Alaskan Bush People Net Worth: Who Is The Richest Cast Member?

It is a well -known show on the Discovery channel. It’s an American show in which brown family is a survival in Alaska who is living far from the city. This show first aired on the Discovery Channel on 6th May 2014. In this show, we can see the Brown family’s life. This family lives widely and the members of this family have criminal records.

Alaskan Bush People Net Worth

The show represents the entire family of the Bush People of Alaska. In this show, we can see how good hunter and fisher they are and surviving in any wilderness in the forest. So here is one question that arises about the Alaskan bush family. All the people who are seeing the show are curious to know about their net worth, source of income and their land and property.

Alaskan Bush People Cast Members

In this show the whole brown family cast. The casts include Billy Brown, his wife Ami Brown, Matt Brown, Bam bam Brown, Bear Brown, Gabe Brown, Noah Brown, Birdy Brown and Rainy Brown.

Billy Brown Net Worth

In Alaskan bush people, Billy brown is a simple bush folk. Billy brown’s estimated net worth is 5 million and it’s a primary source of income which comes from his acting career. He also earns income as an author. Billy Brown has written two books and he earns a very good amount from them by selling. On 21st 2009 he published January “The lost years “and on 10th 2007 he publishes “one wave at a time “. He as various sources of income.

Ami Brown Net Worth

On august 28th 1963 Ami Brown was born. She was elder than 15 years than billy. She is an old fashioned woman and never bought things for her marriage on the television. Her net worth income is $12 million.

Matt Brown Net Worth

His real name is unknown to everyone, which is Matthew Brown. on 7th September 1982 Mathhew Brown was born. Due to alcohol he was sent to rehabilitation center he left the show in the ninth season. Yearly $500000 net worth.

Rain Brown Net Worth

Rain Brown is the elder member of this family and also known as Rainy Brown.. Merry Christmas Kathryn Raindrop Brown is real name of Rainy Brown. She is known for her kindness and loyalty. She is just sixteen years old and her net worth is approximately $100000.

Bam Bam Net Worth

Bam Bam is known for Joshua Bam Bam . He loved to do her work by herself. His net worth is $300000.

Gabriel Brown Net Worth

Billy Brown’s fourth son name is Gabriel Brown. He is the follower of her father. He is also a great fisherman .His net worth $ 200000.

Snowbird Brown Net Worth

On 18th November 1994 Birdy Brown is born. She is also known as Snowbird Brown in the show. She has a great and charming personality. Her net worth is $ 100000.

Noah Brown Net Worth

Noah’s real name is Noah Darkclud Brown. on July 18, 1992 Dark Cloud was born. He. His approx. income is $100000.

Bear Brown Net Worth

Solomon Isaiah freedom brown is a billy brown’s fourth son. On June 10, 1987 He was born. His net worth approximately is $60000 to $100000.

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