of the ASEAN Basketball League.

Jimmy Alapag Net Worth

His net worth in 2018 was estimated to be over $2 million. That number doubled by the year of 2021 to $4 million. The main source of his income is from playing basketball and later from his career in coaching basketball teams.

Jimmy Alapag Dating History And Marriage Details

Jimmy Alapag started dating LJ Moreno in 2007. From then they have been together. There aren’t any confirmed dating incidents of Jimmy other than with Moreno.

Other than LJ Moreno, Jimmy Alapag hasn’t been publicly in a relationship with anyone else. Counting this year the couple have been together for 14 years.

After four years of dating Jimmy and Moreno got married on August 19, 2010. They celebrated their 10th year anniversary in 2020 on the same day. Neither of them had any spouse before getting married to each other.

Jimmy Alapag Parents And Siblings

Jimmy Alapag is the son of Crispin Alapag and Aurora Alapag. Both of them lived in Leyte Islands of Philippines and later immigrated to the USA. They have a total of six children of which Jimmy is the youngest. Jimmy’s father Crispin Alapag and his brother Crispin Alapag Jr. had great influence in his participation in Basketball.

Jimmy Alapag Kids

After their marriage Jimmy Alapong and LJ Moreno had three children till now. Their eldest son Ian was adopted by them. In 2014 they were blessed with a second child when Moreno gave birth to a beautiful daughter named Keona. Later they had a son by the name of Calen.

In 2020 they tried to have another child. But on the 6th of August the couple announced a tragedy of loosing the child to a miscarriage in their personal Youtube vlog.

Jimmy Alapag Body Measurements

Jimmy Alapego currently stands with a height of 5 ft 7in (1.75m). He weighs 73 kilograms (160.9 lbs).

Jimmy Alapag Cars And House

At the end of 2020 Jimmy announced to permanently move to the United States of America. He currently has a house in California and lives in it after emigrating from the Philippines. For his choice of vehicles, Alapag is known to drive a Mazda 6.

Jimmy Alapag Social Media Presence

Jimmy along with his family is very active on social media. He has verified accounts on Instagram and Twitter. He also has an active family vlog on Youtube.

Dante Fowler Bio, Age, Career, Net Worth, Salary, Height, Weight

The Jacksonville Jaguars have announced that they have agreed to trade 24-year-old Dante Fowler with fellow NFL team Los Angeles Rams in exchange for a 2020 NFL draft and a third-round pick in the 2019 NFL Draft.

Dante Fowler Career Details

Eight months after the release of the Florida-based NFL franchise, the trade news came that the citizens of St. Petersburg-Florida would not choose the Dante’s 5th year despite being relatively far from the title because of his field antiques. For his field statistics.

Here we have the NFL stats of the Los Angeles Rams and outside linebackers, as well as the new defensive end of his new contract break.

Playing college football for the University of Florida, the former Jacksonville Jaguars achieved an impressive figure of 30 tackles and 2.5 sacks in his new year.
When he was a second-year student, he showed a significant improvement by registering 50 tackles and 3.5 sacks in 13 games. At the end of his college football career, Lakewood High School Elam recorded more than 140 tackles and 14.5 sacks.

He still has one year left in his university education. Dante chose to enter the 2015 NFL Draft. Later, he will draft as the third overall pick of the Jaguars in Jacksonville.
His aspirations to replicate his college stats came to naught when she tore up his ACL and missed the whole of His rookie season. On September 11, 2016, the 24-year-old finally made his NFL debut against the Green Bay Packers.

Although he had a great performance in three matches that day, in the end, his team lost by a margin of 22-22. Dante played all the games for the Jaguars that season and was proud of the respectable figures of 32 tackles and 4.0 sacks.

Dante Fowler Controversies

During the 2017 season, he took 8.0 sacks and 21 tackles. Although his season may now end in heights, it didn’t ax start. Dante was dropped for his season opener. He was suspended from his July 2017 arrest for criminal mischief, battery charges, and petty theft.

