Who Won The America’s Got Talent Season 13 And Who Were The Participants?

America’s Got Talent is one show is viewed around the world and we have seen people from around the world performing on this show. There have been many acts that impress you and some really do depress you. Sometimes it becomes so difficult for the judges to take decisions. Sometimes so easy to reject an act. We will be talking on the hot acts of the season 13 of 2018 and the final act.

Hot Couple Duo Transcend

The act starts with the guy in blind fold on a trapeze. The act is all about the trust in the partner and how the guy and girl on the trapeze throw each other and catch each other in the display o their trust. The act is also surrounded by beautiful music and theatricals, fire and graphics on the screen. The act ends with the girl dropping the boy from the height and everyone is like “ohh….”.

Heidi explained the performance to be hot, sexy, dangerous and mesmerising.

Simon Powell although does not like this kind of performances involving trapeze found the act to be very very good. He says

I have so much respect for what you do

Howie said he was shocked that the guy was blind folded the entire act the whole act on the trapeze. He also liked the production of the act, with fire and the graphics on the screen behind.

Mel says,

I like you dropped him in the end. But was a very good act and they cant get enough of what they are seeing on this show

Glennis Grace

Glenis is a singer and she takes the audience with her into the song. She impressed the judges in the auditions. She is a very sweet voice and high pitch turns of the songs are very well maintained by her. Once the performance finished this is what happened!

Audience were mesmerised by her performance on the song. They gave her a standing ovation.

Mel was like, this is my favourite song and you sang it so well. Heidi was like you should be in the finale. Simon was like lost into the song and had to be woken up to give the comments. He said it was the best performance of the night. Howie described it in a single word. Perfection!

Lord Nil

As per Simon’s suggestion he got 2 alligators on the stage to do the stunt. He also got his fiancé on the stage for the act. But she was just there to watch and tie him up for the stunt. Then he was lifted from trapeze upside down and his hands tied up, the three strings on the trapeze were put on fire. Once lifted he was hanging just below the 2 alligators’ box who were waiting to pounce on him if he fell. Just in the nick of time before the strings cut off due to the fire he untied himself and completed the act.

All were shocked and dumb-struck when the act completed. Everyone were on the feet and some closing their eyes as they were not able to watch this act due to its sheer thrill.

Judges were impressed of this act and congratulated him.

Shin Lim Was The Champion

Shin Lim is the magician who has been magical all throughout the season. Tyra banks states him as the sexist magician as he wins the finale. His presentation skills are awesome. He treats Tyra with his magical skills in the finale. He disappears all the cards in the final scene.
All the judges are mesmerised by his act and the audience too!

At last America votes him the highest to be chosen as the Finale winner.!

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