Youtuber Logan Paul Bio, Age, Education, Net Worth, Career, Youtube Channel, Early Life

What you do is a common question we ask somebody if we wish to know their job. They may say the same in one word like a doctor or an engineer. But, if you ask the same question to Logan Paul, he may give you a long list as he does that many things. Yes, he is a renowned You Tube personality, an entrepreneur, producer, actor, director, vlogger and a musician. All together a matchless entertainer.

Logan Paul Bio: Age, Education, Early Life

Logan Alexander Paul was born on April 1st, 1995 in Westlake Ohio in United States. This would be American You Tuber had his education at Ohio University. He moved to Los Angeles when he was just 19 to pursue his media dreams. In 1993 he started his You Tube channel TheOfficialLoganPaul. Soon he became one of the most famous social media stars in the world and presently he enjoys a massive audience despite being controversial at times.

Logan Paul Career Details

As a famous You Tuber Logan Paul enjoys a whopping three billion views. Initially he was video posting in the Vine platform and there he had more than nine million fans. Later he migrated to You Tube and became one of its ultra-famous personality.

Presently he has more than 15 million subscribers in You Tube and more than 4 million followers on Twitter. Another commendable feat of Logan Paul is that his You Tube channel is the fastest one to reach 10 million subscribers in the history of You Tube platform.

Logan Paul Net Worth

Logan Paul gets money from being a successful social media entrepreneur. Forbes has declared that for one Facebook post Logan Paul gets £110, 000 and for one sponsored Instagram post he makes £59, 000. Forbes has stated that Logan Paul has made £ 9.25 million last year. COED reports that his net worth as of 2018 is £ 11.1 million. And his net worth as of 2019 is estimated to be $19 million. And guess how old is he now? Just 23!

Logan Paul As A Youtuber

In 2018, Logan Alexander Paul was having around 16 million subscribers. When everybody was wondering if there is any more popularity, he can achieve he did exactly that. At the beginning of 2018, he became more famous than he already is by disgracing himself by posting the video footage of a deceased corpse who committed suicide by hanging. From fans to celebrities to critics everybody condemned this act of Logan Paul who ended up deleting that video finally. He also apologized, in fact two apologies, for posting such a controversial video. Though he got disgraced because of all these events he became even more known by the whole world.

The general saying goes that there is a thin line between creativity and craziness. It is very true for Logan Paul as his controversial video post ended up being bizarre and Logan Alexander Paul is taking now his time off from social media.

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