A year ago, in an Instagram video, he mentioned a fight between his baby mother and his girlfriend.

According to some NFL insiders, Dante’s offstage antique Jaguars could play a key role behind his not taking the fifth-year option.

Dante Fowler New Contract And Salary

By the time Dante was drafted by the Jaguars in 2015, he had signed a four-year contract as an ally with the fifth year.

The Florida-based NFL garment is guaranteed 15.3 million in its 23.5 million contract-signed bonuses and 5.8 million in average salary per year. He was driven to the Los Angeles Rams under a one-year yet four-year contract.

At the Jaguars, Dante carried a salary cap of 7.3 million Dollars in 2018, but Rams – he only has to pay 1.9 million Dollars as salary.

Before securing his acquisition, the LA-based NFL outfit was uploaded by their watchman Zaman Brown to be a 24-year-old Florida native.

If the pundits are to be believed, between the Jaguars and the Rams, Dante’s current team has avoided drawing the short end of the stick.

Corey Albano Bio, Age, Career, Net Worth, Salary, Height,, Weight

Corey Albano was born on July 28, 1975 in the City of New York in the United States of America. He is a retired Basketball player and has dual nationality of USA and Italy.

Corey Albano Zodiac Sign

Corey Albanos star sign is Leo. The holders of Leo are often deemed as brave and social, which of course matches up with Corey’s real life. His Chinese zodiac on the other hand is Rat which surprisingly also holds similar characteristics. And lastly his ruling planet is Uranus.

Corey Albano Education Details

Corey Studied in a public high school by the name of Toms River High School South. After finishing his high school level he went and got admitted to Monmouth University in 1993. He graduated from Monmouth with a degree in Business Administration in Management in 1997.

Corey Albano Career Details

Corey Albano’s Basketball achievements started from his high school in Toms River. There Corey played for the Indians and had led them to the semi-finals of SCT twice. He had finished his high school basketball career with 1726 points which was a school record at that time.

Corey Albano As A Hall Of Famer

In 2016 Corey Albano was inducted in the Monmouth Hall of Fame. What was so enticing about his career in Monmouth? Let’s find out.

  • Corey had earned a total point of 1599 when he was in Monmouth.
  • He has the highest rebounding record to this day from Monmouth University.
  • Corey left with the fourth highest score of all time.
  • From 1996-97 he was awarded with the Male Athlete of the Year.
  • In that timeline he scored 559 points.
  • His five years average is the highest in the Campus history.

Corey played with a new team every season. His highest point was winning the Euroleague on 2001-2 season, The list of the teams he played with from 1997 are-

  • Ginasio CF
  • Scaligera Verona
  • Victoria Libertas Pesaro
  • S.S. Basket Napoli
  • Palcanestro Varis
  • Olympias Patras
  • Gruppo Triboldi Basket
  • Saint Quentin
  • Toms River Shooters

After that he retired and continued to work in several jobs.

Corey Albano worked as a sales representative in Empire Surgical LLC for 2 years and 3 months. Then he moved to join Corr Jensen as an Account Executive from January of 2010. He left that job in 2015 and immediately signed in with Umass & Princeton Sports Marketing for the same position. He continued to work there for 5 years till 2020. Now he is working in Atlantic Physical Therapy for the past 1 year.

Corey Albano Net Worth

From various sources it is claimed that Corey Albanon’s net worth ranges from $500,000 to $1 million.

Corey Albano Dating History And Marriage Details

He currently hasn’t been seen dating with anyone. Even though he is a popular basketball player his posts in social media suggest that he is a family man.

There has been no news been reported about any possible relationship of Corey Albano in the previous or in the recent years.

Corey Albano as it seems to be a very private person despite being a prominent public figure. The name of his spouse isn’t out there in the open or in his personal social media.

