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Is Dorothy Dandridge Daughter Harolyn Suzanne Dead or Alive? Find Out About Her Mental Health Issues, Family

She was born in the city of Los Angeles, California on the 2nd of September in 1943 to Dorothy Jean Dandridge who was an African American actress, dancer and singer. Her mother was best known to be the first African American actress to get nominated for Best Actress Academy Award for her dazzling performance in Carmen Jones in 1954 and the first black woman to get featured on the covers of Life Magazine.

Harolyn had a misfortune of being born with brain damage. Because of her disability she is unable to pursue a career of her own. Therefore, there is no information about her net worth but it is probably at a very low scale.

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Harolyn Suzanne Nicholas And Her Health Issues

From the beginning, Harolyn Suzanne has had a terrible life. Firstly, she was born with a serious brain damage, she suffered from cerebral anoxia which was caused by lack of oxygen level in her brain and would continue to exist being a part of her life. Secondly, her mother brought her up alone when her father left them when she was just 5 years of age. Thirdly, she was admitted to an asylum as her mother could no longer handle her financial needs. Her cognitive abilities were affected by her condition and led to her inability to speak and recognize, not even her parents until she was four years of age.

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Despite her Illness, she tried to find joy in her life. Dorothy did everything she could possibly do to improve her health and make her life more comfortable. She spent all of her money on doctors and specialists, but all her efforts went into vain. She got no support fro his father, else he abandoned her after the formative years.

Harolyn Suzanne Nicholas Family

She belongs from a family known for stage performance. Not only her mother, Dorothy Jean Dandridge was an actor and dancer, her father, Harold Nicholas was also a famous tap dancer. As per the reports, his father is half brother of famous tap dancer Nicholas Brothers. The couple got married on the 6th of September, 1942 and shortly welcomed their first child. Harold and Dorothy got divorced after 12 years of their marriage. On 8th of September 1965, Dorothy passed away, as per the autopsy reports she died of a drug overdose. Her grandmother, Ruby Dandrige had created a dance act named as ‘The Wonder Children’. She has no other siblings born by her mom Dorothy.

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Is Harolyn Suzanne Dead or Alive?

It is still not clear if Harolyn Suzanne is dead or alive. Some reports tell about her demise in 2003, while some claim say she is still in a mental asylum in California.