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Why Emotional Mike Tyson Almost Missed Muhammad Ali’s Memorial

Muhammad Ali, the legend, doesn’t require an introduction. To say, that his name has been synonymous with world boxing, is still an understatement. Mike Tyson, on the other hand, has indisputably been one of the most celebrated names in the golden history of heavyweight boxing. Years apart from each other, the two heavyweights shared a unique friendship that is rare to see today, in a world which strives on competitive spirit. Here’s a closer look at the loving relationship the two shared.

Mike Tyson’s Last Goodbye To Muhammad Ali Culminates With Emotions

Tyson spent a lifetime in awe and adoration of his great predecessor and friend. On the fateful day of 3rd June 2016, when Ali finally gave in to Parkinson’s disease at the age of 74, it broke Tyson. The iconic boxer served his boxing inspiration for one last time by being a pallbearer at his funeral. His final tribute to the champion came as a post with a photograph of the two together and a heart-warming farewell message that stated,

God came to his champion. So much time great one.

Many such touching instances show how Tyson and Ali shared an exceptional camaraderie that surpassed their co-existence as boxing rivals.

Mike Tyson Absolutely Ruined Floyd Mayweather For Muhammad Ali Comparison

Mike Tyson also took on his friend and fellow boxer Floyd Mayweather once, when Floyd made the outrageous claim of being the world’s greatest boxer ever, even above Ali. Tyson set the record straight by pointing out:

The guy is going around saying he is better than Ali. I don’t want to hear that (expletive).

When asked further, he refrained from addressing the matter saying,

I try to stay as far away from dirt as possible.

The incident represented the immense respect the ‘Iron’ felt for his life-long idol.

Muhammad Ali And Mike Tyson On Same Talk Show On The Arsenio Hall Show

In 1989, comedian, Arsenio Hall invited Ali as a guest on his late-night talk show for what went on to became one of the legend’s many memorable interviews. Hall sprang a surprise on his star-guest by bringing in Tyson and his famous boxing counterpart, Sugar Ray Leonard the same night.
An ecstatic Ali exploded into words of approval on seeing Tyson:

He’s the real champ, he’s the real champ.

Later, when Hall popped the million-dollar question, “Who would have won if they fought in the ring?”, Ali was quick to point out Tyson, leaving the young boxer speechless. Subsequently, in the same interview, Ali openly praised the star-struck Tyson saying that the younger boxing champion could have easily knocked him out even in his prime days. Already floored by his boxing idol, Tyson went on to confess,

I’m vain, I know I’m great, but can I tell you something? In this situation every head must bow, every tongue must confess: this is the greatest of all time.