Corey Albano Parents And Family Details

Corey has posted numerous pictures of him with his father on Instagram. But he hasn’t mentioned his fathers name in any of them. But it is clear form his posts that his father is Italian. None of his parents names are mentioned anywhere or have been made public

Corey Albano Kids

So far no exact name or number of Corey’s kids have been made public. But he did post a picture of twins from his facebook profile in 2013.

Corey Albano Body Measurements

The all American Basketball player stands at a height of 6 ft 7 in (2.06 m) and even at his age weighs about 88 kilograms (194 lbs). It seems that the former Basketball champ hasn’t lost his touch in having a rigid physique even in this day and age.

Corey Albano Cars And House

No records of Corey’s personal properties have been made public. But reportedly he currently lives in Toms City, New Jersey.

Corey Albano Social Media Presence

Corey Albano is fairly active in social media. Even though he isn’t followed by a swarm of fans Corey posts regularly in his Instagram. He has a Facebook account by his original name and also has a very fulfilled Linkedin account.

Cubs Rookie Player Albert Almora Bio, Age, Career, Net Worth, Salary, Contract, Height, Weight

Albert Almora is a professional baseball center fielder and a historic Chicago Cubs player from 2016 to 2020. As at now, the once promising player is a free agent and many baseball fans are wondering what really happened to him.

Well, we have shared comprehensive info about the young star including his affairs (Previous Girlfriend, Cynthia; Recent wife, family), some stats at his prime time and whether he is still with the Chicago Cubs.

Albert Almora Bio: Age, Early Life, Parents

Amora was born in April 1994 to the late Albert Sr and Ana Almora in Florida. The father played baseball in Cuba before he relocated to the USA. Almora Jr. began training with his father when he was just three years.

To date, he admits his late father is a great inspiration in his career and after his death, he accepted the name JR to be added to his jersey. A lot of information about Almora’s family, including his siblings are not yet revealed, and will update them once they are out. Besides, the rumor that current MLB player Manny Machado is his cousin is not true. They are just close friends but not blood-related in any way.

Albert Almora Dating History And Marriage Details

Almora took to his Instagram account to post the picture of his fiancee and his baby, and then shared the tweet and Instagram photos of his post-wedding. Is it with the hottie Cynthia Ceneja?

Well, Almora is not only a rookie player in the game of baseball but in romance as well. He had been dating Cenaja Cynthis sometimes back. Whatever happened between them is not very clear but she is not the wedded wife we are talking about here.

The young star wedded Philadelphia Flyers dancer Krystal Gregorio on July 21, 2016. One month after marriage, they were blessed with a son, A.J.

Albert Almora Career Details

The young star was selected by Chicago Cubs out of Mater Academy Charter School with the sixth overall selection, in the MLB draft. He received a $3.9 signing bonus and in 2013, a year after being signed to the Cubs, ranked him as the second-best prospect in the Cubs organization and 39th all over baseball.

Almora spent time in the minor league between 2012-2013 with both AZL and Boise, batting average .321 with two home runs and 19 RBIs in just 33 games. He also played 61 games for Kane County Cougars batting average .329. He missed quite a number of matches due to injury and the Cubs decided to sign him to the Arizona Fall League.

Other teams that he featured in the minor league include Daytona Cubs, Tennessee Smokies (2014), and Iowa Cubs (2016). After gaining the required experience, Amora was promoted to the cubs.

He got his first major league hit in his debut against the Philadelphia Phillies on 8th June 2016, a day after being promoted. In November the same year, the Cubs earned their first World Series victory since 1908 thanks to Almora’s astonishing skills. Here is the summary of some of his crucial stats with Chicago Cubs.

He never made a full appearance in the 2020 season as the club declined to offer another contract. He was rejected along with another Chicago Cubs historic player Kyle Schwarber. That clearly indicates that Almora career is in the decline.

We will update every decision he will make to revive his expectations. For now, we don’t have information on the club he has signed for after his Chicago Cubs contract ended.

