Wicked Tuna Cast Net Worth And Salary 2021

The reality television series wicked tuna is an exciting series about fishers based in Gloucester, Massachusetts. The fishers go on an adventurous journey to search for Atlantic bluefin tuna in the North Atlantic ocean. The reality series is about the competition between the team of fishermen who are set to outsmart one another to find out who can catch the maximum number of fish. Numerous obstacles stand in the way of hooking bluefin tuna and fishermen must overcome these barriers in the course to catch the fish. The task requires patience and endurance.

The crews and the team of the series are bold and ready to face all sorts of difficulties. Show also highlights the essential issues that surround the fate of bluefin tuna. The show is a big hit, and that is the reason national geographic channel has renewed it for the sixth season. The teams are required to follow the united states of America regulatory and they are led by their captains.

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Paul Hebbert Net worth

He is among the most experienced fishermen in the cast of wicked Tuna. He is being starred in the series since 2012. He heads FV-MISS SAMBUCA as a captain. His net worth is & 400,000

Dave Marciano

Dave is 52 years old, married man and proud father of two daughters and a son. He is from Ipswich, Massachusetts. His ship is hard merchandise, and he is the captain of the ship. He has been the member of the series since2012, and his net worth is estimated as $500,000.

Jason Muenzner

Jason was born on July 8, 1988, in Gloucester, Massachusetts. Dave Marciano is his uncle, and he was inspired by him to join the show. His fishing skills are exceptional. His net worth is unknown.

Bill Monte

He is one of the best fishermen among the crew. He was inspired by his uncle dave Marciano to join the show. His earnings, salary or net worth is not disclosed in public.

Blair Deman

He is a reality tv show personality and commercial fishers his biography. Networth and salary are not known.

Donna Monte

She is married to bill monte, and they are together or more than 30 years now. Bill monte and donna monte work as a joint team on the show. Their boat is a bounty hunter that has been among the few selected boats on the award-winning display. Her net worth is not available anywhere.

Dave Carraro

He started his fishing career with his father at a young age. He was born on April 23, 1968, in Middletown, new jersey. He is also a pilot and owes a charter business. Dave joined the reality show in 2012. His per episode salary is $83000, and his net worth is $600,000.

Gregory Chorebanian

He got to join the reality series because of his accent. His net worth, income and other facts are unknown.

Kevin Leonowert

Captain of the ship Christina’s vessel, Kevin Leonowert was born in 1966 in Massachusetts, and his net worth is $250,000

Kit Vallee

Nothing is known about kit Vallee to accept that he is a commercial fisherman and a cast member in wicked Tuna.

Ralph Wilkins

He is one of the famous stars on the show wicked Tuna his personal life, net worth and salary are not disclosed.

Sandro Maniaci

His net worth is $350,000, and his annual salary is $100,00

Tyler Mclaughlin

Tyler was born in 1989 in Rye, New Hampshire USA, and he learned fishing from his father after graduating from Gloucester high school. He was the winner of America red cross first responder in 2015 for the rescue he did in 2014. His ship is pinwheel, and he is the captain of the ship. His net worth is & 400,000

Tj Ott

Captain of the ship hot tuna, T.J. was born in Broughton the broad channel island in new York. He learned fishing from his father and specializes in catching giant tunas. He became the part of wicked Tuna from 3rd season. His current net worth is $500,000, and his salary is &100,000 per episode.

Information about, Scott Ferriero, Scott Prentiss, Tyler McLaughlin, Dave Carraro, Donna Monte, Gregory Chorebanian is unknown.

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