Yamiche Alcindor Wiki, Husband, Parents and Career life

She is an American nationality who is a reporter – journalist. Throughout her career, she had been able to air issues concerning social justice and politics.

Since the year 2008, Yamiche has been a White House Correspondent for the PBS News Hour. Under the presidency of the current president, Donald Trump, Yamiche is greatly concerned with the reporting and analysis of developments and policies implementation.

It was a milestone for Yamiche in 2013 when received the title “Emerging Journalist of the Year”, an honor that she was awarded by the National Association of Balck Journalist.

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Yamiche’s Personal Life

Nathaniel Cline, who is also a journalist based in Virginia, is her husband. On 3rd March 2018, the duo did have their wedding. This was after dating from the year 2014.

It was one of the beautiful weddings ever as both of them were dressed in white sparkling apparels. The duo has lived a happy life ever since, not experiencing any challenge since the beginning of their dating period, even in the case that Yamiche has such a busy work schedule.

Wiki-Bio, Parents, and degree

On 11th May, Yamiche Leon Alcindor was born. Having been immigrants from Haiti, his parents met while in school at Boston College. It is believed that it is Miami where the couples shifted and marked the raising home for Yamiche. Yamiche graduated with a bachelors degree in Arts and African American Studies in 2009 from the Georgetown University, Washington.

Career, Net Worth and Challenges

She did work as an intern in major news publication outlets including The Washington Times, The Seattle Times, The Miami Herald. This was during her time while still at the University. This opportunity gave her the chance to write on issues cutting across America and African countries on issues such as health, violence, cultural differences, racial violence as well as about Haiti.

She rose her fame in the news industry when she got the White House Correspondent for the PBS News Hour, in the year 2018. This earns her a revenue of not less than $100,000 annually. As a consequence, she got a few challenges during her career, due to the rise in income and status.

Interrupted by President Donald Trump

It was during the first week of November 2018, that President Donald Trump got to cut her short before completing her question during a press briefing in White House.

As a result, President Trump refused to answer her question which was about the Republicans possibility, including him, to encourage nationalist. He referred to her as a “racist”.

Her fellow journalists later came out and bashed the President of not professionally acting right and even defended Yamiche that her intentions were not even close to racism.

In her writing publications, she did emphasize that the president’s policies did have a greater impact on other colors in the state and not leaving behind the African-American community, which is her background.

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