Ikaika Alama-Francis Bio, Age, Career, Net Worth, Salary, Height, Weight

Brent Ikaika Alama-Francis or more popularly known as Ikaika Alama-Francis was born on December 4, 1984. Ikaika Alama is his first name and Francis is his last, which he got from his fathers title. He is a 36 year old talented footballer known for playing in the National Football League.

Ikaika Alama-Francis Nationality

Ikaika is an American citizen. He was born in Hawaii, United States of America. It is in Hawaii where he started playing football under the influence of his father.

Ikaika Alama-Francis Zodiac Sign

His Zodiac sign is Saggittarius and he has Rat as his Chinese Zodiac.

Ikaika Alama-Francis Education Details

Ikaika Alama-Francis studied in Kalaheo High School. There he played for the All State High School Basketball. He was also involved in playing Volleyball during his high school life.

Ikaika Alama-Francis Career Details

The young Ikaika was popular with playing Basketball during his senior and junior year. So, after he finished high school he immediately joined the Basketball world professionally. He played the game for New Mexico and for Portland State. His career started by playing with the Warrior Basketball team where he played for only one season. But he was mostly used as a walk and played at the end of any match had an already decided outcome.

The first season with basketball also turned out to be Ikaika’s last season. His father thought that he lacked the physical traits to be in Basketball. As a former Football player himself, Joe Francis inspired his son Ikaika to join the Football team. The father and son duo even declined a scholarship offered to them by the Warriors coach.

In his senior year Ikaika gained weight and started off in football by representing the University of Hawaii. The additional weight got him a spot in the defence of the game in the 2006 season.

His 2007 season started by joining the Detroit Lions where he played under the jersey number 91. It was a twelve game season for the team, but he couldn’t participate in 10 of them due to his pectoral muscle injury. He had a record 12 tackles in the later games he played in that season. Later he changed his jersey to 97 after Boss Bailey left the team. Ikaika stayed with the Detroit Lions till September 6, 2009.

After his departure from the Detroit Lions he signed in with Miami Dolphins where he played as the outside linebacker. There he had a yearly salary of 460,000. Ikaika Alama-Francis played for them until 2011. He was last signed with the San-Francisco 49’s in a one season deal in 2012.

Ikaika Alama-Francis Net Worth

According to various sources his net worth ranges from $1 million to $5 million up until the year 2020. His main source of income comes from his career in football.

Ikaika Alama-Francis Dating History And Marriage Details

Currently Ikaika hasn’t been seen or rumored to be with anyone. There is absolutely no public data out there about his current dating life.

Previously Ikaika Alama-Francis was rumored to be in one relationship at least. But the name of his partner was not disclosed and he kept it a secret.

Ikaika Alama-Francis has never been married or even engaged at any point of his life. So far he has stayed unmarried and continues to do so. There isn’t any news of him getting married in the near future either.

Ikaika Alama-Francis Parents And Ethnicity

Ikaika Alama-Francis is the son of Joseph “Joe” Charles Naekauna Francis Jr. and Ronelda Ku’ulei Alama Francis. His father, who was commonly known as Joe Francis, was a former high school football coach and played in the Green Bay Packers as a quarterback in the NFL and The Canadian Football League.

Ikaika Alama-Francis Siblings

Ikaika’s mother Ku’ulei was the second wife of his father. He has three half brothers from the family of his father’s first marriage and a younger sibling named Makana.

Other than himself and his father, his oldest brother Jon Francis is also popularly affiliated with football.

Ikaika Alama-Francis Kids

The footballer also doesn’t have any children yet in 2021.

Ikaika Alama-Francis Body Measurements

Alama Francis stands on a height of 6 ft 4 in (1.96m). By the age of 36 has a weight of 290lb or 132kg.

Ikaika Alama-Francis Cars And House

There are no public records of Ikaika Alama-Francis’s real estate property or about the vehicles he drives.

