Ronnie Aguilar Bio, Age, Career, Net Worth, Salary, Height, Weight

Ronnie Aguilar is an American professional basketball player born on the 24th of June, 1987, in Los Angeles (CA). He is 7.1 ft tall and weighs 113 kg. Close pals call him “Big Ron”.

His father was from a Central American country called the Republic of El Salvador, while his mother was from Honduras, a country that borders El Salvador on the northeast end.

Ronnie Aguilar Education Details

Aguilar attended John Marshall High School; a public high school located in the Los Angeles Feliz District in the same city he was born. It is here he started his journey towards becoming a professional basketball player.

In the Colorado State University, a public university in the State of Colorado, USA, he joined the university’s male basketball team and later moved to California where he joined the California State Dominguez Hills for his senior year.

He plays as a center and most recently played for Texas Legends in G-League before moving to Bahraini Premier League where he plays for the Al-Nweidrat. He is popularly known by his number 23 shirt and is being managed by Chris Patric.

Ronnie Aguilar Career Details

Ronnie started enjoying basketball success right from high school. In high school, Aguilar played not only basketball but also volleyball and football. He was the basketball most valuable player and two times team captain for the basketball team. In volleyball, he earned three letters and one letter in football as a wide receiver.

He holds his high school record for the most blocked shots, rebound, and points. He was also an all-state and all-league performer.

In the year 2014, he led the Barristers to the league championship where he made 10 blocks, an average of 25 points, and 20 rebounds. He was also named the ‘Best of the Rest’ and he became the first in the history of Marshall High to become an all-American with a D1 scholarship.

After high school, he moved to Colorado State University where he played for two years before transferring to California State Dominguez Hills in 2009. With the Hills, he played all the 39 games for the next two years making an average of 14.8 rebounds per contest and 18.4 points.

Professionally, in 2011 Aguilar was first drafted, played six games for the Bakersfield Jam in the NBA development league where he averaged 2.2 points and 4.2 rebounds in less than 6 minutes. He later moved on to sign for the Los Angeles Lakers for the 2012/2013 season. From Lakers, he moved to Venezuela where he signed for the Trotamundos de Carabobo in 2013.

In 2016, Dallas Mavericks Texas Legend of the NBA Development League came knocking; he signed with them and made his debut in a game against Bakersfield Jam where he spent his training camp in 2013; he made one rebound in just two minutes off the bench but his team went on to lose that game.

In 2018, he signed with Formosa Dreamer of the ASEAN Basketball League and moved to Al-Nweidrat of the Bahraini Premier League in October of the same year.

When his home country came calling in 2013, he answered and led the El Salvador national basketball team in the 2013 FIBA COCABA Championship where they got their first medal, a silver in international basketball. Two years later (2015), he was called up again and he led his nation to its first pre-Olympic world tournament in history.

Ronnie Aguilar Net Worth

Aguilar makes his money playing basketball. As of 2020, his net worth was estimated to be around $500,000 – $1 million.

Ronnie Aguilar Dating History

Like most celebrities, Ronnie Aguilar likes to keep his private and love life private. It was rumored some time ago that he was engaged but his recent picture in events suggests that can like be untrue, although he is believed to have been in at least one relationship. It is most likely that he is single at the moment.

Ronnie Aguilar Parents

Ronnie Aguilar was born to a Honduran mother named Lilian Romero and an El Salvador father name Gabriel Aguilar. They have four children – Ronnie, Kivin, Jason, and Jasmine Aguilar (three sons and one daughter). Not much is known about his siblings.

Ronnie Aguilar Body Measurements

  • Height 7.1ft
  • Weight 113kg
  • Bust size 33inches
  • Waist 34inches
  • Hips 34inches

Ronnie Aguilar Physical Statistics

  • Eye Color Amber
  • Hair Color Gray
  • Dress Size 14 (US)
  • Shoe Size 12.5 (US)

Casey Alexander Bio, Age, Career, Net Worth, Salary, Height, Weight

Casey Alexander is the famous american coach who recently replaced the legendary Rick Byrd. This brilliant man was born in the soil of America on 8th June in 1972. At this time, he is at the age of 48. His native home is in the whiskey famous town Tennessee. Casey was a splendid basketball player before he started coaching. At his prior time he used to play a lot. He had a great passion for this game. After his education he coached in different teams and had a great impact on the teams. He has the best possible records in his career. Till now the total record is 167-128. As an assistant coach and head coach he achieved a lot of awards and competitions. Currently is in charge of the Belmont University team.

