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Winston Marshall Bio, Age, Career, Net Worth, Married, Wife Dianna Agron, Wedding, Children

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Winston Marshall, born as Winston Aubrey Aladar Marshall, is one of the most popular and accomplished British musicians. He has been known by the name of “country” due to the country music influence which can be evidently seen in his works. He is best known as a banjoist and a guitarist for the Grammy-winning British band Mumford and Sons but is a complete multi-instrumentalist and vocalist in himself. It’s not very hard to guess, where the folk and traditional elements of the band come from and he might not always carry the name “Country” but his music will always have the subtle touches of country culture and tradition and folk music.

From his family to net worth here is all that you ever wanted to know about Winston Marshall.

Winston was born and brought up in Greater London. His father, Sir Paul Marshall is one of the big investors of London and owns a big hedge fund which contributes to his net worth of $650million. His mother is French and has a younger sister. He is an exemplary self-made man, considering he never used any of his family background as a stepping stone in the music industry.

After being part of few small bands and performing as lead guitarists in few events Winston achieved notable success and popularity after the debut studio album of Mumford and Sons “Sigh no more” which once stood second on the Billboard200. He has been a founding member of the band and is an integral part of it only as an instrumentalist but also as a songwriter, composer, arranger, and vocalist.

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Winston Marshall Net worth

He has been touring and performing with band worldwide, and has made a pretty good fortune for himself. According to sources he is reported to have a net worth of over $15 million. The artist also acquired an apartment worth $3.2 million situated in Manhattan in the year 2015 just after his band’s third release “Wilder Mind”.

The band has been like a family to him and his personal, as well as professional relations with his bandmates have grown out to be stronger with time. In fact, he and Marcus Mumford after whim the band is named used to share an apartment way before the formation of the band. They are seen to continue sharing such bonds on vacations with all the members of the band.

Winston Marshall Social Media Presence

The artist has a surprisingly low social media presence with only a few hundreds of followers on twitter and a comparatively less active Facebook page.

The man has often been in the limelight and not always for a good one. He has and creates to continue a lot of buzz in the circle through his entirely weird sense of fashion. He could easily be spotted with tattered shirts and denim shorts. GQ UK even named him the sixth-worst dressed man in 2012, but these criticisms went undeceived and he still continues to deliver a statement of uniqueness and unboundedness with his attire. He has also managed to be in the center of some flings reporting him to be in relationships with high profile singers, although these never translated into anything serious and faced a dead end with his marriage.

Winston Marshall Married, Wife Dianna Agron

Winston married American actress and singer Dianna Agron in 2016 in Morocco, although they were photographed holding hands and reported to be dating since 2015. Dianna had her last two releases in 2017, and has wasn’t seen on a holiday until this year when the couple went on a trip to Lake Como, Italy where they were seemed to enjoy their escape-trip through the small villages in the countryside.

Quick Facts About Winston Marshall

Name: Winston Aubrey Aladar Marshall
Born: 20 December 1987 (age 31)
Place of Birth: Wandsworth, London
Spouse: Dianna Agron (m. 2016)
Parents: Paul Marshall and Sabina Marshall