Ikaika Alama-Francis Social Media Presence

Ikaika has a social media account on Instagram. Aside from that he isn’t available on any other social media website.

Barbie Blank (Kelly Kelly) Bio, Age, Carer, Net Worth, Salary, Height, Weight Dating, Boyfriend Cole Swindle

Today we will talk about your favorite wrestler Barbie Blank. How is she? How is she currently spending time with her new boyfriend? What she is currently busy with will be in today’s writing. Let’s get started then.

Barbie Blank(Kelly Kelly) Dating History And Marriage Details

Professional wrestler Barbie Blank and country singer Cole Swindle competed together at the American Country Music Awards on April 7th, 2019. Since then, rumors have been circulating that the two may be dated. Within hours, their representatives began speculating.

At the event, 32-year-old Barbie arrived wearing a dazzling black gown. Meanwhile, her new boyfriend Cole, wear Dolce and a Gabbana suit and a baseball cap of the same color came in after the man looked dapper.

Before their red carpet debut, Pro Wrestler posted a series of stories on Instagram with Cole.

However, that was in February 2019. The news of their romance first came to the audience that year. “Breakup in the End” hitmaker of the year spoke of the excitement of agreeing to the song. In it, Barbie took pride in identifying her as a “babe”.

Since then Barbie, a native of Florida, has enjoyed several times with her new boyfriend Cole. Although Barbie refrained from sharing photos with new people. But she (the woman) continues to tag her new boyfriend in her Instagram posts.
The former WWE star and Sheldon have been in love for almost four years before getting engaged in August 2014. On February 2016, the two tied the knot. Their wedding took place in Cabo, Mexico. The news of their marriage was published after August.

Before Sheldon, Barbie had been in a relationship with fellow wrestler Andrew “Test” Martin for two and a half years. Andrew tragically died in March 2009 of an accidental overdose.

The news of Barbie’s romance with her new musician boyfriend comes two years after she divorced her ex-husband Sheldon Sourya . Barbie’s family did not last long. In 2017, she divorced her ex-husband Sheldon Sourya.

Barbie Blank(Kelly Kelly) Bio: Age, Early Life

Barbie was born on January 15, 1987, in Jacksonville, Florida. She (female) loves gymnastics. At the age of ten, she broke her tail bone. So, her (female) Olympic aspirations ended.

Barbie Blank (Kelly Kelly) Education Details

While in college, he studied broadcast journalism.

Barbie Blank (Kelly Kelly) Career Details

She (female) worked as a full-time bikini model for Venus swimwear. In 2006, Barbie signed a development agreement with WWE on the advice of her agent. Kelly Kelly is the name of her (female) adopted stage.

Barbie Blank is an American professional wrestler. She (female) is known as Kelly Kelly on stage. She (female) has worked as an actress, model, and reality television star simultaneously.

Barbie began her career as a bikini model and worked for Venus Swimwear. In 2006, she was offered a contract by World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE). Despite having no prior knowledge of wrestling, she (female) was the youngest wrestler in the WWE.

In 2012, Barbie won the WWE Day Championship. But, four months later, he (the woman) lost the title to Beth Phoenix. She (female) has gained quite a reputation in the wrestling industry and has ringed the name, Kelly Kelly. Also, she has worked on television series as well as music videos, including “Throw It On Me”, “Soccer M,” “WWE Tufer Infi,” “Dice of Our Lives,” and “Wags LA.” She (female) has won several awards and in 2012 the ‘Kids’ Choice Awards ’.

Barbie Blank (Kelly Kelly) Net Worth And Salary Details

Barbie has an estimated net worth of 4 million dollars. Her (female) annual salary carries about 5 285 thousand. She (the woman) started her career unexpectedly, which gave her (the woman) fame as well as a luxurious life.