Casey Alexander Education Details

Casey Alexander pursued his academic career from the renowned Belmont University. He did his bachelors in physical education. Then after completing the graduation he went for the post graduation. Casey accomplished his masters in sports management from Austin Peay State University. Alexander played in his University team and at present his name is honored in the hall of fame of the university. He did his graduation according to his plan and he proceeded towards the bright future. From the beginning of his student life he was very passionate about this game and he continued his journey in this path.

Casey Alexander Career Details

If the total career assessment is done then it will be found that Casey Alexander had a very good career till now. Because after he finished his education career he directly moved towards practical work he joined under the very renowned and experienced coach Rick in Belmont as an assistant coach and he worked for him 16 years which is a very long time. He gained a huge experience from there.

Then he was nominated as the main coach of Stetson in 2011. He trained that team very well and pushed them a lot further. He did the best and actually gave the 24-36 victory in two seasons.

After that he moved in as the boss of Lipscomb Bisons he also did a marvelous job from the year 2013 he started coaching there and in 6 years the record was 113-84. Following his guidance the Bisons achieved their Atlantic Sun title for the first time and first NCAA Division.

Recently he replaced his former head coach under whom he gained his experience Rick Byrd and the whole university community was very happy to receive him as the main coach. Belmont University’s future is in the right hand that is what Byrd said about Alexander. So he obviously has his reputation as a great coach because he was honored with the Skip Processor Man Of the year award in 2018. For his consecutive good performance he was also awarded Atlantic Sun Coach of the year as he was able to win several games and made the best impact on the team.

In 2020 he already won two trophies, one of them is Ohio Conference regular season. He did a very good job as the new man in control. He also achieved the tough OVC Tournament.

In his total coaching time he always played mind games very clearly and strategically. For that reason he was able to achieve this great record.

Casey Alexander Net Worth

Measuring the total asset of a coach is not that easy because all of his accounts are not publicly available. The net worth of this famous coach is not that much available but from the salary and other properties it is approximately $1 million dollars.

Casey Alexander Wife

Casey Alexander is happily married with beautiful Sunny Dixon. This is a lovely couple and they are having a very happy time as a family. Alexander appreciates the efforts of his lovely wife. Together they are moving well in their lives.

Casey Alexander Kids

Children are loved by everyone. Casey is also blessed with three children with his wife. He has a son named Mason Alexander, the other two are Allie Alexander and Reed Alexander. They are all grown up now and have a healthy relationship with their parents. And they are very proud of their father.

Chuck Aleksinas Bio, Age, Career, Net Worth, Salary, Height, Weight

Charles Chuck Aleksinas is one in every of the lowkey celebrities within the field of basketball. Aleksinas is a citizen of the USA. He was born within the locality of Litchfield in Connecticut on 26th February in 1959. He is a really good basketball player from his early age and he got noticed and selected by the NBA. Chosen by the Chicago Bulls he made a journey towards a new level with the Golden State Warriors.

Chuck Aleksinas Education Details

As a local kid he attended his school in the Wamogo regional high school.After finishing the high school he went for the college degree in 1977 in the University Of Kentucky. Chuck did his graduation from the University Of Connecticut in 1982. He played well and side by side he got his proper education from these institutions. He not only studied there but also contributed a lot in the sports sector by playing in the regular main basketball team of the school and universities.

Chuck Aleksinas Career Details

As a good sportsman he was very good from his school time and he played in his institution . Charles was the one who beat all the previous score records of the school and made a new score of one thousand points. He achieved the NCAA championship back in 1978.Not only that but also he got the runner up All-Big-East.

He also played in his universities and played a vital role in the team as he played in the middle that is known as center position. Chuck had the selection from the NBA in 1982. The Chicago Bulls were the party who chose him from the draft his position was 76 all over and after that Aleksinas pursued his career with the Golden State Warriors. In the season of 1984-1985 Chuck played very well for the team and scored lots of points.

Charles played in local teams and won so many games. Though he was a good player but Chuck couldn’t make a very good fortune so the local small club had the demand as he was an NBA player. Some of the clubs are Zaragoza,Gorizia,OAR Ferrol with whom he was involved.These small leagues were an important part of his career as he did not get that much in the big leagues he only played one season after the selection from NBA.

Chuck Aleksinas had a very good origin that is Lithuania.So as a lithunian he wanted to dedicate his playing for the country’s best team. Lithuanian authority that time was strict and made the decision that he will not be able to play for the national team of the country without the proper nationality.

