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Why Was Bianca Devins Stabbed At A Concert? Know His Age At Death And Suspected Killer

Bianca Michelle Devins was a teenage girl, barely 17 years of age, who was stabbed to death on July 14, 2019. She lived in New Hartford, New York and was attending a concert of Nicole Dollanganger in Utica, New York.

Bianca Devins Bio: Age At Death, Education

She was a 17-year-old girl, recently graduated from high school, who was about to start a psychology course in college later in the year. Her aim was to get a degree in Psychology to be able to help adolescents suffering from mental illnesses. Similar to most of the teenagers her age, she was also quite active on social media. Recently, she wrote on a gaming platform expressing her excitement to attend a concert in Queens, 250 miles from upstate New York.

Apart from this, Bianca has been subjected to metal illness when she entered her middle school at Notre Dame Junior/Senior High School. Her friends have told that even though she was going through mental stress, she was quite an extrovert when she was in junior classes or until she reached adolescence. It was when she completely lost interest in things. It was because of her suffering that she decided to pursue Psychology to be able to help other adolescents who went through the same mental turmoil. Her condition was starting to show symptoms of Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD), however, she wasn’t diagnosed with the illness late till 2018. Her friends say that her mental illness of high school had reached a point where she wouldn’t even be willing to leave her house.

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Bianca Devins Concert And Death

While in the concert, she was stabbed and killed by a man. Her relationship with accused, however, remains ambiguous as of now. Few hours after he had been arrested, graphic pictures of the murder were found online, shared by him. Her story and the violent images of her death have widely spread in the recent days. The images of her mutilated corpse have gained huge attention, making the case gaining interest at the international level.

Motive Behind Her Death

Prosecutors investigating the case have found and suggested that the murder is most likely committed by an individual that Bianca met online and who had some sort of a relationship with her in the real world. The suspected reason behind the murder is due to jealousy arising because of romantic interests shown by Devins towards another man. The man had become acquainted with Bianca via a chat app, Discord, and had become friends with her before stabbing. In essence, the man was driving Bianca from her to place to the city to watch the concert. The police believe that they got into an argument while on their way back with respect to her kissing someone else. This led to a fatal attack from the side of the guy, who got frustrated, and stabbed her with a knife.

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The Suspect And Social Media Response

The murder suspect was a man known by the name of Brandon Clark, a 21-year-old male. On 29th of July, 2019, he pleaded not guilty for the murder of Bianca Devins. The very same day, all his Facebook and other social media accounts were terminated. Shortly after the murder, he shared images of Bianca’s body and her wounds, which clearly showed that the wounds were made to be fatal, on the gaming platform, Discord. Bianca’s acquaintances, shocked, were trying to figure out if the pictures were true or just a hoax. Meanwhile, the suspect kept on sharing offensive content in the group. Hence, the members took screenshots of the content and images and raised the alarm.

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Furthermore, the picture of the murder which had circulated on Facebook and Other social media handles were added to a digital fingerprint database in order to prevent any further distribution of the images. Also, the server of the app Discord which shared the photo of the corpse was also terminated.

Major Problems Face By Social Media Companies

Due to this event and various other events earlier, the social media companies have started facing quite a lot of challenges. The proliferation of the images of Bianca, more precisely, her dead body, has renewed, to a great extent, the scrutiny of social media and how it is policed every other day. Owing to this scrutiny, the social media sites took to introducing new required restrictions to fight back the criticism.