Barbie Blank (Kelly Kelly) Body Measurements

Barbie’s body measurements are 37-24-36 inches. Her (female) weight is 49 kg. She (female) is 5 feet 5 inches. She (female) has blonde hair. Her (female) eye color is gray. These have further enhanced her (female) beauty.

Barbie Blank (Kelly Kelly) Social Media Presence

Barbie has gained considerable followers by spending her free time on social sites. On Twitter, 712k people followed him while enjoying 1.2 million followers on his Instagram as of May 2020.

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Mark Alarie Bio, Age, Career, Net Worth, Salary, Height, Weight

Mark Steven Alarie or more popularly known as Mark Alarie was born on December 11, 1963. He is a retired all American Basketball player who is mostly known for being dominant in the National Basketball League throughout the 80’s.

Mark Alarie Education Details

Mark Alarie studied in the Brophy College Preparatory, a catholic boys school in Phoenix. After finishing college he got enrolled in the Duke University. There he played Ivy League Basketball. Due to the success of Mark Alarie’s career he was inducted in the Hall of Fame of Duke University and is now a member of the Duke University Alumni Association. In 1995 he did an MBA from the Wharton School of Business to further his career of investment banking at that point of his life.

Mark Alarie Career Details

In his Basketball career he played as the power forward. In his college life he was the player of the year in Arizona in 1982. Mark had scored a total of 2136 from Duke. In 1986 he was signed by the Denver Nuggets to officially play in the NBA. It was a one year deal. He played basketball in the NBA from 1986-1991. After that he retired as a professional player at the age of 27.

He also served as an Assistant in the US Naval Academy for a year. For the last 12 years Mark has been the President of an IT company named iCertainty.

Mark Alarie Net Worth

The net worth of Mark Alarie has seen a growth in the recent years. In 2017, Mark Alarie had a net worth of 1 million dollar. That almost tripled to $2.5 million in 2018 and then became a net of $3 million in 2019. The last report had shown he had a total net worth of $5 million up until 2020. The primary source of Mark’s income remains his time as a Basketball player and as the President of iCertainty. His net worth of 2021 remains to be updated till the end of the year.

Mark Alarie Dating History

The dating life of Mark Alarie was fairly secret even in the time he was at the top of the game. There isn’t any news of him dating in his younger years other than his wife.

Mark Alarie Marriage Details

So far his current wife is considered as his only romantic interest. According to a few rumors he had been in at least one relationship before he got married. But as it is a rumor and there isn’t any solid evidence to back that up we cannot confirm that as a fact.

Alarie married his long term girlfriend Rene Augastine. She is the only spouse he had throughout his entire life and they never got separated. Mark Alarie is also the only spouse that Rene ever had. She herself is quite successful in her life. Rene Augustine majored in Political Science from Duke University and got her Juris Doctor degree from Vanderbilt University Law School. She is currently working as the Deputy Assistant Attorney General in the Antitrust Division of The US Department of Justice. She is also in the Duke University Alumni Network.

Mark Alarie Parents And Family Details

The identity of the parents of Mark Alarie are not publicly documented. But his father-in-law Norman Augustine is a prominent aerospace businessman. He is a former student of Princeton University and John Hopkins University. He also served as the Secretary of the Army of the United States of America for two years.

Mark Alarie Kids

Mark and Rene have two sons and one daughter. Among the three children their daughter Isabella Alarie is the oldest. The name of the two younger sons are Christian and Alexander Alarie. Isabella is mostly known as Bella Alarie and is a very prominent basketball player just like her father. She is an Ivy League Women’s Basketball player who studied at Princeton University much like her grandfather. Bella has won the Ivy League player of the year three times in a row.

Mark Alarie Body Measurements

Even at the age of 57 Mark Alarie is still physically very well shaped. He stands at a height of 6 ft 6 in (2.03 m) and weighs 98 kilograms (216lbs). That is a great shape to be in his age.

Mark Alarie Cars And House

Information about Mark’s long term assets have been kept private.