Chuck Aleksinas Net Worth

Though Chuck Aleksinas was not that much of a highlight player but as he played in many small clubs that made him a lot of money . He also got his followers and fans and other endorsement so exact evaluation can not be found because of the lack of correct information. But the general estimation and calculation says he is approximately worth $2 million dollars.

Chuck Aleksinas Dating History

Charles is now 62 and currently he is not dating. He is enjoying his single life. No recent news was there about his affairs.

Chuck Aleksinas Family Details

Though he is single but he too has a family Rita Aleksinas , Elizabeth Aleksinas , Allison Strm and many others were enlisted as the family members as well as associates. Specifically no wife’s name was mentioned but he has some relatives.

Chuck Aleksinas Cars And Houses

Chuck was a passionate player. By playing he earned a lot money so that time he collected a rare car .That car was one of the oldest firebird made at that time in 1967 by Pontiac.It had the plate #002. It was totally a hand made car and very rare car but somehow this car was in the collection of Aleksinas. Though he had this car but he did not assume the value of it. Later on when the car was found in his old garage by Rawling then that man asked for the possession of that car. Considering today’s market this car can have a skyrocketing price and the bidders may find it very difficult to own this car for their collection.

Luke Voit Bio, Age, Career, Net Worth, Salary, Height, Weight

Louis Linwood Voit III, better known as Luke Voit is a 1st base Major League Baseball player. He plays with the New York Yankees, but his Major League debut was in 2017 with the Saint Luis Cardinals. He is most known for winning the 2020 Major League Baseball home run championship with 22.

He is 30 years old and uses the number 59 with his new team.

Luke Voit Wife

Luke Voit’s wife is Victoria Rigman. They got married in 2018 after several years of relationship, since 2015. They have recently announced they are pregnant with their first kid.

Luke Voit Family Details

Luke Voit was named by his parents, Lou and Janice Voit, as Louis Linwood Voit III. He was born and raised in Wildwood, Missouri with his sister Kate, and his brother John, who is a football player.

In 2015 he met Victoria Rigman, also known as Tori. They went together to the same school and started dating. In 2017 they got engaged, and in 2018 they got married.

In December 2020 Luke and Tory announced they are expecting their first baby.

Luke Voit Net Worth

As a Major League Baseball player, most people commonly believe that Luke has a huge amount of money accumulated over the years.

The truth is that Luke Voit’s career has been full of ups and downs that probably haven’t help to take him where he wants in his career.

Nevertheless, after years of hard work and effort, he has managed to have an approximate net wealth of 1,000,000, where the 573,200 of 2020’s baseball season paycheck are included.

Luke Voit Bio: Age, Early Life, Education, Siblings

Louis Linwood Voit III was born in Wildwood Missouri on February 13th, 1991. He is the son of Lou and Janice and has two siblings: Kate and John.

Luke was born and raised in Missouri, attending Lafayette High School and later to Missouri State University, where his professional athlete career started.

During his years in high school he played both baseball and football, but he ended up choosing baseball after several injuries in his shoulders forced him to forget about playing professional football, even some teams showed interest in his talents.

He was selected for the Saint Lois Cardinals in the year 2013 to be part of some of their minor teams until in the year 2018 he was traded to the New York Yankees where, after some ups and downs, he managed his way out to win the 2020 season’s home run title.

In the year 2018, he got married and he is currently expecting to have a baby sometime during 2021.

Luke Voit Career Details

Luke Voit’s career started from a very young age. He played as a third and first baseman, as well as a fullback and middle linebacker while he was attending Lafayette High School in his hometown Wildwood, Missouri.

After losing his football career during several shoulder injuries, he focused on his baseball career, and by the year 2009, he was selected to join the 2009 Major League Baseball draft for the Kansas City Royals, although he didn’t have any luck.

He then went to college, at the Missouri State University, where he joined the school’s baseball team, Missouri State Bears. He was part of the team for four years.

Between the years 2013 and 2017 he had different positions on several A, AA, and AA teams, until on June 25th, 2017 he had his first Major League game when he went against the Pittsburg Pirates.

He stayed with Saint Louis for all of 2017 and in 2018 he was traded to the New York Yankees where he had to go back to the AAA category. Later that year he was called to the Major League.

Voit has been voted “Player of the Week” on several occasions. He also was the 2020 season’s home run leader with 22.

Luke Voit Girlfriend

There’s no information on Luke’s previous girlfriends before his current wife, Tori Rigman.

