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Who Was Matt Aitch? Know His Bio, Age, Career, Net Worth, Salary, Height And Weight Before Death

Matt Aitch was a professional American basketball player who was born on 21st September, 1944 in Saint Louis, Missouri.

Matt Aitch Education Details

He played his high school basketball with Maplewood Richmond Height High School in Maplewood, Missouri, USA. He went to Moberly Area Community College from 1963 to 1965 and The Michigan State University from 1965-1967.

Matt Aitch Body Measurements

He is 6.7 ft tall and weighs 104 kg. In 1967, he was drafted into the NBA, Round 13, and 135th overall pick by the Detroit Pistons where he played from 1967-1968 as a forward. He wore the number 45 shirt during his playing time.

Matt Aitch Hobbies

Apart from being a basketballer, Aitch was an outdoor person; he loved fishing, hunting, and collecting coins as a hobby.

Matt Aitch Death

He died in Lasing, Michigan on April 4, 2007, at the age of 62 years 195 days.

His memorial service was held in Lasing on April 7, 2007, Saturday at the TIFFANY Funeral home by 1 pm.

Matt Aitch Career Details

Aitch started playing basketball at Maplewood-Richmond Height High School based in Maplewood, Missouri in his home town Saint Louis, Missouri.

He was later recruited by Lowell Gibbs Fitzsimmons. Fitzsimmons was an American college ballplayer and a coach, a native of Bowling Green in the same Missouri where Aitch is from.

With the help of Fitzsimmons, Aitch joined Moberly Area Community Junior college in Moberly, Missouri in 1963 where he played for two years and became very popular in the USA.

In 1965, Aitch moved to Michigan State University along with his teammate, Shannon Reading. In Michigan, he played for another two years with the Michigan State University Basketball Team (Spartans).

Coach Fitzsimmons missed Aitch and Reading in his team because they were some of his best. He went on to win two National Junior Championships in 1966 and 1967 without Aitch and Reading.

After Aitch played for Michigan State University in his senior year in college. He was drafted and was selected by Detroit Piston, an American Professional Basketball team based in Detroit, and competed in the NBA.

Aitch did not get to play for the Detroit Piston because on the 1st of September 1970, that same year the draft rights were renounced.

He played for Indiana Pacers in the American Basketball Association (ABA). For 10 years, ABA was a major men’s professional basketball league but ceased to exist in 1976 with the American Basketball Association.

Aitch played a total of 45 games with the pacers for the 1967-1968 season where he averaged 5.6 points per game, 3.6 rebounds per game, 0.4 assists per game, 670 game time, 267 points, and 260 total field goal attempts.

During his playing days, he played as a power forward. During the Big Ten Championship, Aitch was part of the team that won the championship. He was not just part of the team but he was the person that captained the Michigan State University during the championship.

One thing most people don’t know about Aitch is that he had three degrees. He was a well-educated man. Aside from his college degree he also had two degrees; one of them was a master’s degree in Education.

After his playing career, he was at one time the assistant coach for the Michigan State University basketball team. He was in charge of player recruitment for Michigan State University for her sports program, a minority recruiter for MSU, and Central Michigan University.

In addition to working as an assistant coach, he worked in the management for the Meijers Distribution Center.

Matt Aitch Dating History

Aitch is not dating any person as he is dead, well, and before his death he was still not dating anyone because he was married. He was married to Karen Aitch and with her, they had two daughters.

Matt Aitch Parents And Siblings

Aitch was born to the family of Matthew and Viola (Kinder) Aitch in 1944. His father gave birth to six children, three boys and three girls, Aitch was the first child. The names of his siblings are Charles (Winnie) Aitch (Brother) and Daryle Aitch (Brother), Sharon Aitch (Sister), Brenda John Baylis (Sister), and Machelle Aitch (Sister). He also had another sister called Frances, who died before Aitch passed on.

Matt Aitch Kids

Until his death in 2007, Aitch had two daughters, Casey Zeh-Arndt and Lauren Aitch. He left behind two grandchildren, Kazzy and Macey.