Luke Voit Body Measurements

Luke Voit’s needs a strong body to be a baseball player. His height is 6 feet, 3 inches. His weight is 224 pounds.

Luke Voit Cars And House

A little before Luke got married to his wife, they managed to use Luke’s payments to buy themselves a house and a Chevy truck. By the time they got married, they were living in Saint Louis.

Brian Alexander Bio, Age, Career, Net Worth, Salary, Height, Weight

Brian Lawan Alexander born in april 26 1975 and he was an American professional basketball player. He played for Salon Vilpas in the year 1998. Brian Alexander was a very consistent and talented basketball player who eventually became a basketball coach. He died in may, 2020. He was 44 years old then.

Brian Alexander Education Details

Brian Alexander was born and raised in Detroit, Michigan. He attended Cody High School of Detroit and he completed his graduation in the year 1994. The thrust of learning never ended for him. After that he studied in Butler Community College in 1995 he had to do that because of his low ACT scores in the previous university. Brain Alexander was placed as the best no.4 center.

During his college career, Brian Alexander withdrew his name from the NBA draft but for entering the same competition he left his college in 1996.Brian Alexander signed a national letter of intent to attend Wichita State University. Due to low ACT scores, Alexander attended Butler Community College.

Brian Alexander Career Details

Brian Alexander played one year in the Butler community college basketball team. He caught a few eyes as he was a talented basketball player. Eventually Brian Alexander moved on to play three seasons at the University of Detroit Mercy. On the Detroit Titans men’s basketball team. He was undrafted in the 1998 NBA draft. He played at the forward position in basketball. He used to wear the 15 jersey. In the year 1998 Brian Alexander joined the Camden Power team and then he moved on to the team Salon Vilpas in the same year. And he also played for the team Windsor Drive in the year 2003.

Brian Alexander’s career took a positive leap when he joined Davidson college. He broke his old scoring records there. In his first year he was quite good with an average score of 9 points and 5 rebounds. But his basketball career bloomed in the following years as in the 2nd year of his college he averaged around 15 points and 6 rebounds. Soon he scored his personal 2000 points and was eventually named player of the week. When he was in the final years of his graduation he scored on an average of 21 points per game. He got hired by so many high-level division one teams. He has participated in a good number of local, national, and international basketball platforms. On the reports of some famous journalists from Chicago, he is overplayed by Okafor. He has been compared to many talented previous stars of the game.

Brian Alexander knew only one thing and that is basketball. He didn’t feel comfortable doing anything else that does not involve basketball. His career as a basketball player ended in the year 2003. Then he started coaching basketball teams in the same year. He coached a team that performed in the Rock Canyon High School in Highlands Ranch, Colorado in the year 2014. Then in the year 2018–2020, Brian Alexander coached a team in the Regis Groff Fusion HS, Denver.

During his early scouting recruitment days, he got hired by so many high-level division one teams. He has participated in a good number of local, national, and international basketball platforms.

Brian Alexander Family Details

The personal life of Brian Alexander was very off the grid so not much information can be gathered of this great basketball player. He has a sibling. A younger brother who is a football player Jason Jones. He is an NFL free agent football player.

Brian Alexander Girlfriend

Athletes are always very fond of a beautiful partner. He had a girlfriend in the past and not more was known about Brian Alexander. He liked to keep his personal attachments confidential.

Brian Alexander Net Worth

Predicting or assuming any athlete’s salary and net worth is always tough. The players and the club authority try to keep the salary and contract information confidential. But based on the most trustable sources his net worth is 100,000 to 200,000 USD. Net worth is also critical to estimate because of the unknown facts about a player’s spending habits. He earned all of his worth by playing basketball.

Brian Alexander Body Measurements

Brian Alexander was a very fittest and had a good body like other basketball athletes. He was 6 feet 1 inches (1.85meters) tall and he had 242lbs or 110 kgs of body weight at the age of 35 years.

Peyton Aldridge Bio, Age, Career, Net Worth, salary, Height, Weight

Peyton James Aldridge is a professional basketball player and he originated from the USA. He currently plays basketball with his team Bahçeşehir Koleji, in a turkish-based basketball super league. He plays in the power forward position in his team. He is 26 years old. And his hometown is in Ohio.

Age: 26 years old
Zodiac Sign: Scorpio
Born: 1995
Birthday: 10 November
Birthplace: Warren, Ohio, United States
Nationality: American

Peyton Aldridge Education Details

Peyton Aldridge was an excellent student during his academic career. If I had to summarize Peyton Aldridge in educational aspects, I’d have to use the word-”intelligence”. All his coaches like his basketball and football coach and also his academic teachers always talk about his IQ both on the field and off the field too. His high school teacher talks about him-“He has always been an “A” student in the classroom. And he’s just as smart on the court”.

Peyton Aldridge attended high school in his hometown Leavittsburg, Ohio. He was studying in LaBrae High School where he was a topper and he set a school record of scoring 1700+ points in basketball. He was a very prominent and reliable quarterback in his high school football team. He caught looks of some great football coaches but he refrained himself from football to focus all his energy into basketball.

Peyton Aldridge Career Details

Payton Aldridge’s career took a positive leap when he joined Davidson college. He broke his old scoring records there. In his first year he was quite good with an average score of 9 points and 5 rebounds. But his basketball career bloomed in the following years as in the 2nd year of his college he averaged around 15 points and 6 rebounds. Soon he scored his personal 2000 points and was eventually named player of the week by C.B.S sports. When he was in the final years of his graduation he scored on an average of 21 points per game.

He was offered scholarship at renowned Universities like:

  • Creighton University,
  • Davidson College(The one he took),
  • The University of Akron,
  • Belmont University,
  • Boston College,
  • Princeton University,
  • William & Mary University,
  • Cleveland State university,
  • Kent State University,
  • The Ohio state University, and
  • The University of Toledo

Payton Aldridge was undrafted in the NBA draft, then he was taken later in the NBA summer leagues. After that, he moved to Italy and signed with the “Vanoli Cremona” team, originating in Italy. After playing there for one year, he then moved to the turkish basketball league and signed with-”Afyon Belediye ” which plays in the Turkish Basketball Super League. And finally last year, Payton Aldridge signed with-“Bahçeşehir Koleji and is currently playing with that team in the Turkish basketball super league.

Peyton Aldridge Awards And Achievements

  • In the year 2018 he received Atlantic 10 All-Championship Team award from NCAA
  • In 2018 he also received NABC All-District (4) First Team
  • And also Atlantic 10 Tournament Most Outstanding Performer
  • Received AP All-American Honorable Mention
  • Atlantic 10 Player of the Year award
  • In the year 2017 he received Atlantic 10 All-Conference First Team award
  • In the year 2016 he was awarded Atlantic 10 Player of the Week

Peyton Aldridge Parents

Payton Aldridge is the son of Rick Aldridge and Lisa Aldridge and he has one sibling, Courtney Aldridge.

Peyton Aldridge Net Worth

Payton Aldridge is worth around $1 Million to $5 Million as per the year 2021. The information about his salary is not publicly disclosed.

Peyton Aldridge Body Measurements

Payton Aldridge is 6 feet 9 inch tall, weighing around 101kgs. He is a tall basketball player with a lean body.

Peyton Aldridge Marriage Details

Payton Aldridge is not married, He is single and as far as the publicly found information goes, he has no romantic ventures or connections with anyone yet.

Peyton Aldridge Kids

Payton james aldridge has no kids, he is not married and he has no girlfriends or romantic interests to show. It seems that this famous basketball has only one goal in life that is to play basketball and get even better at it.

Peyton Aldridge Cars And House

There is no information disclosed publicly about Peyton Aldridge’s personal cars and houses. He likes to keep these facts secrets. He is currently focused solely on playing basketball for his team in the turkish super league of basketball.

Griff Aldrich Bio, Age, Career, Net Worth, Salary, Height, Weight

Griff Aldrich is a former American basketball player, who also became a basketball coach later in his career, and he was also a lawyer. He’s currently involved with coaching the Longwood Lancers men’s basketball team as a head men’s basketball coach. He is a successful coach who led his team to one of the most extreme tournaments of college basketball. Griff Aldrich is currently 47 years old, with over 20 years of experience as a basketball coach.

Griff Aldrich Education Details

Griff Aldrich was a student in a high school back in his hometown. After he graduated high school, He started out as a basketball player. And he was an outstanding basketball player. He developed a friendship with Ryan Odom, a famous basketball player, and together they made an appearance in the D-3 NCAA tournament. After he graduated high school, He decided to take his talents to Hampden-Sydney College which is located in Hampden Sydney, Virginia. In his Bachelor’s degree, He majored in Law just because he thought that it was a “challenging career”.

Griff Aldrich Career Details

Griff Aldrich’s career started as a basketball player when he played for the Hampden_Sydney team. Then he took a break to pursue his academic career. After his graduation from law school he came back to his alma mater the Hampden_Sydney basketball team where he joined as an assistant coach. After that he joined a private sector law firm and investment firms for 16 years.
In 2018, he joined the Longwood Lancers men’s basketball team as a head coach and finally his basketball career came back to track.

Griff Aldrich had other interests too. He joined a private law firm, founded an oil and gas company, and he also had connections with a private investment firm. While he was employed in his law firm, he never forgot Basketball. While working with the law firm, he coached several elite basketball teams in several elite level basketball programs.

Griff Aldrich Non-Basketball Career

The law firm he worked with and was a partner there is the biggest law firm in all of Houston,Texas as he did not want to wake up someday as a middle-aged basketball coach with no vision of life.

He married into a family which had the city’s one of the most prominent oil-businesses. He learned a lot from there and founded his own oil company. He left his first coaching job for minimum pay. But at his oil company he structured business deals with private firms that are worth several billion dollars yet he still lived in the inner city and managed to coach a basketball team through several elite basketball programs.

Griff Aldrich Personal Life And Marriage Details

Griff Aldrich’s personal life can be turned into a family movie with success as white collar employee comes back to his alma mater as he does not want to give up on basketball.

Griff Aldrich married Julie Aldrich. Her family was flamboyant with their oil business which Griff Aldrich learned from and later formed his own oil business farm and made a fortune.

The aldrich family has adopted three beautiful children. The three adopted children are named Ford,Scott.and Laura lee. Griff Aldrich is a religious man. He is a christian.

Griff Aldrich Net Worth

Griff Aldrich’s net worth is estimated around 3-4 million US dollars, with a yearly salary of 150,000 US dollars. He earned a lot from his business in the oil business that he founded and cracked several deals with private firms that are worth multi-billion US dollars.

Griff Aldrich Wife

Griff Aldrich is a husband, and a father to three beautiful children. He is married to a lovely lady named Julie Aldrich. The aldrich family grew when they adopted three beautiful children named Scott, Ford and Laura Lee.

Griff Aldrich Parents

The information about Griff Aldrich’s parents is not public knowledge, But from his official twitter account, he tweeted that his parents were coming from Oklahoma, Texas, Maryland, Florida. We’re to assume that his parents live there while he lives in farmville,virginia.

Griff Aldrich Kids

Griff and Julie Aldrich adopted three beautiful children together. Named Ford,Scott, Laura Lee.

Griff Aldrich Cars And House

There are currently no public reports or records of Griff Aldrich’s personal properties. He prefers to keep that information private. But he is seen a couple of times with his family in expensive SUVs.

James Cracknell Bio, Age, Career, Net Worth, Salary, Height, Weight

James Edward Cracknell is an athlete who is a citizen of England. This man borned in 5th May 1972 at Sutton,London. James is a rowing champion and achieved a double gold medal in the Olympics. For all his achievements his name was written in the honor list and appointed as OBE in 2004.

James Cracknell Education Details

James attended his school in Kingston Grammar. He completed his bachelors from University Of Reading in 1993. Then he got a PGCE from Institution of Education. Cracknell had his post graduation in 1999 from Brunel University. The thrust of learning never ended for him so he got admitted in Mphil and completed it from Cambridge .

James Cracknell Career Details

Cracknell started his career by rowing for Junior World Champions and won a gold medal in 1990. He competed in many world-rowing competitions. His peak years were started from 1997 prolonged to 1998 the 1999 and finally in 2000 he won the most awaited medals of 1st position in international olympic. He got a position in the team of four who were performing for rowing representing England.

He swiped his position from rowing to strokeside with Pinset in doubles and achieved victory in the world championships in 2001 and 2002. After a failure in 2003 he was shifted to the men’s coxless fours. He and his partners won 1st position in 2004 in Greece after beating the former team of Canada. He also owns some good records besides these competitions.

This man took the decision to end his competitive rowing career in 2006 and declared that the competitions are becoming a little stressful for him so he wanted to quit.

Though James is a sports man he also has some good skills as a presenter and he pursued this career and recently working in ITV and Channel4 as the sports person and commentator. As a writer he also writes columns in papers. He is also co-author of the book-The Crossing: Conquering the Atlantic in the World’s Toughest Rowing Race.

As a man full of potential he is also a politician who was selected from the conservative party of UK in the year of 2014 but luck did not favour him to get a seat finally in the parliament.

James Cracknell Brain Injury

Cycling was one of his favourite things but this hobby nearly killed him. There was a major incident that made him suffer for a long time, it was also a reason for his separation.He had a road accident from a truck in 2010 and had a brain damage. From that time he got some issues with his behavior.

James Cracknell Net Worth

Total asset evaluation of James is around $3 million dollars. He got some fancy real estate properties and cars. Nobody can exactly measure how much money actually he has but from different sources of income and other calculations this is an approximate amount.

James Cracknell Dating History

An attractive man like this is sexually straight and dating actively. Currently he is involved with a charismatic and young woman. In Spite of being aged he is still dating actively.

James Cracknell Girlfriend

No man misses a chance to date a young and beautiful lady. James is also dating a girl who is actually graduating now. The name of this woman is Jordan Connell. She is a little younger but as we all know love has no limit so at this point of life James and Jordan fell in love and are proceeding towards a permanent bond.

James Cracknell Ex-Wife

Every human once in their lifetime wants to have a family. This man got a family with gorgeous Beverly Turner. This couple had a long time relationship for 17 years since 2002 and for some sad reason they had to get apart in 2019. After the cycle accident of James there was a gap between them and from that event this couple could not get along together again.

James Cracknell Kids

Children are loved by everyone. Cracknell is also blessed with three children with his first wife. He has a son named Croyed, the other two daughters are kiki and Trixie. They are all grown up now and have a healthy relationship with their father.

James Cracknell Body Measurements

Good physique is the key of a sports man and James has a good body. His height is 193.04 CM and weight is 97 kg.

Mike Ahearn Bio, Age, Career, Net Worth, Salary, Height, Weight

Michael Ahearn was a British-American college athletics administrator who was born in Rotherham, England on November 28, 1878, and died at the age of 69 years on February 5, 1948, in Manhattan, Kansas, USA. He attended Massachusetts Agricultural College which is now known as the University of Massachusetts Amherst.

Mike Ahearn Early Life

He was a versatile administrator. As a coach, he coached the baseball team, American Football team, and Basketball team of Kansas State University at different times. He also lettered in ice hockey, football, basketball, and baseball at the now, University of Massachusetts.

He did not only go far in college athletic coaching but he was also the head of the department of physical education, director of athletics, an academic professor, and considered by many as the father of Kansas State athletics. From 1922-1931, he was a member of the college football rules committee where he and other members helped to make rules that influence today’s football.

Mike Ahearn Career Details

His coaching career started in 1905. He became the head coach in what is known today as the Kansas State University football team, a position he maintained until 1910. His 39-12-win record for the Kansas State Wildcat Football stood for over 80 years until it was broken by Coach Bill Synder in 1995, and he achieved this in six seasons.

In the last two seasons as football head coach, his teams were unstoppable. The Aggies were 17-3-0 and score 672-42 against their rivals. His team was so strong that a rival team refused to play them in 1910.

As a basketball coach, he did what some people would call a miracle. In the 1909/1910 season, Ahearn led the Kansas State basketball team to 26-24, including a 10-3 mark. He didn’t just stop there; he also guided the basketball team to a 90-35-2 mark during a period of 6 years (1904-1910).

He was never tired when it came to sports and athletics; even in his free time, he still coached the Kansas State golf team, tennis team, and track team. I call him a man of many sporty talents. With all these sports engagements here and there, he still maintained his full-time horticulturalists position in Kansas State.

He was forced to resign as a coach in 1912 by the press of the department work but he still did not give up his love for sports. He remained the school’s faculty representative and maintained his activeness in the school athletics in every other possible way like being a referee from 1912-1920.

With Ahearn’s commitment and dedication never quenching, he was appointed the athletic director in 1920 after the resignation of A.G Cleverger left – a big man in the Kansas State Sports Department.

The major problem he had to face in his new job was to fill in five coaching vacancies. He appointed Charles Bachman as the football coach. Bachman was a Navy officer and played for the Navy.

He returned the Aggie nickname to the KSAC team; the name didn’t stick and publishers kept using Aggies.

He appointed E. A Knoth in basketball, an instructor in the physical education department. Then, E.C Curtiss as the baseball coach.

At a time, Ahearn headed three teams of different sports – the basketball team of Kansas State from 1906-1911 making 28-27 mark and also head baseball of the same school from 1904-1920 making a record of 90-35-12, plus the football team mentioned earlier.

He remained with Kansas State as athletic director for 27 years, from 1920-1947 during which he laid the foundation of the Wildcat Home Stadium which was later completed in 1967, 45 years after it was started.

In 1911, during Ahearn’s tenure at Kansas State, he helped in the building of the Nicholas gymnasium and also an indoor facility which was later named after him.

Ahearn will always be remembered by the State of Kansas for his contributions to sports administration. When he was alive, the first on-campus athletic field was named after him (Ahearn Field) in 1911 – the Memorial Stadium of the Kansas State Wildcat.

In 1950, after his death, the school honored Ahearn by opening the Ahearn Field house, an indoor track, and field facility that was used by both the basketball and volleyball teams of Kansas University till 1988.

Among other honors, he was also selected as a charter member of the Kansas Sports Hall of Fame in 1991.

Cliff Alexander Bio, Age, Career, Net Worth, Salary, Height, Weight

Cliff Alexander which is his only name was born on 16th November 1995. He is a globally successful and young basketball player since his debut. Cliff’s nationality is American and he was born in the territory of Chicago, Illinois, United States. He listed himself on several top lists of basketball athletes among them there is Mr. Basketball-USA version and Naismith Prep Player of the Year. He got Scorpio’s birth sign.

Cliff Alexander Educational Background

The Kansas team star Cliff had his early age study in his hometown Illinois, United States. Cliff has completed high school in native Curie Metropolitan High School and college from Kansas. He has passed an athletic life since his junior school and senior college days. He has achieved many rewards and played in a number of leagues and games during his school and college life.

Cliff Alexander Career Details

The Korean league star started his career in his freshman days in high school. But he was a football player in the starting days till 8th grade. Alexander is currently playing for the Korean Basketball League star professional team Busan KT Sonicboom. He achieved Player of the year and Naismith recognition on his high school days at Curie, Chicago, United States. Though he wasn’t involved with basketball in his childhood, he made a significant contribution after joining the school basketball team. He got himself listed on every top list, best player list, and best stats list during those days. Even some people considered him as the best basketball player of the school year 14 on his playing against the best team on the occasion of King’s day.

During his early scouting recruitment days, he got hired by so many high-level division one teams. He has participated in a good number of local, national, and international basketball platforms. On the reports of some famous journalists from Chicago, he is overplayed by Okafor.

He is being compared to many talented previous stars of the game. His professional career runs from several clubs to clubs among them Portland Trail Blazers, New Orleans Pelicans, Le Mans Sarthe, and his current team are Busan KT Sonicboom where he joined last year. He has also got a national team career for the USA Basketball team. The player also has some summit games and classic game records. During his university days at Kansas, he was coached by highly known Bill Self.

Cliff Alexander Net Worth

Predicting or assuming any athlete’s salary and net worth is always tough. The players and the club authority try to keep the salary and contract information confidential. But based on the most trustable sources his net worth is 100,000 to 1 Million Euros or pounds. Net worth is also critical to estimate because of the unknown facts about a player’s spending habits. He earned all of his worth by playing basketball.

Cliff Alexander Dating History

Athletes are difficult to forecast in their personal life secrets. Athletes love to date, beautiful girls. Sometimes they reveal their partner’s name, sometimes keep that secret. Cliff’s record on the date issue is very clear. He had a past relationship history but he is currently not dating anyone.

So, our sources are claiming that a 25 years old basketball athlete is presently single. It can be an opportunity for some girls who really want him in their life.

Cliff Alexander Girlfriend

All the celebrities are private about their partners. Cliff is also a person who loves to keep his secret private. But on the girlfriend issue, he claims himself as single. He has got past relationship experience but he is staying alone right now. So, he has no girlfriend to share his life with nowadays.

Cliff Alexander Wife

Our 25 years old youngster is still single and not married.

Cliff Alexander Parents

The father of Cliff Alexander was an athlete and he was a basketball player also. Cliff’s father Clifton Terry was a former basketball player in the Kennedy–King College basketball team. So, we can surely say that, like father like son here. We don’t have enough information about his mother. Her name is Latillia Alexander. She contributed a lot to Cliff’s today’s successful career.

Cliff Alexander Kids

As Cliff Alexander is still single he has got no child.

Cliff Alexander Body Measurements

At the age of 25 Cliff is 6 feet 9 inches (2.06 meters) high and weighs over 112 Kg ( 246 lb ).

Cliff Alexander Cars And House

There are currently no public reports or records of Stan Albecks personal properties. He prefers to keep that information private.